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NATO reportedly bombs another bus; 10 killed
BELGRADE (Reuters) - A NATO jet bombed another bus in Kosovo today killing at least 10 people, the second time a bus has been hit in three days, the Serb media centre in Pristina reported.

The media centre, quoting provincial police sources, said the incident occurred at 1:15 p.m on the road leading from Pec to the neighbouring republic of Montenegro. The report could not be independently confirmed.

The media centre said the bus heading from Pec to Rozaje, a town in Montenegro, and was hit near the village of Savine Vode, 12 kilometres west of Pec.

The media centre said another 10 people on the bus had also been wounded.

No other details were immediately available but western journalists were being escorted to the spot.

NATO officials have admitted that a stray missile hit a bus travelling north of the provincial capital Pristina on Saturday killing 39 people, many of them children.
From the BBC Online Network:

Nato has reportedly bombed another bus in Kosovo.

Serb sources quoted witnesses as saying that at least 17 people had been killed.
Reports said a missile landed on a road near Pec in western Kosovo.
Montenegrin radio reported that five other vehicles - three civilian and two police - had also been hit.
Serb media said at least 10 people on the bus were killed; the remaining casualties were presumed to have come from the other vehicles.
Nato said it had no information on the report.
It follows what Nato said was a tragic accident on Saturday, when one of its missiles hit another bus in Kosovo, killing at least 24 people.



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