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 Sofia News Agency 
Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)
Real time news provider in English that informs its readers about the latest Bulgarian news - economic, political and cultural, foreign media analysis on Bulgaria and world news.

Gaming: An Emergent Sector in Bulgaria


Various different types of gaming are on the rise in Bulgaria in 2019, with the internet helping to fuel the emergence and increasing popularity of various genres. With major developers in various subsections of the gaming market operating from the country, Bulgaria could soon emerge as a chief player in the industry.

Board and tabletop gaming is a major trend right now, and one which Bulgaria has jumped on. The country is a hotspot for backpackers and other tourists, with 13 million foreigners visiting in 2018. Retro cafes appeal to this demographic. With more locations cropping up, this could boost tourism further. But perhaps the area in which Bulgaria is excelling the most is internet gaming and console sectors.


One of the best-known developers from Bulgaria is Creative Assembly Sofia, previously named Black Sea Studios and then Crytek Black Sea before being purchased by Creative Assembly in 2016. The company has produced a number of titles for Microsoft Windows including Total War: Rome II Empire Divided in 2017. Also in the thriving city center of Sofia, the Bulgarian-based iGaming developer EGT has its offices. Trading under the full name EGT Interactive, the company provides slot games such as Extra Stars and Flaming Hot for online casinos and, according to official figures, has presence in over 70 countries. Another big name from Bulgaria is Masthead Studios, a company that specializes in the hugely popular genre of MMORPGs. It is famous for Guns and Robots, which was released in 2013 for free but is now available for purchase on Steam. 

Due to the fact that these huge developers are finding Bulgaria to be a place in which they can thrive while still adopting a global outlook, this could attract others to set up shop in the region. The highly lucrative gaming industry is growing rapidly, and could potentially bring in a huge amount of revenue for the country in the next few years.


Marcelinho, Is ?1 Football Player in Bulgaria

The aging star of Ludogorets - Marcelinho, won the First League player's first prize in the InStat Index.

The ranking was established at the start of the First League campaign by the Association of Bulgarian Football Players (ABF), in cooperation with INSTAT - one of the largest soccer analysis and statistics companies.

The winner is the player with the highest InStat Index every month. This index is determined by a formula based on the player's actions - goals, assists, feed accuracy, success combinations, and other metrics. The success rate increases the index, influencing the opponent's level in the match.
Marcelinho took part in 28 matches for Ludogorets, in which he played 2475 minutes. He recorded a total of 1639 submissions of which 84% accurate (or 1396 accurate passes), 8 goals, 32 goal opportunities and 10 assists.

In addition, the Brazilian made a total of 72 strikes against the opposing doors, of which 26 were accurate. He has participated in 31 goals of his team and has registered 48% of successes.

Bulgarians Are Ready to Spend 56% of Their Monthly Salary for Summer Holidays

Bulgarians are ready to spend 56% of their monthly salary for summer holidays, according to a study by Feratum Group. It examines the behavior of over 22,000 households in 17 countries. The average net income of participating households varies between EUR 827-3934, depending on the state.

According to the results, the Bulgarians will spend the most money for travel in the country - 17%, for summer activities - 16%, for home and villa furnishing - 14%. An International Consumer Survey, ranks Mexico first by estimated 60% for holiday spending, followed by Bulgaria - 56%, Spain - 51%, and Latvia - 43%. The lowest expenses in this category hass Finland - 28%, and Denmark - 26%, followed by Brazil - 13%, and Romania - 12%.

Group statistics also indicate that participants in the survey in Canada are most likely to spend more than 100 euros per night at a hotel. However, people from Germany, Bulgaria and Romania are more open to opportunities like AirBnb for their travel.

On average, over 60% of respondents prefer to pay by card. A total of 85% of those surveyed in Sweden, Denmark and Norway will opt for a card payment.

Households using mobile banking services are also increasing. Over 80% of respondents from Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland and Brazil say they will use mobile banking during this period.

Ekaterina Zaharieva: The European integration of the Western Balkan Countries Should Be a Key Priority

The European integration of the Western Balkan countries and the engagement with the neighboring regions should be a key priority of the European Union, Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva said at the EU Foreign Ministers Summit in Luxembourg. The enlargement policy has proved its transformative power. The European project will not be complete without the integration of the Western Balkans, Minister Zaharieva underlined.

Economy Minister Karanikolov: The BBR has Allocated BGN 400 Million in Loans to Businesses

Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov opened the International Economic Forum of the Bulgarian Development Bank (BBR) "Roads for Partnerships". This year, it coincides with the 20th anniversary of the bank's founding. The conduct of the conference is part of BBR's active position in international financial cooperation. The Bulgarian Development Bank is the best positioned bank in the country to attract funds from international partners. During the opening, Minister Karanikolov emphasized that in 2018 BBR achieved the best financial results for the past two decades of its founding.

In his words, for the first time, the book value and the assets of the joint-stock company exceeded BGN 3 billion, increasing by 22% compared to the end of 2017. "A significant increase in profit was reported for 2018. New loans for businesses amounted to almost 400 million leva, which is more than three times more than in 2017, "the minister said. Within the forum, the Minister of Economy recalled that a Fund for Capital Investments was established at the end of last year.

He emphasized that this year's focus of the discussions is the prospects for the implementation of the new European program InvestEU, which is the extension of the Juncker Plan. Minister Karanikolov pointed out that it will encourage the investment activity and the modernization of the European economy in the next programming period.

Trump: ICE Will Begin the Process of Removing the "Millions of Illegal Aliens"

Next week, immigration authorities begin a process of deportation of millions of illegal foreigners who have reached the United States illegally.

“Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States,” Trump tweeted, referring to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. “They will be removed as fast as they come in,” Donald Trump wrote in Twitter.

The US president did not fail to blame the Democratic party's political opponents for not doing anything about the control of migration.

Trump praised Mexico, which spurred migrants even before the US border. He also praised Guatemala, who would sign an agreement that declared them a safe third country. This would allow migrants to apply for asylum in these countries, not in the United States.

"Mexico, using their strong immigration laws, is doing a very good job of stopping people.(...)long before they get to our Southern Border. Guatemala is getting ready to sign a Safe-Third Agreement. The only ones who won’t do anything are the Democrats in Congress. They must vote to get rid of the loopholes, and fix asylum! If so, Border Crisis will end quickly!", Trump wrote.

At Least 15 People Died after a Ferry Sank Near the Indonesian Island of Java

At least 15 people were killed in a ferry sinking near the Indonesian island of Java yesterday, local police said on Friday, quoted by the French press. The ship, with fifty people on board, overturned in a stormy sea near the island of Madura. The ferry, which the police believe was overloaded, overturned after it was hit by a high wave, writes "Sega."

Up to now, the death of 15 people has been confirmed, 31 have been rescued, and at least three are still missing. Shipwrecks are a common phenomenon in Indonesia - an archipelago with more than 17,000 islands. More than 160 people have died in a ferry near Sumatra last year, the agency recalls.

A New Boom of Lyme Disease Within a Month

Once again, there is a boom of tick bites in Sofia. It is important for people to be tested because only about 10% of infected ticks transmit the infection, said Deputy Director of the National Center for Contagious and Parasitic Diseases Professor Iva Hristova.

Between 1% and 3% of the bites lead to diseases, she said, and added that it is important the research to be done up to 30 days after the bite to in case to avoid false negative results.

According to her, typical Lyme disease does not require examination because it can be recognized by symptoms.

Symptoms of the Marseilles fever are expressed in a sudden rise in body temperature - over 38-39 degrees, with a characteristic black spot (eschar) and spots on the at the site of the bite. While there is no fever in Lyme disease, and the bite site turns red, she explained.

Prof. Hristova explained that ticks can be examined only if they were taken aimlessly and alive, and added that there is no point in carrying those who are removed torn apart by the body.
This year the activity of ticks began a little later than usual. There are 90 cases of Lyme disease, and in one month we can expect a boom of the infected ones, she told Bulgaria ON AIR.

