Voices against the war in Kosovo [1999]
  Voci contro la guerra in Kosovo [1999]

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[Source: BBC News]

Nato admits bombing bridge in Varvarin

Nato issued a statement on Sunday, confirming four planes had attacked the bridge over the Velika Morava river at Varvarin. All "precision-guided ordnance" had hit the target, it said.
The alliance described the bridge as a "designated and legitimate target". Nato spokesman Jamie Shea said: "Nato does not attack civilian targets, we attack exclusively military targets and take every precaution to avoid inflicting harm on civilians."
Nato is understood to have struck at 1pm local time (1100GMT) on Sunday. Tanjug said the area would have been crowded with people attending the town market. Witnesses said four cars fell into the River Velika Morava during the first waves of attacks and rescuers who went to help victims were hit in a second wave of bombings. They said the area was littered with pools of blood and human body parts.
The injured were reportedly taken to hospitals in nearby Krusevac and Paracin.
The bridge is thought to be the sole remaining direct link from the north to the south central region of Serbia.

Missiles hit a power station in Nis

In further attacks on Sunday night, Serb radio reported that the southern city of Nis was blacked out after missiles hit a power station there shortly after midnight local time (2200 GMT).
The independent Beta news agency said another power plant at Obrenovac, outside Belgrade, was also hit.
After Sunday's raids, a senior Serb official said 17 of the country's 19 television transmitters had now been destroyed.

A car carrying foreign journalists in Kosovo was hit

Tanjug also reported a car carrying foreign journalists in Kosovo was hit on Sunday day. The agency said the driver of the car was killed and one British, one French and one Italian journalist had been injured.
The UK Foreign Office said it had been informed that a journalist from The Times newspaper, Eve-Ann Prentice, was being treated in a hospital in Prizren.
A colleague at The Times said an interpreter travelling with the journalists had also been killed.



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