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Firenze: presetazione del libro di Stefan Danailov e del domentario a lui dedicato
Le registe del cinema bulgaro
La produttività del lavoro in Bulgaria aumenta dell'1,7%
Otto borse di studio estive offerte dalla Bulgaria
I vincitori della prima edizione del Premio di traduzione "Leonardo Pampuri"
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Italy asks Switzerland to return work allegedly by Leonardo
The debate as to whether or not Leonardo da Vinci ever painted a portrait of Isabella d’Este dates back to the 16th century, and was further fuelled when a likely candidate was found in 2013 in the vault of a bank in Lugano. However, not all critics agree that the painting is a Leonardo
Mattarella looks to centre-right as basis for new government
Parties continue to play for time, but decision from Italy’s president expected by tomorrow. There are too many urgent issues for Italy to remain without a fully operational executive
Show on “Twisted One” Tower in Milan’s CityLife district
It took 15 trips by a helicopter to mount the crane on the roof of the Generali skyscraper, in what was a spectacular air show. The crane will have to lift 170 tonnes of steel, and will be used to install the Generali sign at a height of 177 metres.
Salvini: ‘Berlusconi may prefer the PD, but I choose M5S’
The leader of the League did not speak on the phone to either of his allies, Berlusconi and Meloni: “Silvio is against the agreement, but we need a strong government”
Cassa Depositi e Prestiti set to buy stake in TIM
The dossier regarding the telephone company (which has a central role in communications in Italy) will be discussed today by the financial arm of the Ministry of the Economy
Court rejects discrimination claim of mother fired by Ikea
Marica Ricutti, separated with two children, one of whom is disabled, was dismissed by the Corsico store of the Swedish colossus for failing to respect her scheduled shifts
Difficult negotiations to form government set to commence
First round of talks scheduled for tomorrow at official residence of Italian president. The 5 Star Movement (M5S) insists it should lead the government. The centre-right meanwhile, is backing Salvini, who rejects the idea of M5S leader Di Maio as prime minister
Berlusconi seeks reinstatement with new elections in mind
If the former prime minister’s application is accepted, the effects of the Severino law, which prevents offenders from standing for parliament for six years following conviction, would lapse later this year.
Italians avoid road tax and fines by fitting foreign plates
Roberto, the only non-American to fly US fighters
From Ostia to Georgia: the captain beat colleagues from 30 different countries to join the Exchange programme between the Italian and US air forces. The only things he misses are his family and Italian pizza.
Innocent man “treated like a criminal. My friends avoid me”
The terrible misadventure happened to a 58-year-old with a clean record. Due to his resemblance to a real criminal, he ended up in prison and risked losing his job
Spell broken with first sign of rift between two Popes
Unusual resignation of Monsignor Dario Viganò, Pope Francis’ head of media and communication, who fails to acknowledge his mistakes but is defended by the Pope. In the space of just a few days, the peaceful cohabitation that the two Popes had managed to achieve has begun to show signs of cracking
Initiates of macrobiotic sect in Ancona “reduced to slavery”
The victims were manipulated through the strict control of their diet and by being denied all contact with the outside world
Renzi resigns and hands over running of PD to Martina
Letter handed to Orfini: “My resignation is with immediate effect, and I am calmly stepping down, without getting involved in clashes or controversy”
Di Maio: “No government without 5 Star Movement”
“We don’t want to force the situation, but the other coalitions don’t have enough seats to govern,” says Di Maio, speaking during post-election celebrations. In the main square of the town where he grew up, he is acclaimed amidst a sea of yellow balloons. The parish priest: “What a joy”
“Go ahead without us, then”, jaded Renzi tells rivals
For a moment during his press conference, the Democratic Party secretary returned to being his true self. Talking of outgoing prime minister Paolo Gentiloni, he commented: “I ran the campaign the way he asked me too, and it was too technical”.The real Renzi only surfaced for a moment, when he put on his most odious expression and exclaimed: “You know what? Form a government without us, then!”
Gentiloni: “Italy risks losing its way”
Prime Minister considers new elections preferable to populism. “The Democratic Party suffered a serious defeat in the referendum on constitutional reform, and the current electoral law is unfortunately one of the consequences. This has seriously weakened both the party and Matteo Renzi’s leadership”
Mertens, generous striker who hands out pizzas to homeless
Nights spent incognito by Napoli striker helping those who live on the streets
Captain “Ultimo” renounces official honour
Sergio De Caprio, the Carabiniere officer who arrested Mafia boss Totò Riina in 1993, has announced that he no longer wants the Order of Merit he was awarded in June. His nickname, Capitano Ultimo (‘Captain Last’), reflects his desire to avoid the limelight.
