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Il ministro Bonisoli in visita in Bulgaria
Bulgaria: l'inflazione accelera a giugno 2018
Bulgaria: se la Cina è vicina
La Bulgaria secondo detentore al mondo di BTC
Bulgaria: Sofia si prepara ad entrare nell'eurozona
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‘World’s most beautiful cycle path’ opens on Lake Garda
Limone sul Garda invested €5 million to build two-kilometre suspended cycle path, which offers breathtaking views and is itself a tourist attraction. Mayor: “We committed, now it’s up to the other town councils.” Official opening ceremony on Saturday with transport minister Danilo Toninelli
Man whose car hit George Clooney “blinded by sun”
The star, who suffered only bruises, was riding a scooter when he hit a car driven by a plumber
George Clooney in hospital after road accident in Sardinia
Star was riding a scooter when he was hit by a car. Taken to hospital in Olbia, he was discharged after a few hours. He suffered a bruise in the knee, and will need twenty days of treatment
Zaytsev insulted on social media over daughter’s vaccination
Ever since he talked about his decision, the volleyball player has been the subject of violent attacks: “I wanted to let people know about my choice, it’s important: WHO figures are clear”
Supreme court orders seizure of League’s accounts
“Niccolò was attacked because of who his parents are”
Magistrate convinced that “the attackers recognized him”, and requests that the four attackers be kept in custody. The boy’s father: “They will have to pay for this”
Milan introduces contactless payment for ticket-free metro travel
Introduction of fast-track access with contactless payment. Passengers can simply show their credit cards to ticket inspectors, who check them on a PDA
Salvini throws down gauntlet on migrant rescues at sea
“Stop intervention from the coastguard.” Tripoli wants the motorway promised by Berlusconi. Salvini meets prime minister Fayez Al Serraj, while general Khalifa Haftar remains excluded from talks, as do tribal chiefs. Agreement still looks a long way off
“Ciao” celebrates its 200th birthday
Italy’s most famous word after “pizza” has been feted by partisans and the Sanremo music festival alike. The first recorded use of the word in writing dates back to 1818.
«Salvini uses hatred as a decoy, while pitiful M5S looks on»
Saviano: «Closing the ports, removing my police escort; how can life ever improve for millions of Italians?»
Toninelli stresses government commitment on migrants
Minister of Transport, Danilo Toninelli: “Speaking as a father I guarantee that we will save human lives, but with the help of other countries. We have to share responsibilities with the countries from which migrant boats depart and those whose flag NGO ships fly. We are entering a new phase.”
League driving force of centre-right. PD and M5S lose ground
Democratic Party (PD) candidate Del Bono keeps mayor’s post in Brescia, as centre-right forge ahead in Viterbo and Catania. Centre-left, meanwhile, leads the field in Ancona and Siena. Good performance from the League. Five Star Movement (M5S) in difficulty in Rome, with heavy losses in the city’s municipal districts.
Fiorentina captain Davide Astori “didn’t die in his sleep”
Pathologist’s report rules out bradyarrhythmia, instead stating the cause of death as a sudden acceleration of the footballer’s heart rate. He might have been saved if he had shared his hotel room with someone else, who could have raised the alarm
Cecchinato’s fairy-tale victory against Djokovic
“I can’t believe it, but if this is a dream, don’t wake me up.” Italian through to semi-finals of French Open for first time in 40 years: “I hope that the whole of Italy is happy about this result”
Conjoined twins Evelina and Elisabetta successfully separated
Months of anguish culminating in operation in Bergamo. The parents: “They have been born all over again”
Alex Zanardi to try his hand at DTM racing
“They say of me ‘Let’s see what he’s come up with now’. I do the things I love, and that’s why I’ll be back racing. I know it’s a tough championship, but I feel ready. BMW is providing me with an excellent team and car”
‘Irresponsible’ attitude as country looks on bewildered
This is not the first time that a head of state has asked the parties to change a ministerial candidate, but what we have witnessed over the last few days is unprecedented
Sogin: the black hole of Italian nuclear power
Conte’s ‘phantom’ courses at New York University
The CV of the university professor chosen by the League and Five Star Movement (M5S) as their candidate for prime minister lists courses attended at New York University. However, according to the New York Times’ Italy correspondent, the university has no record of him
League shoots up to over 25%, as Five Stars lose one point
Salvini’s party only one to grow in popularity. Forza Italia drops to 12%. Brothers of Italy also down (to 3.4%), along with the Democratic Party (18%)
Italian-Pakistani father confesses to strangling daughter
Venice issues three-year ban on new takeaways
Ban on opening new takeaway restaurants and restrictions for existing ones
‘Millions owed’ to Treasury by 411 professors with two jobs
Orders for compensation being issued throughout Italy, after investigation targeted university departments of Engineering, Architecture and Chemistry
Renzi backs Gentiloni as interim PM in event of early vote
