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Bulgaria: buon inizio d'anno per gli investimenti
Bulgaria: agricoltura biologica e assorbimento fondi sviluppo rurale
Bulgaria: "whistleblower", il fenomeno esotico
Progettazione nuova autostrada Ruse-Veliko Turnovo in corso
Diritti umani: cosa possiamo aspettarci dalla presidenza bulgara dell'UE?
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Date rape drug victim recounts terrible experience
Testimony of young woman raped in Milan nine months ago by three men who drugged her with benzodiazepine: “A few days later, I started to have partial flashbacks, and remembered screaming ‘Stop!’ before everything went black.” “I trusted a man I thought was a friend, although he wanted more than friendship, while I didn’t”
D’Alema: “Elections will result in president-led government”
Former prime minister hopes for future dialogue with PD and an end to conflict within the left
Soldiers surrounded by “baby gang” on Naples waterfront
Teenage gangsters chased three boys, who sought protection from a group of soldiers, but this did nothing to quell the fury of the pack
Modigliani paintings in Genoa exhibition “crude fakes”
Palazzo Ducale considers itself a victim, while the curator denies any involvement. If the expert’s report is confirmed in court proceedings, the works, previously valued at millions of euros, will be destroyed
Terrorism alert at mass New Year’s Eve party in Milan
Suspicious New Year’s Eve booking and contacts with jihadist in France. Alarm raised on afternoon of 31 December in two hotels on outskirts of Milan
Parking attendant taken to hospital after €1m lottery win
Italian lottery winner tells of shock, disbelief and fears for a heart attack, and of how he asked his daughter Francesca to deal with what for him was ‘too much money’
Italian-led team discovers cancer’s ‘driving force’
Researchers at New York’s Columbia University, led by Italians Antonio Iavarone and Anna Lasorella, have discovered that genetic alteration is at the root of many forms of cancer, and have found the drugs to fight them
Tourists sleep in cars as snow causes chaos in Cortina
Town centre gridlocked for hours and main road blocked by three articulated lorries without snow chains. Traffic at a standstill until evening, both in and around the ski resort in the Dolomites
Ferrero poised to buy Nestlé chocolate bar business
Death of designer in Milan now thought to be murder
Magistrate investigating the death of Carlotta Benusiglio, who was found hanged in Milan, has ordered her body to be exhumed for a new post-mortem
Chiara Ferragni: web entrepreneur is “not just a blogger”
Al Wasl Plaza, symbol of Expo Dubai 2020, designed in Milan
Construction entrusted to Cimolai and Rimond (the latter based in Milan, with offices in Rome, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai). Chiarandà has called it “an iconic centre”
“Let the children die!” Toxic waste dumped near school
Six arrests after dangerous waste disposed of as if it were harmless
Turning point in Serena Mollicone murder case
After attempts to side-track the investigation and a new forensic report, another carabiniere has been charged with involvement in the murder which took place in 2001. The woman’s father: “Serena left the commander’s son because he was involved in selling drugs”. Marks found on the skull of the 18-year-old are compatible with those left on a door in the Carabinieri barracks
Italian education award candidate “teaches beauty of maths”
Lorella Calimari, who teaches at the Vittorio Veneto school in Milan, is one of 50 finalists (out of 40,000 candidates) for the million dollar prize to be awarded in March in Dubai. “Procedures and reasoning help deal with life”
Melegatti halts unprofitable pandoro production
Go-ahead for temporary redundancy scheme expected today. The company has been thrown into crisis as a result of disputes between the two main shareholder families, and the plant which opened in February has now been closed down. Employees are waiting to see the next move by the Maltese Abalone fund, which hopes to take over the business
Luca Moroni crowned Italian chess champion at only 17
National title goes to high school student from Brianza, who trains by “playing four hours a day”
Magistrates criticise Gomorrah’s airbrushed image of Camorra
Borrelli (Anti-Mafia Department): “The series fails to capture any aspect of today’s Camorra”. National anti-mafia prosecutor Cafiero de Raho: “It humanizes gangsters”. Duro Gratteri (state prosecutor in Catanzaro): “It makes them seem likeable, which is dangerous”.