"You have to avoid lawns, even if they are being treated, use repellents and watch the body for bites. In case you were bitten, the tick must be removed as soon as possible." she advised.

The Declared State of Emergency in Strelcha Has Been Extended by Seven Days

The reason - problems with cleaning the affected facilities, reported NOVA TV. 

The declared state of emergency in Strelcha has been extended by seven days and will continue until June 24, according to BGNES.

The municipality of the resort town reported that this has been necessitated by complications arising during the repair works on the affected water supply facilities. Water supply has been restored, yet drinking water is unfit for consumption and poses a risk to human health.

Despite the restored water supply, the water is unsuitable for drinking and poses health risks for residents and guests of the city.

The announced state of emergency in Strelcha came after floods that destroyed the city's water supply network. The only water pipe in the area was built in 1947 and never changed, and is now polluted with mud after heavy rains.

The Revolver with Which Van Gogh Had Committed Suicide to be Put For Sale

The revolver with which Vincent Van Gogh is believed to have shot himself is to go under the hammer, a Paris auction house said Tuesday, reported News18. 

Discovered by a farmer in 1965 in the same field where the troubled Dutch painter is thought to have fatally wounded himself 75 years before, the gun has already been exhibited at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Billed by Auction Art as "the most famous weapon in the history of art", the 7 mm Lefaucheux revolver is expected to go for up to 60,000 euros ($67,000) when it is sold on June 19.

Van Gogh experts believe that he shot himself with the revolver near the village of Auvers-sur-Oise north of Paris, where he spent the last few months of his life in 1890.

The Dutch artist had borrowed the gun from the owner of the inn where he was staying.

He died 36 hours later after staggering wounded back to the inn in the dark.

It was not his first dramatic act of self-harm. Two years earlier in 1888, he cut off his ear before offering it to a woman in a brothel in Arles in the south of France.

While most art historians agree that Van Gogh killed himself, that assumption has been questioned in recent years, with some researchers claiming that the fatal shot may have been fired accidentally by two local boys playing with the weapon in the field.

That theory got fresh support from a new biopic of the artist starring Willem Dafoe, "At Eternity's Gate".

Its director, the renowned American painter Julian Schnabel, told AFP that Van Gogh had painted 75 canvasses in his 80 days at Auvers-sur-Oise and was unlikely to be suicidal.

Van Gogh painted some of his best work in his final days, including his "Portrait of Dr Gachet", the local doctor who later tried to save his life.

It set a world record when it sold for $82.5 million in 1990.

The bullet Dr Gachet extracted from Van Gogh's chest was the same calibre as the one used by the Lefaucheux revolver.

"Van Gogh was working constantly. Every day he made a new work. He was not at all sad," Carriere argued.

In the film the gun goes off after the two young boys, who were brothers, got into a struggle with the bohemian stranger.

Auction Art said that the farmer who found the gun in 1965 gave it to the owners of the inn at Auvers-sur-Oise, whose family are now selling it.

From 1901 to 1975 the Earth's Temperature Had Risen by 0.7-0.9 Degrees Celsius

The ten hottest summers in modern history have been reported since 1998, reported NOVA TV. 

Climate warming will lead to extreme temperatures being observed in large parts of the world by the end of this century, CNN and BTA reported.

Data is contained in a study published in the journal "Natural Climate Change".

Scientists analyzed 22 computer models reflecting climate change. It became apparent that at the end of the 21st century, the temperature records would be regularly counted at 58% of the surface of the Earth. They will cover 67% of the territories of the least developed countries and island countries.

CNN recalled that from 1901 to 1975 the Earth's temperature had risen by 0.7-0.9 degrees Celsius. Since 1975, the warming process has accelerated rapidly, and now the average temperature has risen to 1.5-1.8 degrees. The ten hottest summers in modern history have been reported since 1998.

Extreme temperatures will lead to a sharp leap in cardiovascular and lung disease, environmental pollution and frequent cases of asthma.

Specialized Operation of Traffic Police Starts All Over the Country

The police teams will be located on sections with increased traffic, reported NOVA TV. 

Specialized Operation of Traffic Police starts all over the country, informs the Ministry of Interior. Control of speed, driver's license, use of safety belts and child safety systems will be strengthened.

Particular attention will be paid to drivers of two-wheel vehicles - their visibility and state of registration plates for motor vehicles, the use of safety helmets.

The police teams will be located along sections with a temporary organization of the road, as well as in the areas with increased traffic.

At the same time, the Operation of the Traffic Police is being continued for the summer season.


Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Maria Gabriel Was Awarded by the Society of Dramaturgic Artists and Composers in Paris

Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Maria Gabriel, was awarded by the Society of Dramaturgic Artists and Composers in Paris, reported BTA. 

,,Prestigious honors are bestowed on individuals who have contributed significantly to their work to protect the rights and interests of European artists'', the EC Representation in Bulgaria announced.

The board of directors of the company has decided this year to award a medal to Maria Gabriel for her efforts to make copyright rules more equitable to artists and to make Europe's creative sector more visible.

"Culture is a fundamental value for our Bulgarian and European identity, and I have made efforts to make Europe's rich cultural heritage more accessible, to invest in our European artists, to achieve a Europe of culture, and to create a catalog of European films for more access to our quality cinema productions. I worked to have upgraded rules on copyright with better protection for our authors and fairer rules for the audiovisual sector. At a time when the budget for the next seven years is being decided, I remain committed to supporting the increase in the funds for the creative sector. European creators deserve it, "said EU commissioner Maria Gabriel after receiving the medal.

The Society of Authors and Composers in the Field of Dramatic Art was created by authors united around the celebrated French writer and playwright Pierre de Bomarche nearly 250 years ago.

The annual awards of the company are given to authors and young talents in theater, cinema, television, radio, animation, interactive art, dancing.

Outside the awards in the different categories, the organization separately assigns special medals to prominent people who have proven their commitment to the creative sector and contributed to protecting the interests of the authors

A Foreign Soldier Has Died in NATO Military Dry Run near Plovdiv

A foreign soldier has died this night in the NATO-dry run "Swift Response 19". The incident near Cheshnegirovo Air Base, was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, informs the Bulgarian National Radio.

According to media reports, the soldier is a Canadian parachutist whose parachute hasn't opened after a jump from a military plane. According to unconfirmed information at the Plovdiv hospital, three other American soldiers were also admitted to a hospital.

The Swift Response runs are conducted by the US Force Command in Europe and are held on the territories of the Republic of Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania from June 13-25.

Bulgaria Dumps Over 3 Million Tonnes of Garbage

More than 3 million tonnes of waste are disposed annually in garbage containers. This shows the data of the National Statistical Institute for 2017.

Last year's data have not yet been processed, but experts say the amount is not very different. 3 010 694 thousand tonnes is the total waste generated in 2015 and in two years it is 3 074 595 tonnes, the increase is about 60 000 tonnes or about 30 000 tonnes per year.

1 855 727 tonnes are landfilled, 1 001 515 tonnes are separated and 153 452 tonnes are handed over for recycling, Monitor writes.

Romania and Poland dump the smallest amount of garbage - 261 kg and 207 kg per person. Immediately after them are Latvia with 410 kg and Belgium with 420 kg. The largest household waste per person is Denmark with 777 kg and Malta with 647 kg. In principle, the ratio between the population and the generated waste is not calculated per persons, as both the quantities and the morphology of the waste depend on the demographic situation of the region and above all on the economic development. Thus, the Northwestern Region reported 227,475 tonnes of waste and the Southwest was 982,900 tonnes, although the capital is in this region.

Near the Northwestern Region is Central Bulgaria with 368,027 tonnes, the Northeast dumps 403,054 tonnes, in the Southeastern region are recorded a little more than 413,000 tonnes and in the South Central - 615,872 tonnes of garbage.

