Voices against the war in Kosovo [1999]
  Voci contro la guerra in Kosovo [1999]

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September, 2000

. US servicemen 'beat Kosovo civilians'

June-August, 2000

. NATO preparing new military strikes in Balkans by Gregory Elich

. No War Crimes Prosecution Over NATO Kosovo Bombing

May, 2000

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Dana Grkinic (b. 21/3/1981)
Nina Grkinic (b. 4/4/1983)
Tijana Kasic (b. 19/2/1981)

March-April, 2000

. Why still no burger bars in Bosnia, asks US envoy "If you can't get McDonald's into a country you can't get anything into a country"

. "Così aiutai Milosevic" - La talpa è un ufficiale USA in Italian

November, 1999

. Anti-Clinton protests erupt into riots in Greece

. Three women were violently arrested in Sofia, Bulgaria for daring to take part in a peaceful protest against Pres. Clinton's visit.

. Five months after the Kosovo conflict ended, there up to 240,000 displaced people from Kosovo in Yugoslavia

. In order to fully appreciate what months of bombing and the deaths of thousands accomplished, let us look at what happened to 38-year-old Valentin Krumov, a UN worker who had just arrived in Kosovo

. Interview with Kiro Gligorov: "I have, maybe naively, believed that a peaceful policy, without participation in any war, and creation of an independent Macedonia, can change something, but I was proven wrong.''

October, 1999

. Milcho Manchevski: "La Macedonia e il razzismo dell'Occidente" in Italian

. André Loersch: "Territori smembrati, pensiero balcanizzato" in Italian

. Ignacio Ramonet: "Il nuovo ordine globale" in Italian

. Râgis Debray: "Una macchina da guerra" in Italian

. Noam Chomsky: "Ma é stata una vittoria?" in Italian

Voices against the war in Kosovo
How good old violent imperialism still lingers behind a modern holy crusade

The no-win finale. By PM, June 2, 99
        The eventual success of the Kosovo operation, no matter how high the final cost, establishes a very dangerous precedent. It legitimizes the  aggression by an external entity in order to resolve controversies that are local  to one country.

Much has been written, often by fine analysts and rational minds of all political sides, on the disasters that this relentless attack against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has produced on many fronts, on the humanitarian crisis it has accelerated, on the many goals that it has failed to accomplish, on the irrationally high cost that these failures have incurred, and on how it has helped the Yugoslav Government to fulfill its own agenda.
I feel the need to write some more, if only to try to let out some of the painful outrage that I have been cultivating in the past few months at the sight of the Kosovo disaster. It is a cathartic experience, you must understand: I am fixated with the icon of the bomb as the ultimate symbol of human injustice.

Misinformation. By PM, April, 99
In times of war, public information is as critical for the citizens as misinformation is for both fighting sides.
On this side of the barricade, we get NATO-censored, CNN-sterilized news. Unless you make it your business to find out more, that's the only truth. NATO's constructed reality is the same old Hollywood story: they are the bad guys and they are wrong, we are the good guys and we are right. Is that enough for you?

Once upon a time there was a Country
[Bila jednom jedna zemlja]
"Underground" by Emir Kusturica

July-September, 1999

. Fulvio Grimaldi- "Do you remember Michael Jackson?"in Italian

. Interview with Cedda Prlincevic, leader of Jewish Community in Pristina, Presently a refugee in Belgrade.

. Ljubisha Ristic:"Non ci piegheremo all'occidente"
Parla Ristic, regista e capo della Jul in Italian

. Brian Becker, Co-Coordinator of the Commission of Inquiry,
at the July 31, 1999 New York City, Independent Commission of Inquiry Hearing to Investigate U.S./NATO War Crimes Against the People of Yugoslavia.

After the "peace": how KFOR is restoring human rights and supervising the cleansing of ethnic Serbs in Kosovo.

6/15/99-7/29/99: Older good news

Before and after the "peace": Daily good news and other collateral damages.

