Voices against the war in Kosovo [1999]
  Voci contro la guerra in Kosovo [1999]

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Beograd.com News from Yugoslavian sources.
Mr. Shea, NATO spokesman, shows you the missiles' perspective in his videogames. Time to change your viewpoint: here you will find minute-by-minute postings of people who live on the other side of the camera and tell the world what happens on the ground when bombs explode, often in the wrong place and into people's lives. 
Also, this is a good source of alternative links.
Alert! "STOP NATO" Campaign
ZNet Analyses and debates
Serbia-info news News from Yugoslavian sources.
Tanjug Yugoslav News Agency
Medieval Serbia  
Pristina Media Center  
ITAR-TASS Russian News Agency
ITAR-TASS offers free access to a sample issue of its daily coverage of events in and around Yugoslavia.
Committee Against U.S. Intervention  
The Nation magazine  
Balkan Action Council Weekly news summary and periodic news summary and analysis. Produces opinion analyses and other assessments. 
The Executive Director of the Balkan Action Council is James R. Hooper, a previous Director of the Balkan Institute and a former senior U.S. diplomat in Poland.
Protest Net  
Tactical Media Crew [English][Italian] in Italian  Italian alternative info source on a number of political and social issues.
Monitoring the Crisis in the Balkans English Language Shortwave Broadcasts from the Balkans
Academy for Peace  
Legal Guide to the Kosovo Conflict By JURIST: The Law Professors' Network.
DEPLETED URANIUM EDUCATION PROJECT By International Action Center. Info on the use of radiocative weapons by NATO
Notizie Est - Balcani in Italian Notizie e analisi sulla penisola balcanica
Ex-Jutopija.org in Italian Weblog jugoslavije, [78 giorni] la ballata della critica letteraria-umanitaria
Osservatorio sui Balcani Per lo sviluppo umano, democratico e sostenibile nel sud est Europa
Bulgaria-Italia in Italian

Notizie, storia, arte, cultura, letteratura, economia, politica, turismo, curiosità, folklore e molto altro ancora.

Coordinamento Nazionale per la Jugoslavia in Italian  
Associazione Pasti in Italian  Informazione dalla e sulla Jugoslavia aggredita
e sul lavoro per il Tribunale proposto da Ramsey Clark.
Radio Città Aperta in Italian "A FIANCO DEI POPOLI JUGOSLAVI"



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