In 2011, Varna generated 107,000 tonnes, and in 2017 the amount is about 258,000 tonnes. This amount also includes the dumped waste from the sea resorts. Stara Zagora also has a waste growth of 115 to 130,000 tonnes in seven years. In Lovech, however, there is a decrease of the waste - from 104 thousand tonnes in 2011, to only 45 thousand tonnes in 2017.

The normative requirements in Bulgaria are that all settlements with over 5,000 inhabitants should have separate collection containers. Currently, only the small villages or some suburbs of the big cities are not covered. However, this does not concern the full recycling of plastics, which also includes the production of recycled material. In this aspect, Germany ranks first in the EU, and we are at the bottom of the table.

Facebook Presented Its Own Cryptocurrency

Today, Facebook is expected to present its cryptocurrency. It is reported that the virtual currency will be convertible into dollars and euros.

The $ 1 billion project named "Libra" has been developed for over a year and has the support of over 12 corporations.

The official launch of the currency is expected to take place next year after a test period at the end of this one. With the virtual currency, billions of users of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp will have the ability to make digital payments - both in the internal Facebook system and externally - to third parties and e-commerce without the need for a bank account, BNR transmits.

Facebook cryptos will have a stable price during payments and transactions, and will probably be fixed to several world currencies. It is reported that company employees will be offered to receive a portion of their paycheck in the crypt.

Analysts commented that the move taken by Facebook could turn the company into a social network that combines financial services to become a serious competition for major banks and the online giant Amazon.

If Libra succeeds, it could represent one of the most consequential products Facebook has ever released — both for the company and for the world. It could offer a compelling alternative to the existing banking system, particularly for people in developing nations, "The Verge" writes.

Dr. Garrett Heilman, a block researcher behind the cryptocellular technology, commented:

"Definitely, Facebook's new virtual currency is a potential threat to existing financial services, and it is interesting that many of them, including Mastercard and Paypal, will join this project."

Whats App Has Collapsed in Some Countries in Europe and Latin America

Whats App has collapsed in some countries in Europe and Latin America. According to Downdetector, who monitors interruptions in popular Internet resources, the crashes began at 2:02 Moscow time, RIA News and News reported. The peak of customer complaints about Whats App malfunctions is 581 complaints.

After the crash Whats App quickly resumed its work. Till now, Downdetector haven't registered any further complaints.

Earlier, it was reported that 79% of Whats App users complained about delivery and receiving issues, 18% of connection problems.

Problems in Whats App's functions have been reported mainly by consumers in Spain, Britain, Germany and Italy, as well as in Latin America - in Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

French Football Legend and Former UEFA President Michel Platini Was Arrested

French football legend and former UEFA president Michel Platini was arrested this morning.

The reason for the arrest is the investigation into corruption in Qatar at the World Cup in 2022.

He is said to have been taken to the premises of the Anti-Corruption Office of the Judicial Police (OCLCIFF).

The French press, Mediapart, claim that 63-year-old Platini is into a police custody near Paris where he is being interrogated.

A Culinary Map of Bulgaria Will Show the Typical Dishes for Each Region

Scientists from the Institute of Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences prepare an interactive map, which will gather all the culinary features of the different regions. It will present the traditional Bulgarian cuisine throughout our linguistic territory.

"So far this map has no analogue in Bulgarian linguistics. It will be on the entire linguistic territory - on Mizia, Thrace and Macedonia. We have the ambitious task of going outside the state borders - where Bulgarian dialects are spoken, and to present the most characteristic peculiarities of Bulgarian cuisine by regions," said Assoc. Prof. Anna Kocheva from the Bulgarian Institute of Bulgarian Language in BTV's show "This morning".

"We will include the historic diasporas in Banat and Besarabia. The idea is to capture the preparation itself, there will be video and audio material. These footnotes will be the authentic dialect in the region, "said Prof. Kocheva.

Characteristic of the map is that the culinary itself will be represented with specific dialect specificities.

According to the team, culinary divisions in the linguistic aspect will contribute  not only to the easy learning of the Bulgarian culinary terminology but also the restoration of the production of authentic Bulgarian dishes and drinks.

L’Oréal Bulgaria Employees Join Forces with PULS? Foundation to Renovate the Crisis Centre of the Organization

Sofia, June 03, 2019 – The Crisis Centre of PULSE Foundation nearby Sofia was renovated and refreshed by volunteers from L’Oréal Bulgaria. In just one working day – May 31, the employees from the cosmetics company succeeded to change the atmosphere and environment in the centre both inside the building and outside in the big yard and turn it into a better temporary residence. By active engagement in cleaning, painting and embellishing, rearranging, weeding and planting the volunteers expressed their support for the noble cause of PULSE Foundation – providing support to victims of violence and human trafficking.

The Crisis Centre’s renovation was part of L’Oréal’s annual volunteering initiative Citizen Day. This is a day of community volunteering that allows all employees to devote a full day of work time to bringing their skills and energy to social and environmental organisations or NGOs. It is the 10 th time that L’Oréal Bulgaria is organising this event.

PULSE Foundation is one of the oldest and most renowned NGOs in Bulgaria providing protection and support to the victims of violence and human trafficking. The organization also works on the prevention of such acts of violence and trafficking through training courses and its Youth Club of volunteers. 4000 volunteer hours to support various causes a large number of L’Oréal employees all over the world participate each year in this day of community volunteering. In 2018, employees supported 855 non-profit organisations in 63 countries, representing a total 170 000 volunteer hours.

In Bulgaria, this year Citizen Day is organized for 10 th time as so far L’Oréal Bulgaria’s team has supported 10 causes with over 4000 volunteering hours. The missions supported so far include: foster care, support for kids deprived of parental care, fighting deforestation by planting a thousand of trees, cleaning public spaces, renovating a school, etc.

"This initiative demonstrates each year the outstanding commitment and solidarity of our employees with local communities and the world around us”, said Brigitte Streller, General Manager of L’Oréal Bulgaria. "Citizen Day is at the core of our corporate culture and a source of shared pride.”

At Group level, L’Oréal celebrates Citizen Day’s 10 th anniversary and more than 1 million volunteer hours.

Created in 2010, this annual volunteering day has enabled employees from nearly 65 countries to offer more than one million cumulative volunteer hours to hundreds of non-profit organisations and their beneficiaries. Every year, nearly 30,000 employees take part in the various solidarity initiatives proposed during Citizen Day. A worldwide chain of solidarity
Citizen Day takes place in over 60 Countries in which the Group operates.

Bulgaria key figures in 2019:
50 employees
1 supported non-profit organisation
400 volunteer hours altogether

World key figures in 2018:
Close to 30,000 employees in 63 countries
855 non-profit organisations
170,000 volunteer hours

L’Oréal has devoted itself to beauty for over 100 years. With its unique international portfolio of 36 diverse and complementary brands, the Group generated sales amounting to 26.9 billion euros in 2018 and employs 86,000 people worldwide. As the world’s leading beauty company, L’Oréal is present across all distribution networks: mass market, department stores, pharmacies and drugstores, hair salons, travel retail, branded retail and e-commerce. Research and innovation, and a dedicated research team of 3,993 people, are at the core of L’Oréal’s.

Sofia Hosts the international Meeting of Development Banks From the Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe

Today, Sofia hosts the international meeting of development banks from the Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe.

The event is organized by the Bulgarian Development Bank.

The meeting is linked to the new investment program of the European Union - InvestEU. It is based on the strategic investment fund of the so-called Juncker Plan, reports pariteni.bg.

The idea is to support four policy areas, namely infrastructure, research, innovation, digitization, small and medium-sized enterprises and social investment and skills.

This year's edition will also address the important role of national banks for economic development as well as the regional partnership and the implementation of new intelligent growth strategies.

UN: By 2100, Earth's Population Could Reach a Peak of 11 Billion People

The population of the planet will increase by 2 billion people over the next 30 years and will reach 9.7 billion in 2050. This is predicted by a UN report on global demographic change, the French press and TASS said.

