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• Il ministro Bonisoli in visita in Bulgaria
• Bulgaria: l'inflazione accelera a giugno 2018
• Bulgaria: se la Cina è vicina
• La Bulgaria secondo detentore al mondo di BTC
• Bulgaria: Sofia si prepara ad entrare nell'eurozona
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The Local
Italy's news in English

• Vatican suspends Chilean deacon accused of child abuse
The Vatican dismissed a Chilean deacon over sexual abuse accusations in central Chile, the archdiocese of the city of Rancagua said Friday, amid a widespread abuse scandal gripping the country's Catholic Church.
• Matteo Salvini: Who is the firebrand politician shaking up Italian politics?
Italy’s controversial new deputy prime minister has wasted no time in causing trouble since taking office. Matteo Salvini, leader of the extreme right Lega party, is anti-immigration, anti-EU and pro-Russia. But who is he and how did he enter the mainstream? Anne Cento Bull, of the University of Bath, revisits Salvini's rise.
• Italy and Libya reject new EU migrant strategy
The European Union's migrant strategy suffered a major new setback Friday July 20th with Italy refusing to freely accept people rescued at sea and Libya spurning a proposal for asylum processing centres.
• Italian police recover two stolen paintings attributed to masters Rubens and Renoir
The paintings, said to be worth millions, were stolen from two gallery artists by an Israeli con artist posing as a rabbi in Monza, northern Italy, in April 2017.
• IN PICTURES: Quake-hit Italian village bursts into colour in annual 'blooming'
Every year, the fields of Umbrian village Castelluccio come alive with colour as part of an annual spectacle known as 'La Fiorita' (the flowering or blooming).
• Italian coastguard staff break silence to express concern over government migrant policy
The decision by Italy's new populist government to close the country's ports to migrants saved at sea is causing unease within the heart of the Italian coastguard, some staff say, who until recently played a key role in rescue missions.
• Salvini to sue anti-mafia writer Roberto Saviano
Italy's far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Thursday night he has filed a complaint for defamation against the anti-mafia writer Roberto Saviano, one of his most virulent critics.
• Italian government wants to renationalize Alitalia airline
The Italian government is proposing that the state take a 51 per cent stake in the struggling airline and make it a flagship of 'Italo character'.
• AC Milan go to court to fight UEFA ban
AC Milan's senior executives were at the world's top sports court on Thursday July 19th fighting to overturn a European ban for breaking UEFA's financial fair play rules.
• Catholic aid organization: Italy urgently needs more migrant carers for the elderly
The Sant'Egidio community says Italy needs to raise its quotas for migrant carers from outside the EU if it is to meet the needs of the 3.8 million elderly who live alone in Italy.
• The life and death of anti-mafia magistrate Paolo Borsellino: Italy commemorates massacre, 26 years on
On July 19th, Italy marks the 26th anniversary of the murder of one its most prominent anti-mafia heroes, Sicilian magistrate Paolo Borsellino, who was killed along with five members of his police escort by the Cosa Nostra organized crime group on this day in 1992.
• Over ten minor earthquakes felt at foot of Mount Etna
A series of more than ten minor earthquakes was felt near the foot of Sicily's Mount Etna on Wednesday evening, according seismic experts.
• Italian food industry outraged by WHO report that calls for warning labels on salty foods
Several key industry leaders have rallied against a World Health Organization report that calls for governments and national institutions to reduce citizens' salt and sugar intake as a move towards a healthier diet.
• Eight TV shows that help explain Brexit Britain to your Italian friends
Struggling to explain Brexit to your Italian friends? Check out our handy guide to eurosceptic British comedy.
• Why a controversial rape verdict has got Italy talking about consent and alcohol
A ruling from Italy's top court in a sexual violence case has prompted debate across the country about consent and how the courts and media deal with cases of sexual assault.
• Italy refuses to take in drowned bodies according to Spanish NGO
A Spanish NGO that saved a woman off Libya who was drifting on a deflated dinghy next to the bodies of a boy and another woman said Wednesday July 17th it is taking her to Spain for her safety.
• Fraud trial of two Italian ex-banking chiefs begins
The fraud trial of two former executives of Italy's troubled lender Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (BMPS) opened on Tuesday in Milan.
• The one dessert you have to try in each of Italy's regions
One of the highlights of a trip to a new Italian destination is discovering the local dishes. Tasting the local pastry or dessert, whether it's with a cappuccino at breakfast time or to round off a hearty meal, is a must-do on a trip to Italy, and we've rounded up 20 sweet treats you have to try, region by region.
• Five great amusement parks to take the family to in Italy
From a glimpse of the prehistoric, to water parks, Europe's fastest ride, Italy in miniature and an island of dolphins, there's plenty of options for holidays with children in Italy this Summer.
• Police raids target powerful Casamonica clan in Rome and southern Italy
At least 250 carabinieri, Italy's military police, were involved in a series of operations across Italy on the morning of Tuesday July 17th against Rome's powerful Casamonica clan.

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