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City: Natal

Country: Brazil

Location: Near City Center

Stars: 5

Av. Senador Dinarte Mariz, 6045 (Via Costeira)Parque das Dunas, NATAL
59090-002 Natal

Location: ***CANCELLATION POLICY*** Any cancellation must be made until 7 days prior arrival. Otherwise a one night charge will be made (no show). Our hotel is located on the Via Costeira coastline, 10 Km away from the city centre, 12 Km away from Natal's Augusto Severo International Airport and 500 m away from the Rio Grande do Norte Convention Centre with a pavilion of 4,000 m2 and an auditorium with a capacity for 800 people that may be expanded with a further 200 places. The total area of the state of Rio Grande do Norte equals 53,000 Km2 and nowadays, it has a population of nearly 2,500,000 inhabitants. 410 Km of beaches, temperatures all year round between 22 and 30 Celsius degrees, with more than 300 sunny days a year, and a high safety index, are the main zone advantages, where its purest air is the most recommended of all the entire world, according to NASA.

Accomodation: A Superior room with a balcony and a complete bathroom with shower and all accessories included. These rooms are set out with 120 cm twin beds or a 200 cm bed, a bar unit, a lounge zone and safety box. As for facilities, the room is fitted out with air conditioning regulator, TV, Internet connection, hairdryer, telephone, etc. Junior Suite room has a lounge with a balcony and a full bathroom, and the room has a suite bathroom. These rooms are set out with 160 cm twin beds or a 200 cm bed, a bar unit, a large lounge zone with a convertible sofa in daybed for two people. As for facilities, the room is fitted out with air conditioning regulator, TV, Internet connection, hairdryer, telephone, etc. Senior Suite has a lounge with terrace, outdoor Jacuzzi. The room has a suite bathroom. There is another bathroom inside the room with all accessories included. These rooms are set out with 160 cm twin beds or a 200 cm bed, a dressing room, 2 wardrobes, a bar unit and a large lounge zone with a convertible sofa in daybed. As for facilities, the room is fitted out with air conditioning regulator, TV, Internet connection, hairdryer, telephone, etc. Executive Suite this has a lounge with terrace and outdoor swimming-pool. The room has a suite bathroom. There is another bathroom inside the room with all accessories included. These rooms are set out with 160 cm twin beds or a 200 cm bed, a dressing room, 2 wardrobes, a bar unit and a large lounge zone with a convertible sofa in daybed. As for facilities, the room is fitted out with air conditioning regulator, TV, Internet connection, hairdryer, telephone, etc.

Dining: Restaurants - The Serhs Natal Grand Hotel has two types of restaurant: a Coffee Shop and two Theme Restaurants. All together they have a capacity for 600 people. Coffee Shop - This area is the main dining room, exclusively for the hotel guests, and where breakfasts and dinners will be served. With a capacity for 302 people inside and 124 people outside and with a total surface area of approximately 716 m2. The buffets have been designed to give a complete restaurant service. Various buffet spaces have been set up, with separated areas for heated buffets or show cooking areas and cold buffets or desserts. The equipment has been planned to give an international cuisine service, setting up the show cooking with an area for Italian cuisine and another for meat and fish. With respect to the rest, areas are planned for cold dishes, such as delicatessen, salads, pastas, etc., neutral areas for pastries and bread and dessert areas for ice creams, cakes, juices? Theme Restaurants - There will be a fish restaurant and a grilled meat restaurant. The meat restaurant has been planned for use by external customers as well. The total capacity of the restaurants is of 96 and 94 people respectively. Each restaurant is also expected to give a different type of restaurant service and, at the same time, different too from the buffet dining room. Bars Cafeteria - This cafeteria will be the bar cafeteria par excellence because it has been designed to offer all kinds of drinks, and may also give a fast food or snack service. At the end of the cafeteria a games area is planned with cards, game area, domino, pool tables, table football and videogames. The cafeteria has an outside and an inside area although it is planned to set up with a single bar to facilitate the service to our customers. We can access this facility from the garden and from reception. Restaurant and Swimming Pool Bar - It is a 200-m2 area, with a capacity for 80 people, near the swimming pools and the hotel beach. It is a half-opened facility with two floors, where anyone can have hot lunches or cold drinks by the swimming pool. Welcome Bar - It is planned to be the reference place to offer costumers a welcome aperitif, or a place for waiting while reception or departure arrangements are dealt with. The Welcome Bar is formed by a semicircular bar with an interior office, with an area for stools and a small area for tables. Piano Bar - The piano bar has been designed as a quiet area for resting, focused as an area to have a drink or quietly listen to music. It is a service area from afternoon and only drinks will be offered. There will be background music to accompany the atmosphere every day. The piano bar has also been planned for the possibility of piano concerts or small concerts (jazz or similar). The bar is located in the central area and staircases, spreading several areas with tables and sofas around it.