Italian oil magnate Gian Marco Moratti dies
Chairman of Saras and brother of former Inter chairman Massimo, the 81-year-old businessman had been ill for some time
Workers in Italian call centre paid 33 cents an hour
“No half measures” for Sofia Goggia, downhill Olympic gold
The skier from Bergamo talks about her injuries, her dog Belle, her friendship with the outgoing champion Gisin and her visits to the same gym as fellow Olympic champion Michela Moioli
Baggio the ‘hunter’ sues animal rights campaigners
The football champion appeared in court in Padua, after taking legal action against animal rights activist Paolo Mocavero, who called him ‘a Buddhist with a rifle’
Morricone: ‘only The Mission and Pope Francis ever made me cry’
‘My view of Sergio Leone? Never satisfied. The director I work best with is Tornatore
Italy heading for hung parliament (or very broad coalition)
According to IPSOS opinion poll for Corriere della Sera, centre-right expected to win 283 seats, 5-Star Movement (M5S) 152, and centre-left 158, with support for Democratic Party (PD) still falling. Emma Bonino’s +Europa party expected to exceed 3%
Searching for the inexistent leaders in Italian politics
In his newly released book Un Paese senza leader (‘A Country without Leaders’), published in Italy by Longanesi, the editor of the Corriere, Luciano Fontana, exposes the leadership vacuum afflicting the country on the eve of uncertain elections
Victims in rape trial asked if they ‘find uniforms sexy’
The American students aged 20 and 21, who in September reported being raped by two carabinieri on duty in Florence, returned to Italy three months ago to repeat their accusations before a judge, and spent 12 hours and 22 minutes under a barrage of questions. Behind closed doors, without counsel, they were examined on the events of the fateful night, when after leaving a disco they met two officers in uniform who offered to take them home. The carabinieri admitted having sex with the young women, but claimed it was consensual. Tests later confirmed that the girls were drunk. The officers’ counsel had announced that they had prepared 250 questions for each woman. The judge, who was the only person allowed to talk to them directly, acted as a filter, and disallowed a large number of the questions. What follows is a summary of the examination
Doubts emerge over EMA ballot and “burnt” voting slips
Various aspects of assignment to Netherlands of EMA headquarters still unclear, also due to lack of official records regarding draw by lot
Cycling executives arrested in Lucca over death of Rumsas
Investigation started after sudden death of 21-year-old Linas Rumsas on 2 May last year
Milan public transport employees involved in ticket scam
Employees from Milan’s municipal transport company ATM alleged to have illegally printed and sold tickets at official kiosks, taking €70,000 in six months. The employees involved have been suspended pending Carabinieri investigation.
Anti-Semitic statue in South Tyrol refuses to be budged
The statue, erected in 2008 in a private garden (but visible from the street), is dividing public opinion. Mayor’s complaint met with reply from owner’s lawyer that “It makes the garden more beautiful”
“My shop is in serious difficulty thanks to Amazon”
Mauro’s story: “The boom in online purchases doesn’t only affect shopping centres: it is increasingly difficult to find shops open in small and medium-sized towns. Bars are having a hard time too.”
Girl “didn’t really intend to put virginity up for auction”
Date rape drug victim recounts terrible experience
Testimony of young woman raped in Milan nine months ago by three men who drugged her with benzodiazepine: “A few days later, I started to have partial flashbacks, and remembered screaming ‘Stop!’ before everything went black.” “I trusted a man I thought was a friend, although he wanted more than friendship, while I didn’t”
D’Alema: “Elections will result in president-led government”
Former prime minister hopes for future dialogue with PD and an end to conflict within the left
Soldiers surrounded by “baby gang” on Naples waterfront
Teenage gangsters chased three boys, who sought protection from a group of soldiers, but this did nothing to quell the fury of the pack
Modigliani paintings in Genoa exhibition “crude fakes”
Palazzo Ducale considers itself a victim, while the curator denies any involvement. If the expert’s report is confirmed in court proceedings, the works, previously valued at millions of euros, will be destroyed
Terrorism alert at mass New Year’s Eve party in Milan
Suspicious New Year’s Eve booking and contacts with jihadist in France. Alarm raised on afternoon of 31 December in two hotels on outskirts of Milan
Parking attendant taken to hospital after €1m lottery win
Italian lottery winner tells of shock, disbelief and fears for a heart attack, and of how he asked his daughter Francesca to deal with what for him was ‘too much money’
Italian-led team discovers cancer’s ‘driving force’
Researchers at New York’s Columbia University, led by Italians Antonio Iavarone and Anna Lasorella, have discovered that genetic alteration is at the root of many forms of cancer, and have found the drugs to fight them
Tourists sleep in cars as snow causes chaos in Cortina
Town centre gridlocked for hours and main road blocked by three articulated lorries without snow chains. Traffic at a standstill until evening, both in and around the ski resort in the Dolomites
Ferrero poised to buy Nestlé chocolate bar business
Death of designer in Milan now thought to be murder
Magistrate investigating the death of Carlotta Benusiglio, who was found hanged in Milan, has ordered her body to be exhumed for a new post-mortem
Chiara Ferragni: web entrepreneur is “not just a blogger”
Al Wasl Plaza, symbol of Expo Dubai 2020, designed in Milan
Construction entrusted to Cimolai and Rimond (the latter based in Milan, with offices in Rome, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai). Chiarandà has called it “an iconic centre”

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