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Real time news provider in English that informs its readers about the latest Bulgarian news - economic, political and cultural, foreign media analysis on Bulgaria and world news.

Interpol has a List of 173 Terrorists Planning Attacks in Europe

Interpol has compiled a list of 173 suicide bombers from the Islamic State that are preparing to make attacks in Europe, the Guardian said in a statement.

According to media reports, the list was distributed on May 27 and includes series of people who are believed to have "been trained to create and smuggle bombs for serious injuries and deaths."

Those people are likely to be able to participate in terrorist activities abroad. It should be noted that the data was originally collected using US intelligence "via reliable channels" during operations in Syria and Iraq. Later, they were transferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and then to Interpol for a more comprehensive global scale.

The Search for the Boy who Hit Tourists with a Car has Ended, He is Found Dead

The drama with the search for a teenager who ran over five tourists near Trigrad ended up as tragically as possible. After a two-week search for the teenager fugitive from Sofia in a wooded area, his body was discovered today.

We recall that 16-year-old Christian pushed a group of tourists around Trigrad and in his panic he escaped into the forest where he was not found for 14 days despite the inclusion of police dogs, shepherds and others.

The boy's body was found around 14:00 on Saturday by his father and uncles who continued to look for him after the rescue operation ended. This was announced by Nova TV from the mayor of Trigrad Tsvetan Slavkov.

His body was found in a wooded area. It is believed that Christian has jumped from a high slope. Most likely it is suicide, Slavkov said. iNews.bg

China Banned Justin Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber will have to "grow up" a bit and adjust his attitude if he wants to sing in China. Because of past "bad behavior", the Canadian pop idol this year will not be allowed to go to the country during the Asian part of his world tour "Purpose", world agencies reported.

In response to a fan's request for information about the dates for Bieber's concerts in China during his concert tour in Asia in September, the Beijing Culture Bureau of the Beijing City Hall responded that the 23-year-old singer was banned from singing in the country.

The "behavioural problems" of the "talented but controversial young foreign singer" are cited as a reason. "We hope that Justin Bieber will grow up in words and deeds, improve his behaviour, and become a singer truly loved by the people," they say.

White House Spokesman Sean Spicer Resigned

Sean Spicer resigned as the White House press secretary, TASS reported, citing The New York Times.

According to the US news agency, Spicer's decision is disagreeing with US President Donald Trump's decision to appoint financier Anthony Scaramucci as director of White House communications.

Earthquake in Central Italy

An earthquake of magnitude 4.2 on the Richter scale shook Central Italy in the early hours of Saturday, Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology said. Mediapool reported.

There is currently no evidence of casualties and destruction. According to the Institute, the earthquake was felt at 05:13 am Bulgarian time, and its epicenter is located at 14 km deep on the border between the provinces of Aquila, Rieti and Teramo.

The areas are near the town of Amatrice, which was almost completely destroyed after last year's earthquakes of 6.0 on the Richter scale.

Two People were Injured in a Fire in a Sofia Hotel

Fire burns in the Marinella hotel in Sofia on Saturday morning. Two people were taken to Pirogov with a slight gassing but in good condition. There are no other victims, as the hotel guests were evacuated during the incident. Reports Mediapool. 

The signal was submitted shortly after 11am on Saturday. According to police information, fire has started from an underground space. According to eyewitnesses, the fire has come from the hotel's gym and sauna. Eight fire trucks and two ambulances were sent to the site. The causes of the incident are in the process of being detected. Perhaps it is a human error, but it is yet to be clarified after the firefighters have finished their work.

Senate Republicans Race Toward Vote to Roll Back Obamacare

As the Senate hurtles toward a potential vote next week to roll back the Affordable Care Act, Republican lawmakers still don’t know what legislation they will consider or what impact it could have on health coverage for tens of millions of Americans.

Senate GOP leaders have said senators may be voting to simply repeal major planks of the 2010 healthcare law, often called Obamacare, with no replacement.

Alternatively, Republican leaders suggested the Senate could consider a bill to repeal and replace the current law, even though that plan — which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) unveiled two weeks ago — hasn’t been fully assessed by independent budget analysts.

Or the Senate could take up still another healthcare plan that McConnell hasn’t yet shown lawmakers.

The uncertainty so close to a major vote is feeding a growing sense of chaos on Capitol Hill, where GOP senators are openly fretting about the lack of information about legislation that could leave anywhere from 22 million to 32 million more Americans without health insurance.

"I don’t even know what we’re proceeding to next week," said Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a centrist Republican who has called on her party’s leaders to take a more measured approach to fixing the current healthcare law.

The Price of Bitcoin Traded Near its All-time High.

Bitcoin traded near its all-time high price late on Thursday after the intense debate over the cryptocurrency's future appears to be heading to a positive end, according to CNBC.

The price of bitcoin hit a high of USD 2,948.51 on Thursday evening, just shy of the record high USD 3,025.47 reached on June 11, according to data from CoinDesk.

While the price pulled back over the next couple of hours, it is significantly higher than the $2,294.40 handle it began trading at on Thursday morning. Bitcoin has taken a hit in recent days because of the uncertainty over its future.

