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• Genitori in Europa: chi sta a casa con i figli?
• La Festa del Cinema bulgaro torna a Milano
• Bolzano: Occidente verso Oriente
• 3° Settimana della cucina italiana nel mondo, 19-25 novembre 2018
• Bulgara: l'export di energia elettrica cresce del 40%
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The Local
Italy's news in English

• AS Roma donates €150,000 to Liverpool supporter beaten up by their fans
Roma revealed on Thursday they will donate an initial sum of €150,000 to the family of Liverpool fan Sean Cox, who suffered a severe brain injury after being attacked by Roma supporters.
• Rome mayor to rename streets that honour fascist supporters
Rome is to rename city streets that are currently named after prominent 1930s fascists who signed the antisemitic Race Manifesto.
• Italian expression of the day: 'Piano piano'
Struggling to remember all these Italian words? Don't worry: little by little this one will stick.
• Mandatory vaccines to continue in Italy after measles outbreaks
Italian health ministers declared a 'measles emergency' and plan to vaccinate 800,000 children as well as healthcare workers
• A local's guide to Lake Como
There's more to Como than ritzy villas and celebrities. Head off the beaten path and you'll find a lake for all budgets and all seasons.
• Asbestos, chemicals and rats: Inside Rome's migrant squats
On the outskirts of Rome, some 500 asylum-seekers live in desperate conditions in an old medical factory. They say they'd love to leave, if they had anywhere to go.
• Salvini meets rescued migrants, promises 'welcome' in Italy
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini met dozens of African migrants, recently evacuated from Libya by the UN, and sought to reassure them that Italy is "a welcoming, generous and supportive country."
• Rome cracks down on pub crawls, centurions and 'slovenly eating'
Temporary measures become permanent as strict new Daspo Urbano law gives city police more powers
• Italian word of the day: 'Dai'
Come on, you must have heard this versatile word before.
• Italy busts international online gambling mafia ring
One billion euros’ worth of assets seized across 12 countries included luxury apartments and a football team.
• Italy introduces 20 free museum days per year
Good news for art lovers: the number of free entrance days at Italy's museums will increase next year from 12 to 20, and museums will introduce €2 tickets for 18-25 year olds.
• OPINION: Brexit deal does not deliver on the rights of Britons in Europe
While the UK Prime Minister Theresa May insisted that her final draft Brexit deal delivers on the referendum vote, groups representing the hundreds of thousands of Britons living across the EU say she had failed to deliver on their rights.
• 'More holes than cheese': A recap of what Theresa May's Brexit deal means for Brits in Europe
British Prime Minister Theresa May will present her already much-maligned Brexit deal to her government on Wednesday. Here's a recap of what that draft deal - as agreed in March - means for British citizens living in Europe and those who aim to move here in the near future and why it angered campaigners.
• Deadly disasters should earn Italy a free pass on budget rules, Rome tells EU
Italy's government said the EU must show flexibility over its big-spending budget because the country had to cope with a series of deadly disasters, including floods and a deadly bridge collapse in Genoa.
• Italy risks EU sanctions by sticking to debt-happy budget
Italy's government defied the European Commission on Tuesday by sticking to its big-spending budget plan, risking financial sanctions in a high-stakes standoff with Brussels.
• EU's 'no-deal' Brexit plan spells out bad news for British travellers
The European Union on Tuesday published further contingency plans for a "no-deal" Brexit, piling pressure Prime Minister Theresa May by warning that Britons will lose a host of travel rights from recognition of driving licences to lower credit card fees and no mobile roaming charges.
• Protests across Italy over government attacks on press freedom
Journalists protested in the streets today after Five Star government ministers called reporters 'whores' and 'jackals' in an attack of 'unprecedented seriousness.'
• Italian police evict immigrants from Rome camp
Italian police on Tuesday bulldozed a makeshift camp in Rome where hundreds of people, including documented and undocumented migrants and Italians, had taken shelter.
• Italian word of the day: 'Tamtam'
Psst, we heard this word was one to share.
• Italy faces losing iconic chocolate maker Pernigotti to Turkey
Iconic Italian chocolate maker Pernigotti says it wants to move production to Turkey. Italy wants to keep the company at home, but its approach to bailing out struggling brands ends up doing more economic harm than good, argues corporate law specialist Eugenio Vaccari.

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