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Italy's news in English

Coronavirus claims another 837 victims in Italy as epidemic reaches 'plateau'
Another 837 people died on Tuesday from the new coronavirus, according to the latest daily figures from Italy's Civil Protection department, an increase from 812 on Monday. But the number of new infections continues to slow.
UPDATE: All the latest information about the coronavirus crisis in Italy
The latest news on the current coronavirus situation in Italy and how the measures taken by the Italian authorities may affect you. (Paywall Free)
How lockdowns and restrictions across different European countries may have saved lives
Strict containment measures and social distancing measures might have already saved up to 59,000 lives across 11 European countries battling the spread of the new coronavirus, scientists say. Here's a closer look.
Coronavirus: The data from France, Italy and Spain that provides a glimmer of hope
While the epidemic situation across Europe remains extremely serious, there are numbers coming out of Italy, Spain and France - the three worst affected countries so far - that give cause for cautious optimism.
Italy marks the end of March with tribute to coronavirus victims
Italian mayors stood alone outside town halls across the country at noon to observe a minute's silence, as flags flew at half mast to mourn the 11,591 people who have died from the coronavirus pandemic in the country.
Italy extends expired residence permits, ID cards and driving licenses
If your Italian residence permit, identity card or driving license is due to expire during the quarantine period, here's what you need to know.
How teachers in Italy have adapted to working remotely under quarantine
Teachers in Italy have had to adapt to big changes quickly after the country closed all schools and universities at the beginning of March. One month on, what have they learned from the experience?
'Food helps': The coping strategies getting people through quarantine in Italy
For those struggling with lockdown in Italy right now - or the prospect of it elsewhere - reader Jeff Wilson describes how he and fellow teachers in Milan are coping with the situation.
LATEST: Italy to extend quarantine until 'at least' April 12
Italy is to extend nationwide quarantine measures until "at least" mid-April, the health minister said late on Monday.
Italy's coronavirus deaths rise slightly, but new cases continue to slow
Italy reported more than 800 deaths on Monday, yet new cases of coronavirus continue to show signs of slowing.
ANALYSIS: Five reasons why the coronavirus hit Italy so hard
The new coronavirus found dangerously fertile ground in Italy's demographics, business, geography and culture, writes Italian researcher Sara Belligoni.
More than 60 doctors have died in Italy's coronavirus outbreak
Italy's coronavirus outbreak is taking a heavy toll on health workers, with more than 60 doctors confirmed to have died since it began.
VIDEO: Europe's cities turn into ghost towns under coronavirus lockdown
Europe's once-bustling cities are now virtually empty as varying degrees of lockdown and mobility restrictions are being imposed in the fight against the coronavirus. Watch the surreal video below.
Coronavirus: Italy imposes strict new restrictions on anyone entering the country
Anyone entering Italy must declare their presence to the authorities and spend two weeks in quarantine, under the latest restrictions imposed by the Italian government to halt the spread of the new coronavirus.
'We are in a very long battle': Italy prepares to extend coronavirus lockdown
Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's government on Sunday prepared Italians for a "very long" lockdown that would only be lifted gradually, despite its economic hardship and traumatic impact on daily lives.
Daily rise in Italy's coronavirus infections slows again
The number of fatalities has dropped for the second day running, but Italy continues to be the country with the highest coronavirus death toll in the world with 10,779.
'We have to eat': Sicilian police crackdown on locals looting supermarkets
Police with batons and guns have moved in to protect supermarkets on the Italian island of Sicily after reports of looting by locals who could no longer afford food.
Mafia set to profit from Italy's coronavirus devastation
As Italy mourns thousands of coronavirus dead, and survivors brace for life in an economic wasteland, one rung of society looks to win big: organised crime.
Italian PM: EU 'purpose at stake' in coronavirus response
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warned Saturday that the European Union could lose its purpose if it fails to come up with a strong response to the coronavirus threat.
Italy: Inside Rome's hospitals as they battle the coronavirus
Doctors and nurses at the Casalpalocco hospital on Rome's outskirts mill silently around coronavirus patients lying motionless on their beds surrounded by machines monitoring their vital signs.

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