Within the bitcoin community, a so-called "scaling debate" has been going on. There is a big backlog of transactions on the bitcoin blockchain — the technology that underpins the cryptocurrency. That's because the bitcoin code only allows a certain number of transactions through in one "block".

To understand this, it's important to outline how transactions work. Transactions by users are gathered into "blocks" which is turned into a complex math solution. So-called miners, using high-powered computers work these solutions out to determine if the transaction is possible. Once other miners also check the puzzle is correct, the transactions are approved and the miners are rewarded in bitcoin.

The whole debate has been about the right way to increase the block size, therefore speeding up transactions.

How to Best Manage Your Business Expense Records

Unless you have a love for numbers, managing your expense records is one of the least enjoyable things about running a business. With that said, it is a necessary evil that should be done – and also one of the most important due to its link to filing taxes.

That is because if you leave your figures all disorganized this will cause a major headache when it comes to the aforementioned tax season. As a result, keeping on top of your expenses should be a high priority for your company. 

If you are wondering how to best achieve just that, read on for some top tips to contemplate when managing your business expense records. 

Don’t make your business personal

By that, it means keeping your personal expenses separate from your business expenses.

It might seem both simple and obvious, but it is actually easy to get these mixed up from time to time. For example, if you treat a potential client to tickets for a baseball game, does this count as a business or personal expense? Well, it’s complicated – if they went alone and you weren’t in attendance with them, these can’t be written off as you are technically not conducting business. Consequently, it is important to always check what is and isn’t an applicable tax deduction.

With this in mind, it is also recommended that you have both a bank account and credit card that is separate for your business. Ultimately, this will ensure tracking your finances is made much more straightforward overall.

Keep each yearly record in one place

Receipts, manual business checks, monthly utility bills – whatever the expense, make sure that you keep them all in one place. Arguably the best way to do this is by organizing your business records on a tax year-by-year basis. Doing this will not only easily help to find particular business records when needed, but a filing system like this will no doubt assist in streamlining the process of filing your taxes. It is recommended that you keep these records for a minimum of six years.

Using specialist accounting software is the best way to track those financial figures. These are typically inexpensive to use, while they provide functionality and ease of use into one enticing package.

Measure your mileage

Mileage is one of those business expenses that can easily be overlooked when finishing up your yearly records. Yet if you use a mode of transport for business-related purposes, it is actually really easy to keep a mileage log.

In fact, all you have to do is make a note of your mileage/kilometer reading at the start of the year. Then it is a case of checking it at the end of the year, and using the difference to work out your mileage in an accurate – and super simple – way.

Of course if you have more than one vehicle for your business, make a log for each one.







Pink Camper on a Tour in 25 Cities in Bulgaria to Help Women With Breast Cancer
Pink camper will help women with breast cancer. The center on four tires will reach more than 25 cities in the country, and  help patients to receive help which will be completely free, according to NOVATV.

The pink Camper is part of the Foundation ''One of Eight''.

Wizz Air Opens 28th Base in Varna

Wizz Air on July 21 celebrates the major milestone of opening its 28 base in Varna, Bulgaria, according to The Financial.

The airline has based one of its new Airbus A320 aircraft at Varna Airport, starting six additional low-fare routes from its second Bulgarian base to Dortmund and Munich Memmingen in Germany, Eindhoven in The Netherlands, Larnaca in Cyprus, Milan Bergamo in Italy and Tel Aviv in Israel. With the long-time popular London Luton and recently launched domestic Sofia services, Wizz Air now connects Varna with eight destinations in seven countries with fares starting from as low as BGN 29.99.

The base establishment represents an investment of $99 million by WIZZ in Varna, creating 36 direct jobs with the airline. The base operations and the expanded network will contribute to the local economy, supporting jobs in aviation, transportation, hospitality and tourism industries. In 2017, Wizz Air has 333,000 seats on sale on its Varna routes, which represents a 218% growth year over year, according to Wizz Air.

Wizz Air’s first Bulgarian flight took off from Sofia in September 2005. Since then, the airline has become the market leader in the country and carried over 9.5 million passengers from and to its three Bulgarian airports: Sofia, Varna and Bourgas, while constantly expanding its low-fare route network.

Why Trading with Other Countries or Interstate is Good for Your Business

There has been a lot of turmoil particularly in Europe in recent years because of the banking crisis, and lately the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, which raises the question of whether doing international or interstate business is beneficial? Or, should you stay local?

If you are looking to grow your business into other non-local markets, then there are a few things you need to consider before you start. The most important one is to plan for each step, so you know where you need to go.

Find Your Market

Depending on the type of product or service you offer, you need to look at other countries and states to assess their suitability. It is important to look at each area and see if there is a demand for your products. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to sell your products there, but it might need a little time to generate interest.

Look at Other Companies

A good way to see if there is a demand for your business is to look at your competitors and see where they are selling. It will give you a good idea which regions have a demand and also tell you about your competitor’s success in that area.

If you intend to move into that market as well, then you will need to use a different angle to that of your rival companies. Find something that is unique to your business and use that to sell to your potential customers.