By 2100, Earth's population could reach a peak of 11 billion people, the UN says.

Estimates suggest that 50% of the total population growth over the next three decades will come from nine countries - India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Egypt and the United States

In 2027, UN experts are estimating that India will overtake China and occupy the world's number one in the world.

“Many of the fastest growing populations are in the poorest countries, where population growth brings additional challenges in the effort to eradicate poverty, promote gender equality and improve health care and education.", Lu Zhenmin, Undersecretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs said.

The report states that the planet's population is growing older, and this is especially true for countries in Europe and North America. In 2018, the number of people aged 65 and over exceeded the number of children up to the age of five for the first time. The main reasons for the aging of the population are increased life expectancy and decreased fertility levels.

According to the authors of the report, at the moment, The global fertility rate is 2.5 births per woman. By 2050 the indicator will drop to 2.2 newborns. The aging of the population leads to a decrease in the share of people of working age, which is causing serious problems related to the social security of the elderly and the payment of pensions, according to the report.

There is also a rise in the number of countries where there is a decrease in the population, mainly linked to a decrease in birth rates. By 2050, in 55 countries, the population will decrease by at least 1%.

Do Buildings in Cities Have Lightning Protection?

After the tragic incident, in which a lightning killed a man, the question, if the buildings in cities have lightning protection arises. The incident occurred between the blocks in the bc. "Lyulin." The man walked his dog.

"We can not rely on neighboring buildings to protect us from a thunderstorm. We have to be indoors. None of the buildings near the accident area have any lightning protection. Most likely, when the block was built, there was one. Over the years, however, repairs have been done and some of these lightning protection systems have been destroyed," said Radoslav Kalchev, expert on lightning protection on" Hello Bulgaria ".

He added that during a thunderstorm it is important to stay away from trees and pillars.
"We mustn't open an umbrella. The legs must be gathered because lightning spreads over the ground. We have to hide as quickly as possible," Radoslav Kalchev said.


Severe Car Crash at the Central Junction of "Orlov Most" in Sofia

A serious car crash between two taxis has happened at the central junction of Orlov most in Sofia, there are injured. One of the cars overturned and the other got on the sidewalk.

There are Emergency Assistance teams and the police on the spot. Both cars are seriously damaged. One of the drivers is 45 years old and has a forearm wound. The other driver, 75 years old, has an elbow trauma. In the accident also suffered a 67-year-old woman. She has an elbow injury.

The traumas of all are treated right on the spot of the accident. None of the victims needed hospitalization.

It Will be Mostly Sunny Today

 It will be mostly sunny today.

In the afternoon, mainly in western and central Bulgaria, cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds will form, bringing some brief rain showers accompanied by thunder and sudden increase of wind, the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology announced.

 Light northeast wind, increasing to moderate in the southeastern areas and along the Black Sea coast. The prevailing maximum temperatures will reach 28°C to 33°C.

Atmospheric pressure will remain close to the average for the month, it will temporarily drop during the day.


Repairs of 'Trakia' and 'Hemus' Highways

Traffic jams are possible, reported NOVA TV. 

On Tuesday, due to the repair of the ''Hemus'' Motorway, the traffic will be redirected to one strip in the direction of Varna between the 28th and the 31st km.

Traffic jams are expected. The area will be repaired and the Viaduct, the machines will work there until the end of December.

Difficult traffic is also expected in the Trayanovi Door tunnel on the ''Trakia'' highway in the Burgas tube.

There, the cars will move in one lane due to the repairs of the antennas to a mobile operator.

The BSP Started Consultations on Party Subsidies

It is expected to make calculations during the talks and at a later stage the left to come up with her proposal, reported NOVA TV. 

The party's subsidy is again on the agenda for the deputies. The Bulgarian Socialist Party - BSP started political consultations with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and the United Patriots in parliament.

Expectations are at a later stage the left to come up with her proposal - how much the party subsidy will be reduced.

We remind you that last week, at first reading, the deputies accepted the proposal of GERB, the party subsidy to be reduced from BGN 11 to BGN 1 for a won vote.

At the same time, the MRF went out with a counter-proposal - zero leva of state money, using  the American model, with the possibility of financing parties outside. From legal and natural persons.

The First Dog Bath Opened in Sofia

The first dog bath opened in the capital. It is built on the principle of self-service, with coins of 1 and 2 levs.

It gives a dog owner the opportunity to bathe him and save him even from the heat out, says Bulgaria on Air.

The dog shower was created by the Sofia chain of pet shops and clinics "Dr. Stefanov" and is located in Sveta Troitsa quarter, 15 Zografski manastir Street, City Park Residence.

According to the chain owner, it is particularly suited to larger dogs, as their home-grooming bathing is becoming a great adventure.

Besides dogs, other types of animals can be bathed. It is provided with shampoo, conditioner, and hairdryer and cloth. Bathing a pet takes no more than five or six minutes.

Bulgarian PM Borisov Talked with the UN Secretary-General

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov expressed his full support for UN Secretary General Antony Guterres' ambition to become the leader in achieving climate-neutral levels of emissions by 2050, the government's press service said.

In a phone conversation between the two, at the initiative of the UN Secretary-General, Guterres thanked the Prime Minister for his personal commitment to environmental issues and the assertion of commitments by the Bulgarian Government on the Paris Climate Agreement.

Gutteres invited Borisov to take part in the Climate Summit organized by him during the ministerial week in the context of the opening of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, the statement said.

"As a party to the Paris Agreement and an EU Member State, Bulgaria is behind the commitments made at national and European level," Borisov also said. The Prime Minister stressed that our country is overtaking its commitment to increase the share of renewable energy use, reaching 18.8% of the EU's leading position.

Climate change is not an abstraction, but a fact, Prime Minister Borisov said, adding that this is the biggest challenge facing the world now and in the future. The Prime Minister was categorical that it is vital to continue efforts to protect the environment. We keep the pure nature, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov assured at the end of the telephone conversation.

Lightning Strikes a 20-year-old in Sofia

Lightning hit 20-year-old youth in Sofia last night, NOVA reported. The incident occurred between the blocks in the bc. "Lyulin." The young man walked his dog.

An Emergency Assistance team was called immediately. The boy was taken to Pirogov, but died immediately before being taken to an anti-shock room.

In the place where the lightning had fallen, there were police, as well as Emergency Response teams, which helped the shocked witnesses cope with the ridiculous incident.

The young man's pet has not survived either.

Bridge in Sofia will be Temporarily Closed for Repair

The bridge of the "Cherkovna" street over "Gen. D. Nikolaev "will be closed for traffic from 18 June to 7 July.

June 18th began the repair of the dilatation joints of the bridge, which introduced a temporary organization of the traffic in the area and partially changed the route of the bus line ? 120.

From June 18 to July 7, it is forbidden to enter vehicles on Cherkovna Street in the section from Maritsa Street to the street E. Simidchijska ".

From 04.30 o'clock on June 18th to 24.00 o'clock on 7th July the bus line ?120 is changed as follows: from the Zoo on its way to the crossroad, Cherkovna Str. - Madrid Blvd., to the left on "Madrid" Street, to the right on "Prof. Milko Bichev ", to the left of" Gen. Danail Nikolaev ", to the left on" Zletovo "Str. And to the left via the" Chavdar "Bridge and on" Vladimir Vazov "Blvd on its route - two way.

Buses will stop at all existing bus stops in the changed stretch of route.

US Devil Brigade Soldiers Showcase Air Defense Capabilities in Bulgaria

Three teams of two Soldiers each, from the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, participated in Shabla 19, here, June 10-15, 2019. 

Shabla 19 is designed to improve readiness and interoperability between the Bulgarian Air Force, Navy and Land Forces, and the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, U.S. Army Europe.

