Voices against the war in Kosovo [1999]
  Voci contro la guerra in Kosovo [1999]

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After the "peace": how KFOR is restoring human rights and supervising the cleansing of ethnic Serbs in Kosovo

7/29/99: As U.N. Organizes, Rebels Are Taking Charge of Kosovo
The Kosovo Liberation Army has taken sweeping political control in the province, establishing a network of ministries and appointing local councils, seizing businesses and apartments, and collecting taxes and customs payments in the absence of a strong international police presence.

7/24/99: NATO Finds 14 Serb Bodies in Kosovo
NATO-led peacekeeping force acknowledged that such vengeance killings are beyond their control, despite the presence of 36,000 peacekeepers in the province.

7/22/99: Nato uranium polluting Yugoslavia
Radioactive air pollution has been detected in some areas of Yugoslavia as a result of Nato's use of uranium-tipped shells during the Kosovo conflict.

7/21/99: Danko Djunic, head of the board of directors of Belgrade's Economics Institute, unemployment in Yugoslavia was Europe's highest at 25%, including 7% as a direct effect of the Nato raids. [Source: Financial Times]

7/20/99: Macedonia is 'on the brink of crisis'
The government says the international community has failed to fulfil promises made at the height of the Kosovo conflict.

7/9/99: The Current Situation of Roma in Kosovo
Source: European Roma Rights Center

6/18/99: How NATO is restoring peace in Kosovo (2)

6/16/99: How NATO is restoring peace in Kosovo (1)

6/15/99: Thousands of Serb civilians are fleeing Kosovo. The UNHCR says 24,000 Serbs have left the province for Serbia since last week's peace deal. Another 13,300 are reported to have crossed into Montenegro.

After the "peace": Daily good news and other collateral damages

6/12/99: Russians peacekeepers enter Kosovo tooking NATO by surprise.
Few hours later NATO troops cross the Macedonian-Yugoslav border in Blace.

6/11/99: Kosovo Serbs pack up and leave.

6/10/99: Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's Address to the Nation - after the agreement was signed.

6/10/99: NATO's Secretary General Javier Solana annouces that air attacks against Yusoslavia are suspended.

6/9/99: Yugoslavia sign agreement on withdrawal from Kosovo ... meanwhile NATO aircrafts continue targeting Kosovo and Metohia."Air operations continue", said NATO spokesman Jamie Shea. [more]

6/8/99: NATO said:"Thousands of Serb troops killed" NATO's B-52 bomb Yugoslav Units on Mt. Pastrik killing 500 soldiers.
Are the good guys so proud of this?

6/6/99: Anti-war rally in Aviano,  in front of main US military airport in Italy. Air strikes starting from there were suspended only for few hours.

6/5/99: NATO replaces Serbian media with its own propaganda

6/3/99: Serbian Parliament approves the Peace Plan for Kosovo

Before the "peace": Daily good news and other collateral damages

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/31/99: NATO missiles hit the sanitarium and neighboring retirement home in Surdulica. At least 11 civilians killed. [more]

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/30/99: NATO missiles hit a bridge crowded with market-goers and cars in central Serbia, killing at least nine people and wounding 28. In southern Kosovo, a NATO missile falls near a convoy of journalists, killing a local driver and wounding three people. [more]

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/27/99: Serbian television loses satellite link. Eutelsat stopped broadcasting the programs of Radio-Television Serbia (RTS) throughout Europe on 26 May. Members of the Eutelsat consortium voted to stop broadcasting RTS' programming.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/24/99: Serb water and power hit. About 70% of Serbia is without power, and people are urged to save water.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/22/99: Nato bombs Kosovo prison, killing 19 people. It was the second time in three days that Nato had attacked the prison.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/21/99: More civilian targets attacked, more dead.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/20/99: bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/16/99: Rally for peace in Assisi, central Italy: 80,000 people attended.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/14/99: NATO commits another massacre of civilians in Korisa, near Prizren, killing at least 50 people. NATO says it was a legitimate target.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/13/99: A letter from Nis:"Dear friends, last few days, after Bulgaria permit for Air space to NATO, my town NIS in the southeast part of Serbia is bombarded day-night ..."

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/12/99: Will US shut down Yugoslav Internet? An appeal from Belgrade.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/12/99: Sound of a missile as it passes and then explodes [recorded in Belgrade 4/30/99]. Click here to listen.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/9/99: Anti-war rally in front of the NATO base in Vicenza, Italy.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/7/99: NATO bombs destroy the Hotel Jugoslavija in Beograd, in an attempt to harm Serbian paramilitary forces. However, they are all still alive and well.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/7/99: 5/7/99: NATO bombs hit the hospital in Nis, killing at least 15 people.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/7/99: Greek Relief Convoy Hit in Kosovo.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/3/99: At least 280 people reportedly massacred by Serbs in Kosovo. After 38 days of heavy bombing  and widespread destruction, NATO was totally unable to prevent this from happening.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/3/99: NATO bombs another bus. At least 10 civilians killed.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/2/99: NATO loses two planes

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/1/99: Assessment of bombing effects on FRY infrastructure (FRY source)

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 5/1/99: NATO massacre of civilians in  Luzani, near Pristina

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 4/29/99: NATO massacre of civilians in Surdulica

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 4/23/99: NATO bombs the headquarters of Serbian state television.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 4/14/99: An F-16 bombards a  refugee column near Djakovica: 75 people killed and 100 injured.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 4/12/99: NATO planes hit the railroad bridge in Grdelika when the Beograd - Thessaloniki train is crossing: 55 passengers killed.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 4/9/99: NATO hit "Zastava" car factory in Kragujevac: 136 workers wounded.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 4/5/99: A building block hit by NATO missiles in Aleksinac: 12 civilian killed.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 3/27/99: A US F-117 Nighthawk Stealth fighter is downed near Belgrade.

bullet6.gif (50 bytes) 3/24/99: NATO launches air strikes on Yugoslavia



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