It may be necessary to use some advertising to announce your arrival into a new market. There are many ways you can do this; some companies find a targeted approach to be successful. You can use mail shots to send brochures or fliers to your target audience and encourage them with special offers or free gifts. Using printed envelopes with your company’s logo and details will add a touch of professionalism, and also help people to find out about you.

You also need to use social media and your website to extend your brand into those regions. You can pay for group specific advertising on Twitter and Facebook which will enable your post to appear on the timelines of those you want to target.


A good way to get an understanding of another market is to develop relationships with other companies already trading there. You can negotiate an agreement with them to sell each other’s products in your markets, that will not only boost the sales of both, but it will also raise the profiles of the companies.

You may also be able to gain valuable information from the other business of selling and cultural differences in the other market.

Trying to move into other regions or countries across the globe will be a challenge. However, there are numerous opportunities and benefits for doing it. Not only will you be able to spread your brand coverage into other countries, but you might also find an area that you can diversify into with new products or services. 

The EC Lawsuit Against Bulgaria Ends with a Ban on New Constructions in Kaliakra

The EC lawsuit against Bulgaria ends with a ban on new construction in Kaliakra, the press service of the Ministry of Environment and Waters announced.

The Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov has achieved the most favorable for our country arrangements with the European Commission in the case of the wind generators in the Kaliakra Protected Area, the ministry said.

As a result of the negotiations with the EC, a decision has been made not to remove the built up wind generators, golf course, houses, hotels, villa villages, infrastructure in the protected area. At the same time, a ban on issuing new permits for any construction on the territory is required.

It is going to be declared a protected zone called  'Kaliakra Complex', which is located in the villages of Tyulenovo, Shabla, Kamen Briag village, Sveti Nikola village, Balgarevo village, Kavarna village, Bozhurets village, Topola village, Kavarna municipality And Balchik, Balchik Municipality, with a total area of 483 362.770 decares, of which 437.272 sq. Km of sea spaces.

Two People Died During Riots in Venezuela

Two people died yesterday during protests in Venezuela, while 9 are injured, reported Associated Press.

The information comes from the chief prosecutor in the country. The 24 hour protest yesterday organized by the oppositional party in the country emptied the streets of Caracas, said DPA. It was organized with the goal of putting pressure on the President Nicolas Maduro and make him drop his plans for constitutional reforms.

The other goal of the protesters is to to prevent a constitutional assembly from being arranged on July 30 . The goal of the assembly would be to rewrite the constitution in order to secure a majority for the Socialist government which is in power since 1999.

During the parliamentary vote in December 2015 the oppositional Coalition of Democratic Unity got majority and control over the parliament. Since then they are demanding for a referendum on whether the president Maduro should stay in power and the organization for new presidential elections. 

Germany ‘to Ban All Arms Shipment to Turkey’

Germany has frozen all arms shipment to Turkey after Ankara arrested several human rights activists, including a German national, quoted by the PressTv.

The Bild newspaper reported on Friday that Germany was “freezing all planned and ongoing arms deliveries to Turkey.”

In the months after the July 2016 abortive coup in Turkey against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Germany had already blocked 11 separate arms shipments to Turkey, including handguns, ammunition, and weapons components.

The latest move came after a Turkish court on Tuesday issued arrest warrants for six human rights activists for allegedly aiding a “terror” group, among them German citizen Peter Steudtner.

The arrests further strained the already tarnished relations between the two NATO allies.

Relations between Turkey and Germany, which is home to three million ethnic Turks, have been badly strained over what Europeans describe as Turkey’s human rights violations.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble criticized Turkey for acting like the former Communist East Germany.

He advised Germans traveling to Turkey to be careful not to get arrested as the crackdown against opposition and dissent continues.

“If Turkey does not stop playing this little game, we need to tell people: ‘You travel to Turkey at your own risk — we can’t guarantee you anything anymore,’” Schaeuble separately told Bild.

The German President Signed a Law for Gay Marriages

The German president signed a law to legalize gay marriages which will be active from this autumn, reports Associated Press.

The parliament accepted the law during the last meeting on the 30th June, before the parliamentary elections in September. This happened after the counselor Angela Merkel said the representatives of the party should vote according to their conscience.

Today the political cabinet of the president declared that the German head of state Frank-Walter Steinmeier signed the bill. It will come into force as early as 1st October. 


Prosecutor General Tsatsarov Moves to Lift Immunity of GERB MP Zhivko Matinov

Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov has moved to lift the immunity of GERB MP Zhivko Martinov, according to BGNES.

The motion comes in the wake of information collected by the anti-corruption unit with the prosecution service, which has been verified by the State Agency for National Security (SANS).

The charges are in five groups - coercion, extortion, attempt for personal conceal, coercion against a body of authority.

GERB MP Zhivko Martinov  is a member of the 44th National Assembly, and also was a member of the 43rd National Assembly.

‘’I voluntarily give up my immunity from prosecution’’, MP Zhivko Martinov from Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) said.

He made the declaration after Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov asked the Parliament to strip Martinov of immunity.

Martinov blamed the situation on some hostile leftist people and some debtors.

NASA Forced to Deny There Was a Long-Lost ‘Civilisation’ on Mars

Nasa has been forced to confirm that there almost certainly isn't a long-lost civilisation on Mars, reported The Independent.