The Devil Brigade Soldiers were on site to train in Short-Range Air Defense (SHORAD) and showcase the Stinger Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) while the 5th Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment also displayed their credibility with the MANPADS and Avenger Air Defence System.

"SHORAD is our ability to engage a hostile aircraft in the immediate vicinity," said Staff Sgt. Larry Kirby, squad leader with 3rd Battalion, 66th Armored Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division. "Out here we have three qualified crews and they're broken up into two man teams, a team chief and a gunner."

The Devil Brigade sent 22 Soldiers to Fort Sill to train on the stinger missile system, said Capt. Eric Boeckers, air defense officer for 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division. They came back and brought that knowledge with them to train other Soldiers and to serve as organic air defense assets for the brigade.

The MANPAD teams from 1st ABCT, have been preparing through several Table A gunneries and exercises and came here primarily for the live-fire portion. 

"We had two crews perform excellent and we got first time hits," said Kirby. "No problems whatsoever, no lulls in the engagement sequence, [they] knew exactly what they were doing and very confident with the weapon system."

Prior to Shabla 19, 1st ABCT has not fired a SHORAD or MANPAD system in over 20 years. Since then, these Devil Brigade Soldiers, are the first to fire and get confirmed training kills.

Exercises like this help at all levels, said Boeckers. At the squad and company level, the stinger and avenger teams are able to work side by side with the Bulgarians. At the higher levels, we're able to see all of the various forces work together. 

When asked about what the stinger missile system brings to the table, Kirby had this to say, "It has that immediate response to an enemy air threat. We can immediately engage that air threat as soon as we see it, there's no time delay in that response."


The Devil Brigade is part of more than 6,000 U.S. regionally-allocated Soldiers in Germany, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania, on a nine-month rotation, in support of Atlantic Resolve. Atlantic Resolve provides ready, combat-credible forces through multinational training and security cooperation activities.

Bulgaria's EUR 48.5 Million Road Rehabilitation Tender Draws 14 Bids

Bulgaria's Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) said on Friday that its tender for the rehabilitation of 126 kilometres of second-class and third-class roads, worth over 95 million levs ($54.6 million/48.5 million euro), has drawn 14 bids, reports SeeNews

Half of the six lots in the tender, among which the lot with the highest indicative value of 23.1 million levs, received only one offer each, RIA said in a statement. 

Bids will be ranked based on price, which will form 60% of the final mark, as well as technical criteria. Construction works on the project must be completed within 10 months since their start. 

European Court Organizes Round Table on Effective Investigations into Killings and ill-treatment in Sofia, Bulgaria

On 20 and 21 June the Department for the Execution of the European Court’s Judgments is organising a round table in Sofia on the Strasbourg Court’s judgments against Bulgaria concerning ineffective investigations into violations of the right to life and the prohibition of torture and other forms of ill-treatment, including the need to ensure that investigations targeting a Chief Prosecutor are independent. The round table is organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and with the assistance of the National Institute of Justice.

During its Human Rights meeting last March, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, while acknowledging progress in certain respects, requested the authorities to prioritise the adoption of further measures in the following areas:

  • safeguarding effectiveness of the opening of criminal investigations;
  • guaranteeing the independence of investigations against the Chief Prosecutor;
  • upholding the independence of judges by allowing the Supreme Judicial Council to assess requests for suspension of a judge charged with a criminal offence.

The aim of the round table is to follow up on progress achieved in the execution of these judgments and to explore possible avenues of further cooperation between the Execution Department and the Bulgarian authorities.


A Forum for Pre-clinical Research was Held with the Participation of BSMEPA

Tighter regulations on food supplements have been requested by Biotech and Health Cluster Bulgaria. The issue was pointed out during a discussion forum on „Bulgaria’s Opportunities to Become an European Hub for Preclinical Studies and Phases 1,2,3 and 4“. Further options for certification of biotechnology laboratories and mapping of preclinical testing centers were discussed.

„We are a representative sample of the biotech business in Bulgaria. We all know that the link between science and business is broken. Our goal is to support people’s awareness, to shorten the distance between scientists and their complex discoveries that can reach the end user”, explained Mrs. Cristina Eskenazi, Cluster’s chairwoman.

Participation in the forum was held by Mrs. Karina Angelieva, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Dr. Boyko Takov, Executive Director of Bulgarian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promotion Agency, Ms Asya Paskaleva, Executive Director of Bulgarian Center for Bioethics, Representatives of the Fund of Funds, BESCO, Sofia Tech Park, scientific organizations, private companies, members and partners of the Cluster, scientists and experts in the field of healthcare and biotechnology, representatives of National Science Programs, interested members of the National Contact Network of Horizon 2020, Representatives of scientific organizations and others.

Biotechnology and Health Cluster Bulgaria brings together over 20 companies from the sector.

Dr. Boyko Takov, Executive Director of BSMEPA: „There is a lot of Ways to Find Resource, more Important is to Use it Properly“

It is very important to find a way of not only absorb but also use properly the existing resource. „Now we have to sow what will be harvested in time.“ With these words, the Executive Director of Bulgarian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promotion Agency. Dr. Boyko Takov welcomed the participants at the opening of the International Fair and Conference of Ideas and Innovations, which was held on June 12 and 13, 2019 at Sofia University.

The event is part of the international project „i3“ – Education for Ideas, Inventions and Innovations for Entrepreneurship „, funded under the EU INTERREG program „Balkans – Mediterranean“.

Mrs. Kristina Zlatanova, project manager and administrative director of the Bulgarian Economic Forum, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kostio Stoichev, Head of Economic and Social Geography / Regional Development and Policy Department at Sofia University, participated in the opening of the accompanying Fair. , Prof. Atanas Gerdjikov, Rector of Alma Mater, and Marius Sava Kunduridis, Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in Bulgaria.

„Many universities make science on a high level, but their relationship with business is difficult,“ Prof. Gerdjikov summarized the problem in our country. The aim of such initiatives is to learn and to encourage young people to start a commercial venture, the Rector of Sofia University also said. „I think that such conferences give us wings,“ was the assessment of Marius Sava Kunduridis

50 exhibitors – 10 Bulgarian and 40 foreign will present their business and ideas during the International Fair in the Sofia University’s Aula. Among them are representatives of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus and Northern Macedonia. The focus of the conference is on topics such as lifestyle, environment, energy, technology and information technology.

Opportunities for Partnership between BSMEPA and America for Bulgaria Foundation were Discussed on a Meeting with Representatives from the Two Institutions

„The common goals and projects of Bulgarian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promotion Agency and the America for Bulgaria Foundation are a chance for development of the entrepreneurial environment in our country“, said Dr. Boyko Takov, Executive Director of BSMEPA during a meeting today with representatives of the Foundation.

Dr. Takov presented to the guests the outgoing projects of BSMEPA, focusing on the opportunities that small and medium-sized enterprises can take advantage of. There is a final agreement on the indicative program, which is prepared entirely on the basis of feedback from the business. „We do not make any suggestions on it. But about the trade missions we have turned things around and want to show the Bulgarian business some different markets and destinations than usual.“ The Executive Director of BSMEPA added that these markets have huge potential.

On the meeting were also presented the opportunities opened up to the companies, the OPIC voucher schemes and the National Innovation Fund.

Representatives from the America for Bulgaria Foundation have talked about initiatives to support the development of the private sector in Bulgaria. The project BASE – my business is my future, funded by the Foundation, was presented in detail. Training for beginner entrepreneurs is free of charge and ends with the preparation of a business plan to apply to funders.

The talks had a learning objective and the participants agreed to continue their contacts in the future.

More than 70 Companies Took part in a Digital Conference Organized by BSMEPA

With increased interest from the business, a conference „The Digital World – Today and Tomorrow“ was held with participants from the Black Sea region. The Forum today was organized by Bulgarian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promotion Agency in the context of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) – the most representative and institutionally developed organization in the Black Sea region. More than 70 Bulgarian companies took part in the event focusing public attention on digitization and its role in increasing the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises.