The former prime minister is convinced that “a compromise government is still possible”, and that this is what Matteo Salvini really wants, rather than elections
Italians “do not exist”. Only Sardinians are pure-blooded
From a genetic point of view, Italy is divided by a line that separates east from west more than north from south. Only Sardinia has its ‘own’ history
Gambian affiliated to IS ordered to ‘mow down’ crowd
Gambian Alagie Touray: “Pray for me; I’m on a mission”. Told to drive into crowd for €1500. Four films posted on Telegram. Hunt for accomplices abroad
Venice prepares to close off streets and divert cruise ships
Restrictions for pedestrians and boats from Saturday to 1 May. Online “black alert” notices posted by mayor
How the mafia controls betting and rigs slot machines
Illegal gambling used to provide funds for mafia bosses in hiding, such as Matteo Messina Denaro
Centre-right heads for victory in Molise regional elections
Toma looks set to become regional governor, while the 5 Stars are the first party with 30% of the votes. Forza Italia come in at 10%, with the League two points behind at 8%. Democratic Party takes only 8%
Italy asks Switzerland to return work allegedly by Leonardo
The debate as to whether or not Leonardo da Vinci ever painted a portrait of Isabella d’Este dates back to the 16th century, and was further fuelled when a likely candidate was found in 2013 in the vault of a bank in Lugano. However, not all critics agree that the painting is a Leonardo
Mattarella looks to centre-right as basis for new government
Parties continue to play for time, but decision from Italy’s president expected by tomorrow. There are too many urgent issues for Italy to remain without a fully operational executive
Show on “Twisted One” Tower in Milan’s CityLife district
It took 15 trips by a helicopter to mount the crane on the roof of the Generali skyscraper, in what was a spectacular air show. The crane will have to lift 170 tonnes of steel, and will be used to install the Generali sign at a height of 177 metres.
Salvini: ‘Berlusconi may prefer the PD, but I choose M5S’
The leader of the League did not speak on the phone to either of his allies, Berlusconi and Meloni: “Silvio is against the agreement, but we need a strong government”
Cassa Depositi e Prestiti set to buy stake in TIM
The dossier regarding the telephone company (which has a central role in communications in Italy) will be discussed today by the financial arm of the Ministry of the Economy
Court rejects discrimination claim of mother fired by Ikea
Marica Ricutti, separated with two children, one of whom is disabled, was dismissed by the Corsico store of the Swedish colossus for failing to respect her scheduled shifts
Difficult negotiations to form government set to commence
First round of talks scheduled for tomorrow at official residence of Italian president. The 5 Star Movement (M5S) insists it should lead the government. The centre-right meanwhile, is backing Salvini, who rejects the idea of M5S leader Di Maio as prime minister
Berlusconi seeks reinstatement with new elections in mind
If the former prime minister’s application is accepted, the effects of the Severino law, which prevents offenders from standing for parliament for six years following conviction, would lapse later this year.
Italians avoid road tax and fines by fitting foreign plates
Roberto, the only non-American to fly US fighters
From Ostia to Georgia: the captain beat colleagues from 30 different countries to join the Exchange programme between the Italian and US air forces. The only things he misses are his family and Italian pizza.
Innocent man “treated like a criminal. My friends avoid me”
The terrible misadventure happened to a 58-year-old with a clean record. Due to his resemblance to a real criminal, he ended up in prison and risked losing his job
Spell broken with first sign of rift between two Popes
Unusual resignation of Monsignor Dario Viganò, Pope Francis’ head of media and communication, who fails to acknowledge his mistakes but is defended by the Pope. In the space of just a few days, the peaceful cohabitation that the two Popes had managed to achieve has begun to show signs of cracking
Initiates of macrobiotic sect in Ancona “reduced to slavery”
The victims were manipulated through the strict control of their diet and by being denied all contact with the outside world
Renzi resigns and hands over running of PD to Martina
Letter handed to Orfini: “My resignation is with immediate effect, and I am calmly stepping down, without getting involved in clashes or controversy”
Di Maio: “No government without 5 Star Movement”
“We don’t want to force the situation, but the other coalitions don’t have enough seats to govern,” says Di Maio, speaking during post-election celebrations. In the main square of the town where he grew up, he is acclaimed amidst a sea of yellow balloons. The parish priest: “What a joy”
“Go ahead without us, then”, jaded Renzi tells rivals
For a moment during his press conference, the Democratic Party secretary returned to being his true self. Talking of outgoing prime minister Paolo Gentiloni, he commented: “I ran the campaign the way he asked me too, and it was too technical”.The real Renzi only surfaced for a moment, when he put on his most odious expression and exclaimed: “You know what? Form a government without us, then!”

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