During a hearing in the US congress, high-ranking staff of the space agency were asked whether there might once have been people living on the red planet.

California Republican Dana Rohrabacher asked whether the fact that Mars once had a vastly different atmosphere meant that it could also have supported an entire civilisation that was now lost.

You have indicated that Mars was totally different thousands of years ago," he said. "Is it possible that there was a civilization on Mars thousands of years ago?"

His question was answered by Kenneth Farley, who is a project scientist on the Mars 2020 rover mission and a professor of geochemistry at California Institute of Technology and was one of the scientists answering politicians' questions.

He pointed out that the "evidence is that Mars was different billions of years ago. Not thousands of years ago".

Professor Farley said that such a possibility was "extremely unlikely".

It isn't clear who Mr Rohrabacher was referring to when he suggested that "some people" think there was a civilisation on the planet. But there are a limited number of people who have proposed what they believe to be proof not only of ancient civilisations but existing ones – including a guest on Alex Jones's InfoWars programme who suggested that Nasa has put child sex slaves on the red planet.

Otherwise, hearing was mostly focused on Nasa's plans for exploring Mars, which will include the search for life on the planet. Some tests have already indicated that Mars could be host to some life – though not a civilisation.

The mission will be launched in 2019 and arrive at Mars the following February. It will stay there – looking for life as well as conducting other work – for a Martian year, or roughly two Earth years.

Broken Coffee Machine was the Reason for Emergency Landing of an Airplane

Passenger aircraft of the German airline company Lufthansa with over 180 people on board had to make emergency landing in Cyprus due to broken coffee machine, reported RIA Novosti.

During the flight from Munich to the capital of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh , members of staff smelled something burning and decided to do emergency landing in Larnaca. After people were escorted out of the airplane the investigators found out the reason for the smell. It was burned rubber inside the machine for hot beverages. After that passengers and crew members were quickly put on board and landed successfully in Riyadh. 

Bulgarian Minister of Justice: 'A New Prison to be Built in Kremikovtzi'

There's a plan to build a new prison with a personnel training center  on the territory of Kremikovtzi. The prison will have 200 cells for 400 prisoners. This was stated by the Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva in response to a question during the weekly parliamentary control, reported bTV

''It will have a total area of 7,500 sq. M. Its construction should begin in the beginning of 2018'', Tsacheva said.

''The prison will meet all European standards. The financing of the project will be under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism'', the minister explained.

Tsetska Tsacheva also added that during the last three years many prison dormitories and prisons have been renovated  in Burgas, Varna, Lovech, Stara Zagora and others.

Mother Killed her 1-year old Child in Stamboliyski

A woman was arrested for the murder of her own child, reported Plovdiv Local District. The crime was committed on the night of 18th July in Stamboliyski. Reports Novini. 

After detailed investigation by the police from the department of Criminal Police part of Local Directory of the Ministry of Internal Affairs it is more than clear that the mother is responsible for the death of her child.

The woman is due to be charged today and be detained by the monitoring prosecutor for a period of 72 hours.

Tsvetana Pironkova Will Have to Pass the Qualifiers of the US Open

Tsvetana Pironkova will have to pass the qualifiers of the upcoming Grand Slam tournament - US Open.

This became clear after the organizers of the US Open announced that the latest tennis player to take part in the main scheme is the 105th in the world, American tennis player Julia Boserappe.

This means that the 123rd Bulgarian Pironkova will have to make three consecutive wins to take part in the first round of the race.

Last year, the she dropped into a second round after losing 1: 2 sets before the semi-finals of Wimbledon.

Body of Salvador Dali Exhumed For Paternity Test

The body of Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali was exhumed Thursday, following a controversial Madrid court ruling in favor of a woman who claims to be his daughter, according to CNN Style.

Dali once said, "Great geniuses produce mediocre children, and I don't want to go through that experience." But Maria Pilar Abel doesn't think he kept that word.

The 61-year-old woman says her mother, who was a maid in one of Dali's seasonal homes in Port Lligat, maintained a clandestine relationship with the artist. Abel wants a paternity test.

A stone slab had to be removed before forensic scientists could access the body, which has been resting in The Dali Theatre and Museum in Figueres, Spain since Dali's death in 1989.
They collected samples of DNA from the hair and teeth of the embalmed body, Abel's lawyer says. Results are expected within two weeks.
Abel tried to complete a paternity test in 2007 with DNA from belongings her alleged father left behind, but results proved inconclusive. The Madrid Supreme Court agreed there were no other reliable remains.

It stated the objective of the exhumation was "to get samples of his remains to determine whether he is the biological father of a woman from Girona (in northeastern Spain) who filed a claim to be recognized as the daughter of the artist."

The Salvador Dali Foundation which runs the museum vowed to appeal the court ruling back in June, but to no avail.
In a statement, the Foundation said that, while it respected the court's decisions and cooperated with the exhumation, it "considers the exhumation performed on Salvador Dali's remains entirely inappropriate."