The participants united around the claim that the quality of the human ressoures is the key to the digitization process. „Qualified labor force will become more and more difficult to find and to keep,“ said Mr. Peter Kotsev of TechnoLogica EAD. He spoke about the role of the state in the process of selecting „majors for the enterprises“ and training of specialists. „Bulgaria can become a leader in digitization if, apart from the training of staff, it also emphasizes on the collectivity. I am talking about the joint preparation of projects by several companies to get to the global market. „This sums up on the basis of experience Mr. Anastas Shopov from ERP.BG. Mr. Tony Leulmes of IMECC Ltd shared his view that if Bulgaria wants to become a leader in the field of technological progress, „it has to bet on the speed and quality of the Internet.“

The introduction of state-of-the-art methods and technological innovations in the production process is a priority for enterprises and the whole economy, it became clear during panel discussions. The need for an effective state policy for the technological development of enterprises was also pointed out.

„Within a few weeks, we are launching the collecting of R & D projects to support the state. The start of the 10th Session of the National Innovation Fund in practice means that the state has been thinking about the technological development of the business for years. Up to now, more than 450 projects have been funded with a total of 55 million leva.“ This was stated at the opening of the forum by Dr. Boyko Takov, Executive Director of Bulgarian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promotion Agency. „I want to emphasize on the business activity as far as the implementation of new technologies is concerned. We have not yet open the application process for the voucher scheme for providing ICT services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and we already have several queries per week. Approved beneficiaries will be able to use the tools to create websites, increase cyber security, digital marketing. These are just some of the opportunities,“ Dr. Boyko Takov also pointed out.

Mr. Russy Ivanov, Director General of the European Affairs Directorate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, also welcomed the participants. Under the slogan „Sea of ??Opportunities“, the main goal of the ongoing BSEC Chairmanship is to explore, together with the other Member States, the potential for expanding and deepening regional cooperation in the Black Sea region in the context of an adequate response to the current challenges. In this respect, promoting sustainable development, including for SMEs, deserves an important place.

The conference was attended by panelists from technology companies, Bulgarian Cyber Security Association, Bulgarian Association of Certified Ethical Hackers, State Agency for Electronic Management and others.

Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Participates in the Council for Foreign Affairs

Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva leads the Bulgarian delegation to participate in the Council for Foreign Affairs and the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg, reports BNT. 

On 17th of June, EU's Foreign Ministers discussed current global issues. A discussion on the EU's Global Strategy takes place three years after its inception.

They also discussed an improvement of the Common Foreign and Security Policy in view of the geopolitical challenges.

The situation in Sudan was also a topic of the talks.

US Embassy in Sofia Delivers Offer for Acquisition of Eight F-16 Jet Fighters

The U.S. Embassy Sofia Office of Defense Cooperation formally delivered to the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence a Letter of Offer and Acceptance encompassing a potential agreement on Bulgarian acquisition of eight F-16 Block 70 fighter aircraft, weapons systems, associated long term sustainment and support systems, as well as comprehensive training for pilots and support personnel, according to the official statement posted on the website of the US Embassy in Sofia.
U.S. Embassy Sofia expresses satisfaction with the work of the Bulgarian military and financial expert delegation who ensured that the proposal takes into account the requirements of the Bulgarian Air Force. The United States looks forward to finalising this contract with the Government of Bulgaria in accordance with Bulgarian procedural requirements, the statement reads.

Over 200 Groups will Participate at Rozhen 2019 National Folklore Fair

Over 200 groups will participate at Rozhen 2019, the National Folklore Fair, which this year will take place from 19 to 21 July, Smolyan Mayor Nikolay Melevov told Focus Radio. In his words, over 30,000 people have attended the major event in previous years, which requires an efficient organisation that began in February. At Rozhen meadows visitors will see once again traditional customs, crafts, contest for authentic folk costumes and others, the mayor said. "The festival will include an interesting folklore programme from all regions of Bulgaria, an evening with favourite artists," the mayor said, adding that Rozhen is prepared to welcome all its visitors, there will be enough free parking spaces, busses will also be available. There are no vacant places of accommodation in Smolyan and the area for the days of the event, said the mayor.


Yordanka Fandakova: The Conditions in the Kindergartens and Schools in Sofia are European

,,Sofia is not only an administrative but also an educational capital. My cause for 15 years is to gradually move towards a one-shift school regime.''

This was said by the mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova during the inspection of the construction of the new building of the First English Language School in Sofia.

,,As a municipality we strive to improve conditions for children and teachers. That is why we also make these investments in the construction of kindergartens and schools'', added the mayor of Sofia.

,,Only in 2019 is planned to build 15 kindergartens. Where the conditions are working, they are European'', Fandakova added and reminded that for 2019 there is a record budget of BGN 80 million for kindergartens and schools.

A document has been prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science to regulate the area and number of pupils. It is not yet clear when the new requirements will be introduced.

Chief Architect of Warsaw Comes to Sofia for "Talks About the City"

Chief Architect of Warsaw, Poland Marlena Happach arrives in Sofia to participate in the fourth event of "Talks about the city", Sofia Municipality announced.

The organizer and host of the event is the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

The event is on Thursday 20th of June at 6 pm at the Military Club and the theme is "Walking City".

Again in our capital, we will be hosting an arch. Sergei Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow, Russia, and arch.Joni Baboci, Head of Territorial Planning Directorate, Tirana, Albania, Arch. Galina Tascheva, a specialist in town planning, urban design and architectural design, who has over 20 years of experience in sustainable urban development, Miami, Florida.

They all arrive in Sofia at the invitation of Chief Architect Zdravko Zdravkov.

The event will discuss important topics in urban planning.

Moderator of the discussion will be arch. Lubo Georgiev, head of "Vision for Sofia".

Bulgaria Joins NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

At a solemn ceremony with raising its national flag, Bulgaria joined NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. The Centre is located in Tallinn, Estonia, and currently has 25 members.

The first secretary of the Embassy of Bulgaria in Finland, accredited to Estonia, Milen Dimitrov presented Bulgaria to the event. Together with Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway and Romania joined at the centre in the same ceremony.

The Centre’s mission is to improve the capacity, cooperation and information sharing among NATO, its member nations and partners in cyber defence through education, research and development, analyses and consultations. Joining the Centre, Bulgaria will be able to build and develop national operational capabilities in cyber security. 

The Centre’s kernel includes a diverse group of experts: researchers, analysts and lecturers. The combination of military, governmental and industrial environments allows the Center to provide a comprehensive approach to cyber-security.

This centre is the largest among 25 other similar centres within NATO. At present, Japan, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Switzerland are leading talks for the process of joining, and Luxembourg and Australia have expressed a desire to start them.

At the moment, the countries who are participating in the Centre’s work are Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain , Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, Austria, Finland and Sweden.

NHIF has Signed an Annex to Raise Prices on Some Clinical Pathways

By decision of the Supervisory Board of NHIF, an Annex to the National Framework Contract for 2018 was adopted and signed, which increases the prices of some clinical pathways in the field of pediatrics, neonatology, pulmonology and others. This was announced by the press service of NHIF.

The annex is due to be signed by the Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA) and then published in the State Gazette. To pay the higher prices of the clinical paths, with a decision of the Supervisory Board of May 27th, NHIF unblocked its reserve of BGN 50 million.

It is expected that the BMA Board will discuss the annex on Wednesday, and if the document is approved, it will be signed the same day, the agency said.

GERB Didn't Respond to the BSP's Invitation for a Meeting Regarding the Parties State Subsidies

The first initialed meeting of BSP to reduce the parties state subsidies from 11 to 1 lev. failed after GERB didn’t respond to the Socialists' invitation for talks in the parliament about the forthcoming changes in the amount of subsidies.

On Friday, GERB sent a statement to the media stating that they did not consider it necessary to hold a further meeting on this topic and insisted that they strongly supported the government's decision to reduce the party subsidy to BGN 1 for an actually received vote.

