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The Local
Italy's news in English

UPDATED: When can I travel to my second home in Italy?
With Italy now lifting some restrictions under phase two of its lockdown, here's what second home owners need to know.
Italy confirms travel can restart between all regions from June 3rd
The Italian government has confirmed that unrestricted travel between regions can restart from Wednesday June 3rd as planned, with health experts urging caution.
Italy's Venice film festival a 'sign of hope' for world cinema
The decision to hold the Venice Film Festival despite the coronavirus pandemic is being hailed as a "sign of hope" for the movie world after months of closed cinemas, shuttered film sets and cancelled galas.
Italy faces worst recession since WWII due to coronavirus
Facing its deepest recession since World War II and with business confidence collapsing, the coronavirus pandemic is hitting Italy's economy hard.
'Stopgap' or life saver?: Italy's scheme to help the self-employed survive the coronavirus crisis
Italy's freelancers and self-employed were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic with their livelihoods threatened by the sudden loss of income. The Italian government put in a place a scheme to help them survive, but how well did it achieve its aim?
Living in Europe: An update from the team at The Local
There's no doubt living, working and moving around Europe has become far more challenging in recent months. For all of us.
Italy's young doctors protest lack of training pushing them to go abroad
Recently-qualified doctors and medical students staged a protest across Italy on Friday over a lack of training grants which pushes many to leave the country, worsening its shortage of health workers.
Here's how much tourism Italy can expect to get this year
Italy is hoping to restart tourism again from June, but how many visitors will actually come back this year? The Local spoke to the president of Italy's National Tourism Agency to find out.
Italian regions accused of tampering with virus data ahead of reopening
One of Italy's top health experts has suggested Italy's regions may be fudging the infection data to avoid having to shut down again, sparking a furious row as the country prepares to restart travel from June 3rd.
Switzerland warns against ‘premature’ travel to Italy
Switzerland’s southern neighbour is opening its borders for tourists from the EU and Schengen zone countries on June 3rd. But should Switzerland's residents travel there?
How Denmark got its children back to school so soon after lockdown
Denmark was the first country in Europe to reopen day care and primary schools after the strict coronavirus lockdown. Emma Firth takes a look at how Denmark did it and what lessons there are for other countries.
Italy confirms Serie A can resume season on June 20th
Italy has given the green light to resume Serie A the weekend of June 20th, and the Coppa Italia on June 13th.
Are there really big crowds gathering outside Italian bars after reopening?
Following reports of large crowds gathering outside bars in Italy, here's how reopening is going around the country.
Italy's Lombardy, Liguria, and Piedmont regions 'not ready to reopen', new study warns
The northern Italian regions of Lombardy, Liguria, and Piedmont are not ready to safely remove travel restrictions on June 3rd, according to a new study by GIMBE, Italy's Group for Evidence-based Medicine.
Ancient Roman mosaic floor discovered under vineyard in Italy
Archaeologists have discovered an exquisitely preserved Roman mosaic under vines near Verona, northern Italy, after nearly a century of searching.
Italian public officials arrested as police uncover major mafia fraud
Public officials were among 63 people arrested in a major operation targeting Calabria's powerful 'Ndrangheta mafia.
Italian ambassador hits back over claim that Sweden 'should have done better' than Italy
The Italian embassy in Stockholm has criticised Sweden's state epidemiologist after comments in which he said the Swedish healthcare system "should have done better than Italy" in its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
Italian ministers get police guard as tensions rise over crisis
Italy has placed a second government minister under police protection amid fears of physical violence as social tensions rise over the handling of the coronavirus outbreak.
How the coronavirus crisis has hit Piedmont's wineries - and how you can help
With Italian wine producers facing an impending crisis, Piedmont-based wine expert Evan Byrne explains how local family-run wineries are now relying more on direct orders from the public.
Italian word of the day: 'Movida'
Today's word isn't really Italian, but here's how Italians use it.

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