Voices against the war in Kosovo [1999]
  Voci contro la guerra in Kosovo [1999]

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6/16/99:  How NATO is restoring peace in Kosovo.

6/16/99: BELGRADE - A special envoy of United Nations for human rights, Jiri Dinstbir, stated that a new humanitarian catastrophe is starting, as a result of ethnic cleansing of Serbs on Kosovo.He pointed that NATO had to disarm KLA according to the UN resolution or there would be more than 200 000 Serb refugees from Kosovo, which will be also, a defeat of so much proclaimed NATO humanitarian activity on Balkans.

6/16/99: PRISTINA - A group of about a dozen ethnic Albanian terrorists attacked the Maticane village, a few kilometers east of Pristina. Serb residents of Maticane said the terrorists cursed them and dared them to come out. A KFOR team arrived about 40 minutes later, talked to the residents, inspected their bullet-ridden houses and collected empty cartriges. The investigation was filmed by foreign reporters and TV crews. Serbs from Maticane left their homes escorted by KFOR and moved to safer areas in the Pristina municipality. Maticane has a population of about 700, 30 of whom were Serbs.
PARIS - The Reporters without Borders (RSF) organization, which fights for the freedom of the press in the world, accused on Tuesday NATO of misusing truth during its war against Yugoslavia by resorting to rumours and unverifiable figures.
NATO's spreading rumours in its own favor, providing exhorbitant and unverifiable figures and using aggressive language have caused doubts as regards the good will of some of its political and military representatives, the RSF said in a report made public on Tuesday and headlined The War in Yugoslavia - NATO's Media Blunders.
The Paris-based RSF especially points to the NATO claims made in the beginning of the war on the alleged murders of ethnic Albanian intellectuals, which were later proven to be untrue, and to the muddling statements regarding its bombings of civilians. This has greatly harmed the NATO credibility, the RSF said.
NATO had also spoken of artillery attacks on villages, of towns razed to the ground, of human shields, of massacres and genocide, allegedly perpetrated by Serb forces, without providing the least evidence of its claims, the RSF noted.
Wondering whether NATO's media misuse during the war against Yugoslavia was due to blunders made in haste and confusion or to deliberate fabrications, the RSF underlined that NATO could have behaved more honorably in its propaganda war.



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