"There is no evidence that claimant Pilar Abel Martinez's claim has any legal basis, as the only grounds provided constitute a notarial statement from a woman who claims to be a friend of the mother, stating that the latter told her that her daughter's father was Salvador Dali," the Foundation said.

Dali, known for his pencil-thin mustache and eclectic persona, is acclaimed for surreal paintings with equally eclectic features, like melting clocks.

Salvador Dali's grave lies under a concrete slab in the Teatre-Museu Dali (Theatre-Museum Dali) in Figueras.

He died at the age of 84. He and his wife Gala, whom he wed in 1934, never had children. She died in 1982.

Some biographers wrote Dali was scared of his sexuality -- that he feared being impotent or gay. He and Gala lived near each other, but not together. They were married over 50 years, but she was primarily his muse.
Bulgarian Socialist Party to Ask the Specialised Prosecutor’s Office to Publish a List of Politicians Funded by KTB

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will ask the Specialised Prosecutor’s Office to publish a list of politicians financed by bankrupt Corporate Commercial Bank (CorpBank or KTB), according to the words of the leader of the party Korneliya Ninova, quoted by DarikNews.

"Today we will send a letter to the Specialized Prosecutor's Office, to the Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, asking for the list of politicians financed by CorpBank," she said.

The prosecutors sent a bill of indictment to the court yesterday and published a summary of the investigation.

‘’In this document and in the public statements of the Prosecutor’s Office, there are findings that politicians were funded by CorpBank’’, Ninova added.

The story with the bank reflected the whole transition period in Bulgaria, with business, economic and political interests at the expense of the people, according to her.

‘’It is also an opportunity to put an end to this model of doing business and politics.

She also called for full transparency. 

Electricity Distribution Company EVN Advises Big Sea Resorts for Reasonable Use of Energy

During the active tourist season reasonable use of electrical energy is vital for the tourist establishments on the Black Sea coast. This is why EVN offers advises to the biggest consumers on how to be more efficient and prevent any disturbances. Reports Rodopi Press.

First of all it is important that places like hotels, shopping centers and entertainments sites watch their energy loads during peak hours – in the afternoon and in the evening. They should not exceed the declared capacity of the electric power to which they are connected to the electricity distribution network. This will reduce the risk of electrical interference for these objects.

More and More Foreigners Work on the Black Sea Coast

Over 3000 permits for seasonal workers from other countries under the Labor Mobility and Labor Migration Regulations have been issued to date. 2900 are from Ukraine, with 1,000 people working in the Albena resort. This was announced by Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova in Rousse, DARIK writes.

According to her, no complaints have been made by hoteliers and restaurateurs in connection with the hiring of foreigners.

Minister Angelkova was very clear that it is very important and she will personally support the efforts of the municipalities to change the Water Act and regulate the ownership of the coastal stripes along the Danube for the shaping of urban beaches and recreation areas.

Angelkova is in Rousse for a round table to present a joint Bulgarian-Romanian tourist route in the area of Roman heritage.

Through the creation of mixed products, such as the joint Bulgarian-Romanian route "Roman border on the territory of the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region" presented by Nikolina Angelkova, she explained that the Ministry of Tourism aims to attract tourists from distant markets like China, India and Japan.

11% of tourists coming to the country visit it for cultural and historical tourism, she said.

Free Movement of People Could Last Up to 2 Years after Brexit

Free movement of European citizens in the UK will last for at least two years after the Brexit as part of the transitional agreement, Reuters reported.

The first full round of talks on British exit from the EU ended yesterday with some compromises. Differences remain regarding the protection of the future of citizens living outside their countries. Britain has to leave the EU by the end of March 2019 after the referendum on June 23 last year when most Britons backed Brexit in order to curb immigration and regain the powers that are currently handed over to Brussels.

Some senior members of the Theresa May government, including Finance Minister Philip Hammond, insist on a transitional period to protect the economy and preserve the trust of the business. According to Hammond's plan, EU citizens will retain their free movement in the UK for at least two years, the Times reported.

The Guardian cites a high-profile source from the British government, according to which free movement can last up to four years. So far there is no comment from Theresa May's office.

Elon Musk got Verbal Government Approval for a Hyperloop between New York and Washington

The American entrepreneur Elon Musk announced through Twitter that he had received "oral approval from the government" to build a super-fast transport link between New York and Washington to cut travel time between the two cities to about 29 minutes, Reuters reported.

At the moment, Amtrak's "Asella" high-speed train takes the distance of 355 kilometers for nearly three hours.

However, Musk did not say who had given him approval for his project, but the White House confirmed that there were held "promising talks" about the tunnel with him about his company's drilling company Boring Company. A White House spokesman did not want to tell who was talking to Musk and whether he had a personal meeting with administration officials.

Indicating that Musk's tweets may have been rushed, the spokesman for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio replied, also through Twitter, that "This is news for the City Council."

Representatives of the New York authorities have also warned that they have not yet approved any project and that the developer would need a number of building permits and environmental assessments before the start of such a project.

2 Dead and 55 Injured after an Explosion of Restaurant in China

At least two people were killed today and 55 were injured in a gas explosion at a dining venue in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, the world's information agencies said, referring to the authorities.

