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Elezioni Parlamento Bulgaro - Exit poll: GERB 32%, BSP 28%
Ue-Bulgaria, anniversario a più velocità
Sinergia tra attori bulgari e compagnia italiana: Come in un romanzo
Bulgaria: legislative ai confini dell'Ue
Bulgaria, nel villaggio dei musulmani che teme il ritorno dei nazionalisti
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International observers criticise Bulgarian media coverage that preceded country’s elections
In a preliminary report the day after Bulgaria’s March 26 parliamentary elections, international observers have criticised Bulgarian media coverage of the campaigns. The media provided contestants with a platform to […]
Juncker: EC to ‘explore options’ to help Bulgaria guard EU external border
The European Commission is ready to examine the long-term needs of Bulgaria to guard the external borders of the EU and to consider the allocation of additional funding, commission President […]
Bulgaria’s March 2017 parliamentary elections: The winners and losers
If anyone may fairly be said to have lost Bulgaria’s March 2017 parliamentary elections, Zlatko Zdravkov would be an appropriate choice. The name is not familiar to you, even though […]
Bulgaria elections: With all votes counted, GERB 32.65%, BSP 27.2%
With 100 per cent of votes counted, Boiko Borissov’s centre-right GERB party had 32.65 per cent of the vote and the Bulgarian Socialist Party 27.2 per cent in the country’s March […]
Circus Balkanski: 200 years of tradition are back in Sofia
Alexander Balkanski , the artistic director of the circus, is a very friendly guy, who will greet a visitor in fluent German, if necessary. He is part of the family […]
Comment on the election: Borissov was rewarded for mistakes
Boiko Borissov, the former bodyguard, firefighter, chief secretary and mayor, was Prime Minister twice, so far. He should be given credit for his pro-European position and his performance in national […]
After the Bulgarian election: The view from abroad
After yesterday’s parliamentary election in Bulgaria, the German weekly “Spiegel” reported, “the pro-European conservatives” had won over the “Russia-friendly” Socialists. A change in course in the poorest E.U. member state, in […]
Bulgaria’s 2017 parliamentary elections: nationalist coalition ‘disappointed’ by result
Valeri Simeonov, one of the co-leaders of the United Patriots coalition of nationalist parties in Bulgaria’s March 26 2017 parliamentary elections, admitted he was disappointed by the bloc’s showing, but […]
Bulgarian election results leave Movements for Rights and Freedoms with little to say
It may be that the election night news conference of second-ranked Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Kornelia Ninova was something of a record in terms of brevity. At the fourth- or […]
Bulgarian socialist leader Ninova: ‘no grand coalition’ possible
Bulgarian socialist party leader Kornelia Ninova struck a civil tone in a brief election night statement on March 26, congratulating former prime minister Boiko Borissov’s GERB for its victory in […]
Borissov: GERB is ‘obliged’ to form the next Bulgarian government
Speaking just more than an hour after exit polls showed that his centre-right party had gained the most votes in Bulgaria’s March 26 early parliamentary elections, GERB leader Boiko Borissov […]
Voting ends in Bulgaria parliamentary elections: Borissov’s GERB 32.2%, Ninova’s BSP 28% – exit poll
Moments after voting ended in Bulgaria’s March 26 2017 early parliamentary elections, an exit poll said that Boiko Borissov’s centre-right GERB party had 32.2 per cent and Kornelia Ninova’s Bulgarian […]
Bottlenecks at polling stations in Turkey in Bulgaria’s March 26 parliamentary elections
By the afternoon of March 26, voting in Turkey in Bulgaria’s parliamentary elections was much lower than in the 2016 presidential elections and it was expected that voting would be […]
Arrests, fines over breaches of electoral law as Bulgaria votes on March 26
As Bulgarians voted in parliamentary elections on March 26, the head of the Central Election Commission in Bulgaria’s Pleven region was arrested for vote-buying, an allegation was made that an […]
Fire at historic former cinema, ‘Sin City’ night club building in Sofia
A fire broke out on the afternoon of March 26 at a historic building that formerly was a cinema and later a night club in Sofia’s Hristo Botev Boulevard. The […]
Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria: Prominent politicians cast ballots
Parliamentary elections are on their way in Bulgaria, for the third time in four years. During the first half of the day, a relatively low turnout was registered. According to […]
Voting begins in Bulgaria’s March 26 2017 National Assembly elections
Polls opened in Bulgaria at 7am on March 26 for voting in the country’s ahead-of-term election of a new Parliament. About 6.8 million Bulgarians were eligible to cast a ballot […]
President Radev in Rome: Bulgaria will be committed to future of EU
In Rome, Bulgaria’s President Roumen Radev said, his country would continue to be committed “to the future of our European project with even more energy” when it presides over the European […]
National Pothole Competition: The 10 best holes in Sofia
The 92nd National Pothole Competition (NPC) ended. It was definitely a tight race, but the results are finally in. The jury spent four hours on deliberations. Anonymously, one jury member […]
Sofia Metro construction: European Commissioner for Transport takes a peek
Violeta Bulc, the European Commissioner for Transport, inspected the Metro in Sofia on Friday, just as more European funding is expected to be approved. Those funds are intended to cover the […]
Police remove barricades at Turkish-Bulgarian border
Amid growing tension between Sofia and Ankara, Bulgarian police on Friday removed barricades protesters had erected at at least two border crossings with Turkey. Bulgarian nationalists had attempted to prevent Bulgarian-Turkish […]
Bulgaria elections 2017: Daily roundup, March 24
Campaigning in Bulgaria’s March 26 2017 elections closes – or is by law, is required to, lest anyone carry on beyond this pont – at midnight on Friday. It is […]
Bulgaria 2017 parliamentary elections: limited alcohol bans on election day
In recent years, Bulgarian authorities have eased restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages on election days, banning the sale and consumption of alcohol in the immediate vicinity of voting […]
Burnt-out lorry from which refugees were rescued ‘identical’ to one owned by border fence company – report
A lorry from which a group of 30 migrants were rescued after it caught fire was “identical” to one owned by a company involved in the construction of the Bulgarian […]
Bulgarian nationalist protest against ‘electoral tourism’ blocks Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint at Turkish border
Bulgarian nationalist protesters against “electoral tourism” – the bussing-in of Bulgarian passport-holders from Turkey to vote in the March 26 elections – blocked the border checkpoint at Kapitan Andreevo on […]
The buses from Bursa: Bulgarians voting, and visiting relatives
In a report on the bussing-in of voters from Turkey to Bulgaria for the country’s March 26 elections, public broadcaster Bulgarian National Television said on Friday that four buses from […]
Bulgarian voters from Turkey divert via Greece as ‘patriots’ again protest at Turkish border
Bulgarian passport-holders coming into the country to vote in the March 26 elections would now be coming via Greece instead of directly across the border because of planned blockades by […]
Exacta Research Group: GERB 31.2%, Bulgarian Socialist Party 28.1%, ‘Patriots’ 10.5% as election campaign ends
A poll by the Exacta Research group released on March 24, the final day of campaigning in Bulgaria’s parliamentary elections, saw Boiko Borissov’s GERB as having 31.2 per cent support […]
Bulgaria’s 2017 elections: The view from abroad
The press in foreign countries does not always know what is really going on in Bulgaria, depending on the publication. Several newspapers, even within in the European Union, thought President Radev […]
Man arrested after candidate MP assaulted in central Sofia
Emil Jassim, a candidate MP for former justice minister Hristo Ivanov’s Yes Bulgaria coalition, was assaulted in central Sofia on March 23, a few days ahead of the parliamentary election. […]

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