Tomorrow the BSP invited DPS and United Patriots to meetings. So far, there is no formal information whether these invited political forces will be able to take part in such talks.

Earlier today,  Dragomir Stoinev of the BSP confirmed the talks and commented that the left supports the reduction of party subsidies without, however, interfering with the normal functioning of the parties.

Until June 30th, Turkey Won't Export Electricity to Bulgaria

Due to problems in the Turkish power system, the Turkish operator TEIAS reduces the transmission capacity towards Turkey to Bulgaria to 0 MW between 17.06.2019 and 30.06.2019 and there will be no imports of electricity from Turkey to Bulgaria for this period. This was announced by the Electricity System Operator (ESO), quoted by BTA.

Bulgaria's transmission capacities towards Turkey remain unchanged, the report said.

Protests against Migrant Influx in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hundreds of Bosnians protested against the large influx of migrants in the western border town of Bihach. They warned about security and health risks from the fact that thousands of migrants are sleeping outdoors.

About 25,000 people from Asia and North Africa entered Bosnia and Herzegovina from Serbia and Montenegro last year, about 9,000 arrived this year. Newcomers want to reach richer countries through Croatia. About 6,000 migrants are now in Bihach and Velika Kladushha, but only 3,500 are accommodated in four transit centers, the rest are sleeping in parks and abandoned buildings.

Last week, the police searched private homes and found 300 migrants. They were moved in tents on the place of a former landfill. The UN warned the Bosnian authorities not to move the migrants and identified the choice of land as inadequate, without sanitation, running water and electricity. The place is also near to mining war fields in the 1990s.

Another 200 migrants were transferred at weekends to a Red Cross camp in the Vucjak district where water and food cans were provided. 

“I came here to express dissatisfaction with the situation politicians have brought upon both us and migrants,” said Maja Tabakovic, 35, at the peaceful rally in the main square.

“The whole town is feeling insecure.”, the local residents say.

By 2025 Between 10 and 15% of All Jobs Will Disappear

Expectations are that by 2025 between 10 and 15% of all jobs, will disappear, according to BTA. This is what Bulgarian Deputy Speaker Georgi Gyokov told a conference on "The future of labor - a future for the workers or a future for the capital"? in Sofia Hotel Balkan. The Forum is organized by the Solidarity Society Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

According to Gyokov and Deputy Chairwoman of the National Council of BSP Denitsa Zlateva, civil society, trade unions and employers need to initiate an in-depth debate about the consequences of digitalization.

Apart from the material compensation for people who lose from digitalization, the forum also addressed the social security and labor rights of people in a changing environment where traditional jobs are disappearing. More and more of the work will be done from home, from the café, there will be contracts with different phases of employment, noted the NII manager Ivaylo Ivanov. Friedrich Ebert Foundation Program Director Pencho Hubchev said that there are 2300 digital job placement platforms in the world that totally change the way we work so that workers often have no insurance, working time standards and defined working conditions.

Bulgaria is the last place in the 2018 Index of Digital Technology in the Economy and Society (DESI), two points behind the previous year, experts said. The participants in the forum also announced the adoption of a standard for basic computer literacy, changes in curricula and programs focusing on mathematics and the natural sciences, expanding the admission plan at universities in the IT specialties.

Severe Car Crash near the Sea Capital of Bulgaria - Varna - Two Women Died

Two women died in a severe car crash near the village of Kamenar. About 10:10 AM a car has collided with a truck at the T-shaped junction for the village of Dolishte after the road fork to Kamenar, This was reported by the directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Varna.

As a result of the accident two women of the car have died. There was also a child in the car which was taken to the hospital by another passing-by car. Its condition is severe, reports BGNews.

It works to clarify The details and circumstances surrounding the case are yet to be clarified, as well as the perpetrators identities. The incident is being investigated.

Can Bulgaria Build on Its Sunny Beach Success With British Holidaymakers?

The summer months are edging ever closer and people across the world are getting ready to travel to a range of locations to enjoy some sunshine, a bit of culture and – perhaps most importantly – unwind away from the world of work.

Of course, Bulgaria has a lot to offer from a tourism perspective, but new research has revealed that one of its resorts, in particular, could prove to be a big hit with British holidaymakers in the coming months.

Great value

According to the Holiday Costs Barometer created by Post Office Travel Money, Sunny Beach is the best value holiday destination for Britons ahead of Eurozone areas including the Algarve and Marmaris in Turkey.

The result means that it is the sixth consecutive year that the Bulgarian beach resort has topped the poll, which found that the price of key tourist purchases including coffee, beer, sun cream and evening meals in the location was around a third cheaper than in any of the Eurozone destinations included in the study.

Such findings undoubtedly highlight how Sunny Beach is effectively competing against rival destinations, while the research also reflects well on Bulgaria tourism in general. In 2014, it is thought that the country welcomed more than seven million international tourists, while tourism contributed 3.7 per cent of the country’s GDP.

More to offer?

However, while the success of Sunny Beach as a destination is undoubtedly welcome, should more be done to promote other areas of Bulgaria to tourists coming from regions including Britain?

Bulgaria can offer a diverse range of experiences to holidaymakers, from the history and heritage of Sofia to major historical landmarks sites like the Rila Monastery – a large Eastern Orthodox monastery founded in the 10th century which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Skiing holidays are also on offer within in the country across regions like Bansko and Borovets, while those seeking a casino break could find it here too.

In terms of the latter, casino gaming is arguably more popular than ever thanks to the rise of online casinos. Such sites now offer a range of games, with this page on the table games at Aspers Casino Online showing how a range of experiences from European Blackjack to Grand Hold’Em are now available at the touch of a button. With this in mind, a resort like the International Hotel & Casino at Golden Sands could be a great option for those looking to take their gaming offline - and an increasing number of people do, after playing online for the first time.

Building on success

The success of Sunny Beach as a tourist destination for British holidaymakers is undoubtedly very positive for Bulgaria, but many may well be hoping that steps can be taken to also promote other aspects of what the country has to offer.

With Bulgaria providing so many different types of holiday experience these days, it may well be time for the country to build on Sunny Beach’s standing see how it can get more Britons enjoying other aspects of the region too.

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Will Participate in the Council for Foreign Affairs and the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva leads the Bulgarian delegation to participate in the Council for Foreign Affairs and the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg.

Today, the EU's Foreign Ministers will debate topical global issues. A debate on the EU's Global Strategy will take place three years after its inception.

An improvement of the Common Foreign and Security Policy will also be considered in view of the geopolitical challenges.

The situation in Sudan will also be the topic of the talks.

An EU-Jordan Association Council will also be held today.

Greece Will Ask the EU to Impose Sanctions on Turkey

The reason - there is information that Turkey is doing drilling for natural gas exploration near Cyprus, reported NOVA TV. 

Greece will ask the European Union to impose sanctions on Turkey. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said he has coordinated his actions with another member of the EU, Cyprus, and will prepare the necessary diplomatic moves. The reason is that Turkey is making drills for gas exploration west of Cyprus.

Athens says it is the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus and drilling is a violation of international law.

"The message we want to send today is that the Greek people are safe, but also that who violates the sovereign rights of Greece and the sovereign rights of Cyprus, another member of the European Union, and which violates international law in the region, must knows that there will be consequences, "said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

There is no Information on an Increase in the Snakes Population in the Capital

,,There is no information on an increase in the snakes population in the capital. No poisonous reptiles were found.'' This was announced by the herpetologist Atanas Grozdanov.

The snakes are in a number that is constant and there are factors for their decrease and not increase, reported BNT.

According to the herpetologist Emilia Vacheva there are no poisonous snakes in the capital because they can not live in an urban environment.

,,There is no danger and we should not worry. Most common in the city are the water snakes - gray and yellow-eyed'', she added.

They  are not poisonous and not dangerous. Experts have repeatedly explained that there can be no dangerous snakes in Sofia, and the signals for such snakes are incorrect and are intended to create panic among people.

