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The Local
Italy's news in English

Ten of the nicest things you'll notice after moving from the US to Italy
We all know Italy is an amazing place to visit. But is it really still "la dolce vita" when you live here permanently? One reader who moved from the US says it is - if you focus on the positives.
Europe warns Italy over spending, but gives green light to the budget
The EU has said it will approve Italy's latest budget, despite issuing a warning to the country over its 2020 spending plans.
'Enough hate': Who are the protesting 'sardines' packing into Italian squares?
Thousands of protestors calling themselves sardine (sardines) sang Bella Ciao in the rain in the centre of the city of Modena on Monday, after a similar rally in Bologna last week. But who are Italy's “sardines”, where did they come from, and what do they want?
New study reveals which parts of Italy are most at risk from extreme weather
A new Italian study has mapped the areas most likely to be affected by floods, heatwaves and other "extreme weather events" as they become increasingly common.
Italy's ancient cave city of Matera left in desperate need of emergency funding
The Unesco-listed city of Matera, currently European Capital of Culture, suffered extensive flood damage as severe storms swept across Italy last week, but it's not yet known if the city will receive the same kind of emergency funding promised for Venice.
Italian police bust smuggling gang looting ancient artefacts
The gang used bulldozers and metal detectors to dig up and loot objects dating from 400 BC, including ancient Greek vases and jewels, in southern Italy before smuggling them out of the country.
Italian word of the day: 'Sceneggiata'
There's no need to make a song and dance about this term.
Floods in Italy: What to do when there's a weather warning
With most of Italy on alert for bad weather, The Local explains what the warnings mean and what precautions you need to take.
It's not just Venice: The extreme weather lashing all of Italy
Floods in Venice may have dominated the international headlines, but they're not the only weather emergency to strike Italy this week.
'The water has stopped rising': Venice counts costs after devastating week of floods
Venice sought to return to normal life on Monday after a week of unprecedented flooding that devastated the city, submerging homes, business and cultural treasures.
Inundated Venice braced for more flooding and strong winds on Saturday
Venice was on red alert for more floods and fierce winds on Saturday after an exceptionally high tide swamped the city of canals, where authorities have declared a state of emergency.
Italian police officers jailed over the death of Stefano Cucchi
Two Carabinieri officers were found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Stefano Cucchi in 2009, in a harrowing case of police brutality that shocked Italy and the world.
Venetians raise funds to rebuild much-loved news kiosk swept away by floods
The story of Walter Mutti and his newsstand shows community spirit is alive and well in Venice, as Thea Hawlin reports.
Venice faces more floods as state of emergency declared
St Mark's Square has been closed as Venice braces for another exceptional high tide on Friday, after Italy declared a state of emergency in the flood-hit city.
Tampon tax: Italy announces VAT cut on sanitary products
The Italian government today approved a long-awaited sales tax cut on tampons and sanitary pads.
Venice's legendary 'waterproof' bookshop overwhelmed by floods
This week's deluge proved too much even for one famous Venice bookstore which had resigned itself to constant flooding, keeping its books inside bathtubs and boats.
Newly-discovered Artemisia painting sells for record €4.8 million
A newly discovered canvas by the female 17th-century Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi sold for almost 4.8 million euros on Wednesday, a record for the artist, auction house Artcurial said.
Venice flooding: City braces for more high water as alarms sound
Venetians awoke to sirens on Thursday indicating that the high waters are coming back, as Italy's government prepared to take emergency measures for the flooded city.
Venice flooding: St Mark's priceless mosaics drowned in sewage
Tourists and locals in Venice are in shock at flood damage caused to one of the city's most famous sites
What happened to Venice's planned flood barriers?
After Venice was left devastated once again by exceptionally high tides this week, many are asking what happened to the city's long-awaited flood barriers. Are they still being built? Why has it taken so long? And will they really prevent such disasters in future?

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