In the photos of the blast, you can see the place that is covered with flames and thick gray smoke. The explosion happened during the busy breakfast time. The street in front of the building is frayed with debris, car glass, including a bus that has caused most injuries. Authorities said the fire had been extinguished. The injured, of whom 12 were severely injured, were taken to hospital. The causes of the blast are being investigated. Reported Mediapool. 

Pensioners in Norway have the Highest Standard of Living

Norway, Switzerland and Iceland top the list of countries where it is best to get a retirement. This is shown by the Global Pension Index, compiled by the Natixis financial corporation. Reports BGNES. 

The top ten also include Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The ranking includes 43 countries. It includes countries with a developed economy (according to IMF standards), members of the OECD and the BRIC group. Our southern neighbor Turkey is 39th. Immediately after is Russia. And the last three places are Brazil, Greece and India. United States ranked 17th, UK 18th, France 19th, Japan 22nd, China 38th.

The experts of the financial corporation have compiled the rating, taking into account the level of healthcare, the amount of the pension contributions, the quality of life in the country and the material prosperity of citizens.

Each of the parameters is evaluated in the range of 0 to 100%. For the leader in the list - Norway, these indicators are estimated at 89%, 73%, 92% and 91% or 86% overall. Bulgaria is not included in the ranking.

Riots Broke out after a Drug Boss was Killed in Mexico City

The head of the Tawak-Chalco drug cartel, was killed in a shootout last night in a major riot in the Mexican capital, the Financiero portal reported.

A group of motorcycle drivers linked to the cartel's activity began to block traffic on the Tawauck motorway and set trucks on fire to block traffic. There also was shooting. Cartel head Felipe de Jesse Perez Luna, nicknamed Eye, was killed in a shootout with marines and federal police.

The cartel is considered one of the most "young" in the country and controls drug traffic in the metropolitan city. Now, in Tawak, forces have been deployed and the riflemen have been neutralized. However, given the risk of continued violence, the authorities decided to cancel the school classes for today. Reports BGNES.

US 'to Ban American Citizens From Travelling to North Korea'

Two tourist agencies that operate tours to North Korea said on Friday the U.S. government will soon ban its citizens from travelling to the North, according to Daily Mail.

Koryo Tours said the ban would be announced on July 27 and would go into effect 30 days later. 

It said the Swedish embassy in Pyongyang, which handles consular affairs for the United States in the North, informed it of the ban, but did not say how long it would last. 

'But it does seem to be the case that in just over a month, it will be impossible for Americans to visit as tourists,' said Koryo Tours general manager Simon Cockrell.

Another tour operator, Young Pioneer Tours, said on its website that it had also been informed of the ban, citing the same date. 

Young Pioneer Tours said in a statement: 'We have just been informed that the US government will no longer be allowing US citizens to travel to the DPRK (North Korea).

'It is expected that the ban will come into force within 30 days of July 27th. 

'After the 30 day grace period any US national that travels to North Korea will have their passport invalidated by their government.

'We will update further as more information becomes available.'

The Swedish Tourist who Attacked a Hotel Worker in Sunny Beach has been Released from Custody

After a closed session on July 18, the Bourgas District Court placed under house arrest the Swedish Ralf Sundberg, who kicked a maid in the head. The judge has allowed the Swedish to be under house arrest at a studio in an aparthotel in Sunny Beach, BNT reported. However, the hotel manager refused to accept him.

The new lawyer of the Swede took him in an unknown direction, and it is not known at this time where Sunderberg is. It is possible for him to leave Bulgaria, say the relatives of the injured.

The court in Nessebar left Ralph Sundberg in detention on June 15, and today the prosecutor in the case is expected to give a statement on the decision of the district court to be placed under house arrest. iNews.bg

Bulgarian PM: 'The Fight Against Cybersecurity Requires More Attention From the EC'

''The European Commission should  focus more attention on the fight against cyberthreats and cybercrime'', Prime Minister Boyko Borisov noted during his meeting with the Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness Jyrki Katainen.

During the conversation, the topic of the forthcoming Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2018 was discussed. Borisov pointed out that one of the three key messages of our country will be the competitiveness of the European economy. Emphasis will be placed on supporting entrepreneurship, growth and jobs, deepening the Economic and Monetary Union, a sustainable environment and an effective Energy Alliance.

Bulgarian Prime minister and Jyrki Katainen have united around the importance of European funds and their efficientuse so as to maximize the impact for EU citizens.

Prime Minister Borisov stressed that thanks to European solidarity, a number of projects of great public benefit have been implemented in our country.

He gave an example with the subway in Sofia and other sites in the field of infrastructure and ecology.

Israeli Police Ban Muslim Men Aged Under 50 From Friday Prayers in Jerusalem

Israeli police have banned Muslim men under the age of 50 from a contested shrine in Jerusalem, according to the Independent.

The ban comes ahead of feared mass protests over the installation of metal detectors aimed at increasing security at the site. 

Muslim leaders have called for mass protests at Friday’s noon prayers.

The shrine is revered by both Muslims and Jews.

Muslim leaders say Israel is trying to expand its control there by installing the security devices.

Gates were fitted with metal detectors after Palestinian gunmen launched an attack from there last week, killing two Israeli policemen. 

