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Nato 'hit old people's home'

Nato planes have hit an old people's home at a sanatorium in south-eastern Serbia killing at least 11 people, according to the Yugoslav media.
The reports said the attack on Surdulica was the second time that Nato had hit civilian targets in the town.

Officials say the town was hit by four bombs at around midnight, two of which landed on the old people's home. Another building in the grounds of the sanatorium was also destroyed.
Nato military spokesman General Konrad Freitag said on Monday that warplanes struck two targets in Surdulica - an ammunition storage depot and a military barracks - but denied that missiles had struck a sanatorium.
"Both these targets were legitimate military targets and both were already targeted," he said.
"All munitions hit the planned aiming points, Nato cannot confirm any Serb claims of casualties or collateral damage."
Reports of the strike came just hours after Nato admitted attacking a bridge in the south-central town of Varvarin.

The Yugoslav state run news agency, Tanjug, said that at least 11 civilians were killed and 40 injured when four missiles hit the bridge.


[Source: BBC News]


VRANJE - At least 11 people died when five NATO missiles hit a sanatorium for respiratory disorders and an old people's home in Surdulica in the southeast of the Yugoslav republic of Serbia shortly after midnight on Monday.

Five refugees were killed in the sanatorium and six old people in the old people's home, according to the Vranje-based Pcinj District civil defence command and the command in Surdulica.

It is feared the number of fatalities may be higher, with rescue parties still clearing away the debris and searching for survivors.

Three NATO missiles hit the three pavilions of the sanatorium, and two missiles hit the adjacent old people's home.

Extensive damage was done to near-by buildings, and the wounded are being counted.

This was NATO's sixth raid on Surdulica, a town with a population of 12,500, since the western alliance launched its aggression on Yugoslavia on March 24.

Eleven people had died, about 100 others had been wounded and 500 private houses had been demolished or damaged in NATO's raid on the town on April 27.




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