Voices against the war in Kosovo [1999]
  Voci contro la guerra in Kosovo [1999]

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6/17-18/99:  How NATO is restoring peace in Kosovo.

PRISTINA - Dragan Jovanovic from the village of Vojlovica, near Pristina was killed on Friday, while his mother was heavily injured during the attack of Krasnici family members, who are also living in the village of Vojlovica.

PRISTINA - The Bishop of Hercegovina and Zahumlje Diocese Atanasije stated on Friday, that KLA terrorists had burned villages Novaci near Prizren and Ljubiste, and surrounded villages of Stojkovici and Nerodimlje in Urosevac area.

PRISTINA - A 16 years-old Serbian boy was killed on Thursday by a KLA's sniper shot near Savine Vode, 5 kilometres from the Montenegrin border. The boy was in a 50-refugee convoy which was returning from Montenegro to their homes in Kosovo.

PRIZREN - According to the Serbian Ortodox Church representatives, still there are no news about monk Hariton Lukic and five other Serbs, who were kidnapped by KLA terrorists three days ago near Prizren.

SRBICA - CNN presented on Thursday a footage of Devic monastery near Srbica, which was robbed by KLA terrorists after the several days of terror. Father Serafim and the nuns were beaten and mistreated untill
French KFOR troops arrived, who are guarding the monastery now.

PRISTINA - The bodies of the last remaining Serbs in the village of Sofalija near Pristina, were found on Thursday. Vladimir (68) and Persa (66) Stanisavljevic were murdered by the KLA terrorists.
PRISTINA - According to Reuters reports on Thursday, during the last 7 days, more than 50.000 Serbian refugees had left Kosovo.

PRIZREN - His hollyness Artemije, the Bishop of Raska and Prizren Diocese stated on Wednesday that local Albanian residents of Prizren are beating up and disarming Serb civilians ever since KLA entered the town.

5 Serbs, among them monk Hariton from the Holy Arhangel monastery near Prizren, were abducted by KLA in Prizen. Other monks managed to escape to the Gracanica monastery near Pristina.



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