Muslim leaders have called on worshippers to pray in the streets near the shrine rather than walk through metal detectors.

Over the course of the week, growing numbers of Palestinian worshippers have participated in street prayers, particularly in the evenings.

Following the prayers, small numbers of Palestinian protesters have clashed with police. 

Today's Google Doodle is about the Man who Predicted the Internet

Google’s Doodle have a fondness for celebrating legendary figures, but today’s person of interest feels more appropriate for the venue than most. Reports TheVerge. 

The company hails Canadian professor, philosopher, and media sage Marshall McLuhan as a man who “saw the internet coming — and predicted just how much impact it would have.” 

McLuhan’s philosophies were built on four pillars that theorized society is shaped by technology and the way in which information is shared. He broke history down into different eras tracing the acoustic age, the literary age, the print age, and the electronic age.

Today’s Doodle honors his 106th birthday by animating McLuhan’s division of history into colorful little GIFs.

Along with his many books, McLuhan gave the world a number of wonderful quotes, many of them listed on his Wikipedia page. Perhaps McLuhan’s most famous quote pertains to his belief that the way in which someone receives information is more important than what that information actually is: “The medium is the message.”

Cheaper Gasoline and Diesel this Summer

Gasoline and diesel in Bulgaria have fallen by 2-3% this summer. This was announced by Andrei Delchev, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association. Reported Webcafe.

Until 2-3 years ago, prices have risen during the active summer season in Europe and North America due to high demand.

However, since the surplus in crude oil supply, its price has fallen significantly, and fuel prices have fallen respectively. This trend is observed everywhere, including in Bulgaria, Delchev said.

Bulgaria will Lose BGN 70 Million from the EU for Education and Science

BGN 70 million will be lost and 4 months will be the delay of the Operational Program "Science and Education" in its part for construction of top scientific centers - the Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev summarized the problems in the program. He gave a report to parliament in front of two committees - EU funds and education and science, BNT reported.

According to Valchev, the main problem arose after the Supreme Administrative Court rejected the proposal of the previous Minister Prof. Nikolay Denkov to cancel the public procurement contract for a company to assess the projects of the Bulgarian scientists. Doubtful in the quality of such an assessment, Denkov had proposed that it be carried out by some well-known foreign scientists instead of a local company.

However, the Italian company "Progetti Plannt", ranked first, appealed the decision and the court ruled in favor of it. We now have a contract with the appraisal firm, but the deadlines are already delayed. 

Foreign Affairs Ministry: No Injured Bulgarian Citizens During the Earthquakes in Turkey and Greece

Bulgaria's diplomatic and consular representations in Turkey and Greece so far have no information about injured Bulgarian citizens during the earthquake in Western Turkey and the Aegean islands of Greece, the Foreign Ministry (MFA) said.

The Bulgarian embassies in Greece and Turkey are following the situation and are in contact with local authorities.

Bulgarian citizens wishing to receive up-to-date information about the situation in the affected areas or to report their relatives may do so at the following telephone numbers:

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ankara:

0090 533 376 37 69
0090 312 467 20 71
0090 312 427 51 42
0090 312 467 20 71
0090 312 427 51 42

Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Istanbul:

0090 212 281 01 14
0090 212 281 01 15
0090 212 281 01 16
0090 533 383 64 14

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Athens:

0030 210 67 48 105
0030 210 67 48 106
0030 210 67 48 107
0030 693 70 96 220

Customs officers Found over 260 Liters of Illegally Produced Alcohol from an Internet Ad

Customs officials from Lom have retained 266 liters of home-made alcohol (rakia) after they posed themselves as customers who want to buy alcohol, officials from the Customs Agency said. Reported SEGA. 

Policemen from Vidin participated in the action. A sale of home-made rakia has been posted on two websites. The customs officers contacted the seller and agreed to buy 10 liters.

"After the seller appeared at the place with the goods, the checkup continued in the village of Vinarovo, reg. Vidin, where customs and police officers discovered another 256 liters of brandy without a documents of paid excise duty, "the Customs Agency said.

Laboratory analysis samples were taken. Work on the case continues.

Levski Signs Former Manchester United Player

Levski's big transfer is a fact! "The Blues" are now owners of Manchester United's former Manchester United player Gabriel Obertan, who signed a contract with Bulgaria's 26-time champions, told Sportal.bg.

The French player signed for two years with an option to extend the contract for another year. The 28-year-old is expected to be the star of the team led by Nikolay Mitov.

The offensive footballer was part of Manchester United's record titles between 2009 and 2011, working at that time under the direction of Sir Alex Ferguson. With the team of "Red Devils" he made 28 appearances in all the tournaments and scored one goal.

Thousands Protest in Poland Against Court Reorganizations

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Warsaw and towns across Poland on Thursday night to protest the ruling party's drive to reorganize all levels of the judiciary, including contentious legislation that gives control of the nation's Supreme Court to the president instead of to judges, according to ABC News.

Poland's prime minister appeared on national television to defend the changes as opponents of her government urged the president to reject the changes.

Opposition lawmakers and celebrities joined the crowd in front of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw as protesters held up candles, waved national and European Union flags and chanted "free courts" and "democracy."

