Voices against the war in Kosovo [1999]
  Voci contro la guerra in Kosovo [1999]

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Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 10:45:50 +0200
From: niboj@cent.co.yu (Bojovic Nikola)
Subject: From NIS!!

Dear friends,

Last few days, after Bulgaria permit for Air space to NATO, my town NIS in the southeast part of Serbia is bombarded day-night.

I didn't have possibility to mail because one bomb hit university building and provider stayed without electricity.
I was in hospital, on Friday morning( app. 11:30 A.M., sunny day ).It is the time when you can see a lot of people on the street, particularly on some public places like hospital,out market place... I was in pediatric surgery department when we heard planes. Ussualy they just flying over city and break through air wall (big explosions). But this time we heard one,two... and more and more explosions very near our department.
I can't explain you the fear in children and personal eyes in department.We put all the children in the halls, to be far from windows.
I stayed with some children in intensive care unit,because it was impossible to take them out of room.
Outside, it was disaster.One CLUSTER Bomb fell in the hospital, but not in centrum. It hit Institute of Pathology, Infectious disease dep., ORL depart., hospital parking and 2 streets near hospital.The second fell in town, near market place and university.

CLUSTER Bomb is forbidden bomb by international law.It is made to kill only people.It is one big,let say box, full off little bombs, app. 420. They are yellow usually, 950 gr.weight, size like bottle of wine, with little parachute on the top.
On the proper height,big box exploded and with parachutes 420 bombs fall down on the field of app. 400 metars. When they are falling you can heard hundreds explosions.
Can you imagine,when they hit urban area, esp.. public places.They hit people, cars, roofs, animals....The hospital was in blood and in smoke.A lot of cars were coming from city with dead and wounded people.It was disaster. And unfortunately, before this,NATO hit with special Graffiti Bombs Electricity plants. We were without power. No possibility for making meals, nothing. Esspec. in hospital for my colleagues,they know that everything depends on power: Operating rooms, Sterilization machines, all equipment......
They hit bridge in the center of town( we have 8 bridges).It means, our river is small enough for military vechiles to go over and logically hitting the bridge they just want to make economic disaster.They are hitting empty,very old buildings and always,they are in urban area.
All of this they put under mistake, and go on.THEY STARTED war to persuade our government to sign their agreement with Albanians.
Now their aim is to stop humanitarian catasrophy and secure refugees ( before 24.03.`99. i didn't hear for refugees) and i think they will finish this war with some other conclusion.
Unfortunately, we didn't attack : Italy, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Usa, Canada..... but they took for right to be judge and executor in the conflict which directly or indirectly, by history, geography, by chance,... doesn`t have any connection with them.


Best regards form Nikola,

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