Leisure: The Sport Centre has an olympic swimming pool and a sports field, and general swimming pools for adults and children, but which are not so specifically for sport. Besides, it has sports centre store and service and control area to provide all the material necessary for sport. In the hotel it is possible to do water sports and beach football, beach volleyball, etc. Day and night activities will be performed in each of the areas for adults and children. Fitness area: it is the gym area where there will be opportunities for bodybuilding, aerobics and salsa. Swimming pool: The hotel has 4 pools for its customers. In the sports pool there may be beginners' snorkelling lessons and in a central one (closest to the health club) there will be games and water activities. Beach: On the beach there will be morning aerobic exercises, beach football, petanque and beach volleyball. Outdoor swimming pool area There are different water surfaces and solarium zones distributed in different levels. The main outdoor pool area is formed, on the one hand, by a large wave shape pool and 2 spa areas with a Molhado bar in the middle, all surrounded by areas for sun beds. Also in the central area, there are plans to build a snack bar facing the beach, to give costumers a meal service without having to move off beaches or the pools. There are also plans to prepare spaces for leisure and entertainment (yoga, steps, aerobics, Tai Chi?) and areas for children (a children's pool, 1 spa and a games area). Another swimming pool is planned for the left hand side with 1 spa connected to the main one by a bridge with areas for sun beds. On this side of the hotel there will also be the sports pool.

Meeting Facilities: The Show Hall is spread over two levels, with an exterior balcony and a total surface area of 700 m2. It allows for all kinds of shows as music, theatre, conventions or conferences, celebrations (banquets)? As regards to the type of restaurant service in this area, it has been designed to organise the hall for all kinds of services: banquet services (agreed menu), bar-cafeteria service or evening drinks service. It is a very versatile area because the hall is connected to the central reception area but also has an independent access from the outside. The theatre has a zone with a fixed curtain and a zone that can be levelled for use as dance area or as part of the stage. It also has a music room, a table area, a bar service and a restaurant office, a dressing room, bathrooms and a theatre store. Convention Hall - The Convention Hall is sufficiently large to be used for conventions, banquets, parties, etc. It enables the hall to be divided in two with a capacity for 420 people. It also has an outside terrace. This area, due to its high versatility, is equipped for its users with computers, audio-visual, music and telephone. It also has an office that has been set up with a restaurant service area and it allows serving banquets, aperitifs, cocktails, etc, located at the end of this area. Events Hall - This space is intended for meetings or conventions for small groups (10-20 people). The tables are large but formed by several modules to allow a maximum number of combinations, either in a single table or several separated ones. The area has been designed to form panels that can be easily moved to give diversity and the maximum combination of spaces. In principle, it has been planned for making up to 6 different rooms. Apart from this, a costumer reception area has also been planned for those responsible for the meetings, and from this point customers can be directed to where they have to go. Small, quiet areas have been planned with direct access to each hall and facilities to enable business meetings or play areas. The installations planned for this area are audio-visual screens, slides, computers, web cam, blackboard, videos, TV, etc. Business Center - The Business Centre is located in the reception area designed to serve customers who might need it. It is a hall with the necessary services: telephone, Internet connection, audiovisual and network installations for the development of any business activity and translation services. In the same area is where most of the commercial and directive relations of the hotels will be carried out. This is also a VIP lounge, with several tables and a lounge area.

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