3/24/99-6/14/99: Older good news

. Voices of the Internet: newsgroups, e-mails, forums (fora, that is)


. Chi, come e perché ha distrutto la Repubblica Federativa Socialista di Jugoslavia a cura del Comitato unitario contro la guerra alla Jugoslavia. in Italian

. Uranio impoverito nelle armi: esiste un rischio di contaminazione radioattiva? di Marco Durante, Università di Napoli in Italian

. Kosovo: l'arma dell'informazione a cura del Coordinamento Romano per la Jugoslavia. in Italian

. Importanti retroscena sulla missione OSCE in Kosovo. Articoli tratti dal quotidiano della Svizzera Italiana "Il Giornale del Popolo". in Italian

. Denunciati i responsabili italiani della guerra in Italian


. The only intelligent weapons are those that refuse to be utilized - pm

. We do know that we must do more to reach out to our children and teach them to express their anger and to resolve their conflicts with words, not weapons - Bill Clinton

. C'é sempre qualcuno che si arricchisce con l'impoverimento dell'uranio:
nulla si crea e nulla si distrugge.
- pm2

. Missione Arcobaleno: "Prima della pioggia"? - pm2

. Ci avevano detto: togliete la stella rossa dalla bandiera e noi toglieremo l'embrago. Noi la stella l'abbiamo tolta, voi l'embargo l'avete mantenuto - un operaio della Zastava

Analysis More Analysis
. Michel Chossudovsky "NATO has installed a reign of terror in Kosovo"
. Gregory Elich "Carving another slice from Yugoslavia"
. Martin McLaughlin "Clinton's speech on Yugoslavia: piling lie upon lie"
. Johan Galtung "The NATO War, The Ethnic Cleansing - Is There a Way Out?"
. Robert Fisk "The Peace that betrays the Kosovar cause"
. Prof. Noam Chomsky on the war: Interviews, essays
in Italian "I bombardamenti di questi giorni"
in Italian "Possiamo permettere che questo avvenga?"

. WHITE BOOK ON NATO CRIMES IN YUGOSLAVIA, Documentary Evidence, 24 March - 10 June 1999

. Misleading UN Report on Kosovo

. Depleted uranium "threatens Balkans cancer epidemic"

. Benjamin Works:Buying an intervention: Kosovo and Albanian pac money in Congress

. "... financial gratitude for Bulgarian support for NATO against Yugoslavia will not come soon..."

. Some Ethical Aspects on NATO's Intervention in Kosovo

. NATO in Kosovo - Failed Peacekeeping

. Il Manifesto: "Reportage dalla Jugoslavia" in Italian

. Ricostruzione dei Balcani: il controllo dei "Corridoi" di comunicazione in Italian

. Albania: amaro risveglio del paese delle aquile dopo le promesse della guerra atlantica in Italian

. Storia di un albanese a Pec: diario di Nazim, 75 notti a fare il pane per il nemico in Italian

. Così la Svizzera consegnava i profughi ai serbi in Italian

. War in Yugoslavia: Nato's media blunders

. Effect of the closure of the River Danube

. The Horrendous Price of G8 Peace! [Source: TFF]

. The Military Technical Agreement between KFOR and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

. Full text of the U.N. resolution draft on Kosovo

. On the use of inhumane weapons in the aggression of NATO against Yugoslavia. [Source: The Committee for National Solidarity, Belgrade].

. NATO targets Yugoslavia: Report of a visit to Belgrade, 10th-13th May, 1999 [Source: The British Helsinki Human Rights Group]

. The now defunct Kosovo Interim Agreement and the Serbian counterproposal: read carefully! Would you, as the head of a sovereign state, sign such agreement? How NATO planned to occupy Kosovo.

. Legal Suit In The International Criminal Tribunal For The Former Yugoslavia [Source:ZNet]

. What is the Kosovo Liberation Army, who funds them. Arms, drugs and nationalism.

. NATO's Mistakes Take More Lives Than the Serb-Albanian War Did [Source: TFF]. Also, the toll on the civilian population [FRY sources].


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