Rain and Thunder in Western and Central Bulgaria in the Afternoon

It will be sunny today, but around noon and in the afternoon cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds will form bringing rain showers and thunder to many places in western and central Bulgaria, with chances of hail,  the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) announced.

There will be light northeast wind, increasing to moderate in eastern areas. Hot with maximum temperatures between 29°C and 34°C, in Sofia - about 29°C.

The atmospheric pressure will be close to the average for June. 

Information Days for Bulgarian Citizens in Cyprus

The Office for Labor and Social Affairs of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy organized information days for Bulgarian citizens in Cyprus.

Our compatriots will receive information on the procedures for confirming retirement in the European Union.

Consultations were provided on the various types of benefits - old age, unemployment, maternity, disability. Practical questions on the procedures for certifying length of service and the specifics for its calculation in Cyprus will be clarified.

Within two days - today and tomorrow, Bulgarians can get the information they need in the embassy building of Bulgaria.

PM Borissov and Maria Gabriel Discuss the Construction of a Supercomputer in Bulgaria

Bulgaria will be one of the eight countries where a European supercomputer will work on a world level, reported NOVA TV.

Supercomputer in Bulgaria - topic of conversation between Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and EU Commissioner Maria Gabriel. Bulgaria will be one of the eight countries where a European supercomputer will work on a world level.

The European Commission is expected to spend a total of € 840 million to build super-fast calculations centers. It is expected the supercomputers to work in the second half of next year.

Our country is one of the eight locations worldwide selected for the project. The other places in the world are Barcelona (Spain), Bologna (Italy), Kenyan (Finland), Minu (Portugal), Ostrava (Czech Republic), Bissen (Luxembourg) and Maribor (Slovenia).


Georgian Parliament Speaker is on an Official Visit to Bulgaria

Georgian Parliament Speaker Irakli Kobakhidze  arrives on an official visit to Bulgaria at the invitation of National Assembly Speaker Tsveta Karayancheva.

They will put a wreath at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier. Later, a meeting with President Rumen Radev is scheduled.

Tomorrow the President of the Parliament of Georgia will be accepted by the Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit.

UN Supports Oceanix’s Design for an Innovative Floating City

At a special UN event dedicated to the threat which seaside settlements are facing due to the constantly rising altitude, the idea of ??building a floating city was presented.

The event presented how fully independent settlements on the water can produce their own food, energy, fresh water with zero waste.

At the round table, a group of builders, engineers and architects presented a concept of an accessible floating city where 10,000 people could live. It will be built of hexagonal platforms, each of which will have about 300 inhabitants, and the buildings will be high between 4 and 7 floors.

The entire city would contain six villages, for a total of around 10,000 residents.

"Everybody on the team actually wants to get this built," said Marc Collins, the CEO of Oceanix, a company that builds floating structures. "We're not just theorizing."

Though it still needs funding, it's essentially a toolkit for investors brave enough to take on the project.

The structure itself will be moored to the bottom of the ocean and will rely entirely on the concept of so-called "ocean farming", which means growing food under the surface of the water. For example, cells under the platforms could collect mussels, squid and other types of seafood. Aquaponics systems will use fish waste to help fertilize plants while vertical farms will generate year-round production. Both technologies could help the city self-sufficient to food during a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Either cars or vehicles with harmful emissions will be forbidden. Even garbage trucks won’t be provided - trash pneumatic tubes will be installed. They will transport the waste to a sorting station  where they could be identified and redirected. The city will also have a water system that extracts clean water from the air.

Attention: Dangerous Weight Loss Pills

Dangerous weight loss pills are sold freely on the market. A NOVA experiment has proven in a laboratory that food supplements contain sibutramine. The substance is banned by the European Medicines Agency in 2010 because it can cause myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest.

How dangerous is Sibutramine for our heart?

 "Sibutramine itself increases the incidence of strokes and insultus." A Fat Burner in 2014 has found an epidemic of liver damage, liver transplants and even deaths, "said the Head of Department of Cardiology at City Clinic Assoc. doc. Yana Simova.

People who sell these weight loss pills undisturbed are looking for 

"Four Paws" Reports a Significant Increase in Donations

A significant increase in donations is reported by the Bulgarian office of the international “Four Paws” animal protection NGO. This was announced by Yavor Gechev from the foundation in an interview with Horizon. He says there is, albeit little, positive progress in the work of the institutions with regard to crimes against animals. He emphasized that a large part of the zoos in our country are not licensed:

"A large part of the zoos in the country are not licensed, but because of the cumbersome and unclear registration system they are in a hanging state, and there is a desire on the part of the Ministry of Environment and Waters to change that and to fine-tune the procedure for licensing the zoos to get out of this mess, big problems are the zoos in Razgrad, Haskovo, Blagoevgrad. "

Plane Blew Tires upon Landing at US Airport

A passenger plane accident has closed the international airport in the American city of Newark, New Jersey. The machine left the runway on landing.

There are no perished and seriously injured. Several people had minor injuries and received medical help on the spot, Nova Television reported.

There were 166 passengers on board.

According to the airport's rescue teams and the FAA, the first indications are that the tires  blew out on the left main landing gear as the aircraft was landing. The machine veered to the left side of the pavement, left the track and got stuck in a grassy area.

Later, United Airlines confirmed to CNN that the plane did not leave the runway. The airline said the plane "experienced multiple flat tires upon landing" and "became disabled."

The plane had to be pulled off, shutting down the airport for a few hours.

People Can See Jupiter and its Bright Moons till the End of the Summer

On Sunday, the Astronomical Observatory of Rozhen peak opens doors for everyone who is curious to look into the cosmos. During the summer season the most visible on the night horizon are the planets giants Saturn and Jupiter.

In order to see the heavenly show in its full glamour, we must look for a distant place, away from the city lights and a clear sky, which is difficult in June. The performance usually starts after sunset, and on Rozhen peak in the Rhodopes it is dazzling.

There are plenty of applications for all mobile platforms that help us navigate where Jupiter really is. At its closest point to Earth, the planet is only 600 million kilometers away from us.

"After the sunset, Jupiter appears on the southeast horizon, and Saturn comes out one and a half hours later," Nikola Petrov from RAO Rozhen explained in the TV show “Wake up” which airs on NOVA TV.

The radius of this giant is 11 times larger than the earthly one. Its gravity is the strongest in the solar system, and if you weigh 100 pounds, Jupiter's weight will be 240. But this inhospitable world is our saviour of dangerous asteroids.

"Jupiter attracts and diverts asteroids. They even fall on the planet. Thus the likelihood of a blow to the planet Earth, is being reduced“ Petrov explained.

Boris Johnson Remains the Favourite for May’s Position

In the UK, opinion polls show that Boris Johnson is a clear favourite for the Tory leader not only in parliament but also among voters, BNR reported. Esther McVey, one of the dropouts in the Tory Leader Battle, said she supports Boris Johnson in the ongoing race.

McVey, who dropped out in the first round of the race, announced her support for Boris Johnson. This suggests that lawmakers who voted for her last week, will support Boris Johnson in the second round on Tuesday. Of course, this is not necessarily because it depends on the MPs themselves.

Yesterday on Channel 4, the candidates led a debate, but Boris Johnson has declined to participate. The former foreign minister, however, agreed to participate in a BBC debate on Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, two polls - the Times and the Sun - show that Boris Johnson is far more popular among voters than any other candidate. Observer, however, wrote today that senior members of the Conservative Party have stated that Boris Johnson's attempts to satisfy hardline Brexit supporters will push the party to "devastating general elections" after months.

A former minister said: “We’ve all invested heavily in backing Boris. But he has got to keep his word. If he lets us down, it’s over.”

“We’ve had so many broken promises from Theresa May and we are not going to be let down by Boris Johnson. We’ve told him in no uncertain terms, and I think he gets it.”

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