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Italy's news in English

How and when can you get a Covid-19 vaccine in Italy?
With Italy's Covid-19 vaccination campaign well underway, more than 1 million people have already had the jab. Here's how and when you can expect to get yours.
Italian PM Conte set to resign in hope of forming new government
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced he will resign on Tuesday, in what media reports said was an attempt to build a new government after weeks of political turmoil.
Italian word of the day: 'Cattivo'
Bad, naughty, or something worse? Let's take a closer look at how we should be using this tricky Italian adjective.
Life in Italy: 'Dante, bike rides and grappa keep the January blues at bay in Verona'
As coronavirus restrictions continue and the cold weather sets in across Italy, writer Richard Hough in Verona tells us how he's getting through the winter gloom - with a little help from Dante.
Rescue ship cleared to dock in Sicily with 373 migrants on board
Over 370 migrants will be allowed to disembark on the Italian island of Sicily on Monday after being rescued amid storms in the Mediterranean by the Ocean Viking humanitarian vesse.
MAP: Which zone is your region in under Italy’s tier system?
A tiered system divides Italian regions into red, orange and yellow zones depending on coronavirus risk. Find the latest classification here.
CHARTS: How many people has Italy vaccinated so far?
Find the latest data on how many people have received the Covid-19 vaccine in each region of Italy.
Covid-19: Italy announces 'six to eight week' vaccine delay after supply drop
The Italian government has revised its Covid-19 vaccination plan due a reduction in supplies from Pfizer, and is now focused on making sure people who have had their first dose get the second shot.
EXPLAINED: What are the rules on travel between Italy and the UK?
With two different sets of coronavirus measures to navigate, plus new restrictions due to Brexit, travel between the UK and Italy is anything but simple right now. Here's what you need to know about the current rules.
UPDATE: These are latest travel restrictions in place around Europe
Rising Covid-19 infection rates around Europe and the threat of new variants have pushed governments to impose tight travel restrictions for those entering the country. Here's a run down of the restrictions in place around countries in Europe.
The words and phrases you'll need to understand Italian political discussions
From armchairs to poisoned meatballs, here's some of the vocabulary used by Italians to talk about Italian politics.
No European deaths directly tied to Covid-19 vaccine, say scientists
Scientists in Europe say evidence available so far does not incriminate the new anti-Covid vaccines in the numerous deaths of elderly and frail people shortly after they had received the coronavirus vaccine.
Italian Prime Minister says delays in vaccine supplies 'unacceptable'
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has criticised the suppliers of Covid-19 vaccines, saying delays in deliveries are “unacceptable” and in serious breach of contractual obligations.
Italy's Covid-19 zone restrictions updated as infection rate drops
Italy's northern region of Lombardy has been moved out of the "red zone" as Italy's coronavirus infection rate dropped for the first time in five weeks.
Italian king's heir apologises for monarchy's Holocaust role
A descendant of Italy's wartime King Victor Emmanuel III has apologised to the country's Jewish community for his ancestor's role in dictator Mussolini's racial laws and the Holocaust.
Italy considers revising vaccine rollout due to supply drop
Italy is considering revising its vaccination plans due to delays in the delivery of the Pfizer vaccine, health officials confirmed on Saturday, according to Reuters news agency.
Italy probes TikTok 'blackout challenge' death of 10-year-old girl
Italian prosecutors have opened a probe into the accidental death of a 10-year-old girl who allegedly took part in a "blackout challenge" on the video-sharing network TikTok.
Life in Italy: 'Local musicians are helping our Italian village look to the future'
The arts have long been part of everyday life in many Italian towns and villages, and this hasn't changed during the pandemic. American writer Mark Hinshaw tells us how musicians continue to inspire his local community, despite recent tragedy.
Travellers to UK told Covid test results cannot be in Italian
Updated Covid-19 testing rules for travellers heading to the UK have caused concern among readers in Italy, as the British government has set new rules on what languages the test results need to be in.
Procida becomes first island to win Italy's capital of culture
Procida has been named Italy's capital of culture for 2022, the first time an island has been awarded the title.

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