Nazi flag hung up in barracks by ‘unknowing’ carabiniere
The carabiniere, who studies history at Rome’s La Sapienza university and is fascinated by the early 20th century, says he was unaware of flag’s neo-Nazi symbolism
Home of Emperor Trajan hidden under manhole cover
According to scholars it was the Roman emperor’s private residence
Taxi driver’s ear bitten off in Milan in road rage fight
Security camera captures 29-year-old motorist’s attack on 48-year-old taxi driver
Directors of bank in liquidation held vast property assets
Former top management of Veneto Banca held dozens of properties, from houses in Cortina to land in Puglia in attempt to shield assets from civil claims
Renzi: civilian service for the young and € 80 for families
Secretary of Democratic Party (PD) concludes three-day Leopolda convention with no regrets for his past: “I would do it all again, including the referendum; and the Jobs Act has created a million jobs
US students confirm Carabinieri rape accusations
List released of 100 debtors behind collapse of Veneto Banca
List acquired by parliamentary commission reveals network of customers given special treatment, ranging from the Statuto group to Boscolo (hotels) and Ferrarini (food), but also including sportsmen such as Roberto Bettega
Remorse and suicide of General Conti over Rigopiano tragedy
In letters to family, he said that the victims of the disaster ‘weighed heavy’ on his mind
Corleone mafia boss and mass murderer Totò Riina dies
“’U curtu”, ‘shorty’, defied the state from his Corleone stronghold without ever revealing his secrets. His rise to power in the criminal world, culminating in the murders of 1992, was stained with blood
Buffon and his dream of becoming Italy’s manager
Gigi Buffon’s tears at San Siro may not have marked his farewell to the Italy’s national team, the “Azzurri”, after all. “Me as manager? Well, I wouldn’t rule it out.” The possibility is hypothetical at present, but that could change
Tavecchio’s position shaky after Italy’s World Cup demise
President of Italy’s football federation (FIGC) needs to appoint manager of the calibre of Ancelotti or Conte to save his skin. Mancini also among candidates to fill Ventura’s post
Gangland boss seeks €100,000 in damages after TV series
The lawyer of Michele Zagaria, who is being held in solitary confinement, has made it known that the compensation being sought as a result of the TV series “Sotto copertura 2” will be given to charity
Roberto Spada attacks RAI television crew in Ostia
Roberto Spada, the brother of a gangland boss sentenced to ten years in prison, head-butted and broke the nose of Daniele Piervincenzi, a reporter for TV programme Nemo. There are however no plans to arrest him as yet.
Monica Bellucci on harassment: “We were full of pent-up anger, and it exploded after the Hollywood scandal”
Tiziano Ferro: “I was depressed, but music and God saved me”
A few days before the release of his new album, the singer-songwriter confesses: “Without my songs I would be a nobody”. On music and faith: “What’s the most important thing? Compassion”
Massa: marquis kills brother over Villa Massoni inheritance
Marco Casonato charged with having deliberately run over and killed his brother Piero after disagreements regarding future of Massa’s historic Villa Massoni
Porn star turned lecturer earns students’ respect
Ruggero Freddi has three degrees: “I know my subject and feel no embarrassment”
Men, freedom and women’s consent
The Weinstein case has given us a greater understanding of what constitutes abuse of power and sexual harassment. Nothing will be the same again
Pre-match readings from Anne Frank’s diary at stadiums
Passages will be read at today’s matches in Serie A, B and C. Twenty Lazio fans interviewed by investigators, including a 13--year-old accompanied by his father, who was kept at police headquarters until late in the evening. State prosecutors investigating instigation of racial hatred in relation to anti-Semitic stickers. Police special operations unit (DIGOS) to issue new press release today
Englishman seeking farmers who saved his father from Nazis
Leslie Young escaped from a prison camp and was hidden near Città di Castello in Umbria. His son Nicholas, knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his humanitarian work, has been leaving flyers in local bars and restaurants
Collapse at Santa Croce in Florence despite safety measures
Curator Giuseppe De Micheli: “I don’t want to justify myself; there’s an inquiry underway and we mustn’t interfere”
“I live with HIV thanks to drugs and my family”
Rosaria Iardino, 51, is committed to providing reliable information on AIDS. On Saturday she will be in Bergamo to talk about the event #AbbracciConsapevoli
Lucia: “How I learned to be happy and start a new life”
Lucia Annibali talks to us about her commitment to women’s rights and her new life in Rome in our new Buone Notizie (‘Good News’) supplement, set to hit newsstands on 17 October. “Now I’m no longer just the victim of an acid attack”
Andrea Franzoso: from heroic whistleblower to outcast
Auditor whose revelations formed basis for investigation into chairman of northern Italy’s regional rail service, Ferrovie Nord, subsequently forced out of company
Paralyzed and blind, Loris decides to die in Switzerland
The dramatic story of Loris Bertocco from Fiesso D’Artico (Venice), the fourth Venetian to choose death by euthanasia
Former mayor of Siena casts doubt on David Rossi’s “suicide”
Former mayor Piccini convinced that David Rossi did not commit suicide, but was in possession of compromising information he intended to share with the authorities
Text messages of Marseille killer revealed plans for attack
It was 2014 when Anis Hannachi arrived in Favignana on board a refugee boat from Tunisia. Phone taps and movements. Role of terrorist’s brother in Switzerland. Last traces of Ahmed in Aprilia date back to May

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