Warsaw police spokesman Mariusz Mrozek said some 14,000 participated, while city hall estimated the crowd at 50,000.

The crowd later moved to the parliament building where a Senate commission was debating the Supreme Court law, ahead of Senate's Friday session.

Critics say the Supreme Court legislation and two earlier bills destroy judicial independence and threaten democracy.

In her nationwide speech, Beata Szydlo said that the legislation was prompted by public criticism of the legal system's inefficiency and blamed the outcry it has triggered on the opposition's "frustration."

Szydlo insisted the government will not bow to pressure "from Polish or from foreign defenders of the interest of the elites."

Her comments appeared to refer to warnings from the European Union of sanctions against Poland, including the possibility of stripping Warsaw of its EU voting rights.

Szydlo spoke after lawmakers voted to approve the contentious Supreme Court legislation. Critics concede that the judiciary needs reform, but that the proposed changes are going in the wrong direction.

The bill also calls for the dismissal of the court's current judges, except for those chosen by the president. It rearranges the court's structure and adds a Disciplinary Chamber that would handle breaches of rules or ethics in the justice system.

European Union president, Donald Tusk, Poland's former prime minister, has appealed to President Andrzej Duda for a meeting to seek ways out of the situation that, he said, goes against EU values and is destructive to Poland's international image.

The bill still needs approval from the Senate, which is expected to be granted at a session Friday, and from Duda, a lawyer, who has so far followed the ruling party line.


Sunny Weather Today with Up to 35°

The weather will be sunny today, though clouds are expected to develop in the afternoon, mainly in the mountainous regions.
There will be light northeastern wind.

Temperatures will further increase, with maximum ones reaching 30° to 35°, according to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH), quoted by FOCUS News Agency.

The atmospheric pressure slightly exceeds the average for July and will remain nearly unchanged.

There are favourable conditions for mountain tourism today, the Red Cross’ Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) reported.

The weather is clear and quiet with light to moderate wind on the mountain ridges. Morning temperatures vary between 8 and 16 degrees.

No accidents were registered in the last 24 hours.

Levski Sofia is Out and Botev Plovdiv Crushed its Opponent Last Night in Europa League

Levski's team is eliminated from the Europa League. 'The Blues' lost 1: 2 to Hajduk (Split) in a match-rematch of the second qualifying round of the tournament. So the players of Nikolay Mitov leave the race with a total score of 1: 3. The guests deservedly go ahead, after they completely overcame the Sofia team in front of the empty stands of Georgi Asparuhov Stadium.

The team of Botev (Plovdiv) has achieved one of the biggest successes in its history in European club tournaments. 'The Canaries' overcome Israeli Beitar (Jerusalem) in the second round of the Europa League after defeating the opponent with 4: 0 last night, and a week ago as a guest both teams finished 1: 1. Plovdiv players showed excellent football at the Lazur stadium and deservedly go ahead. 

The Vocalist of Linkin Park is Found Dead

Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington died at the age of 41, the BBC said, quoting the Los Angeles Prosecutor.

The Associated Press reports that it is probably suicide by hanging. A police source told the TMZ site that his body was found shortly before 9am local time.

Bennington, who is the father of six children from two marriages, was born on March 20, 1976. His drug problems in the past are very well known, and he has had a severe childhood. At age 7-8, he was abused by an older friend.

He was a close friend of recently deceased Chris Cornell of "Soundgarden."

The Linkin Park gang which was set up in 1996 had a cult following for a generation of teenagers. The band has sold over 70 million copies of their albums and has two Grammy Awards.

The Rating of Theresa May is Constantly Declining

British Prime Minister Teresa May's rating has reached a record low in the past year, according to a survey by the Ipsos MORI poll, published by Evening Standard. Only 34% of respondents are satisfied with the work of the prime minister, while 59% of them express dissatisfaction. This is the worst result for May after taking office last July.

So the head of the British government has set a new anti-record for the past nearly 40 years, a month after the parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom. Regarding the overall assessment of the government's work, 64% of the respondents are disappointed, while only 28% are satisfied with the cabinet's actions.

At the same time, Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn gained more support from the British public - his political activity was approved by 44% of the respondents, while 45% did not sympathize with him. The survey was conducted in the period 14-18 July among more than 1000 citizens. iNews.bg

Technical Problem Blocked Part of Sofia Subway

A technical problem with the subway trains in the capital blocked the traffic between the stations ''Vasil Levski'' and ''Sofia University - St. Kliment Ohridski'' this morning, the press center of the Sofia Municipality announced, quoted by bTV. 

The movement was temporarily carried on another train in both directions.

At 6:55 the regular metro movement on the first  line was restored.

Novinite.com recalls, that tomorrow is the official start of the second phase of line 3 of the sofia subway

The event will take place on 21 July at 13:00 at the crossroads of 'Ovcha Kupel' Blvd and 'President Lincoln' Blvd. The construction is part of a project forextension of the metro in the capital, Line 3, Stage II, section: "??. Jitnica - bc Ovcha Kupel - Ring Road ".

The project is included in the operational plan "Transport and Infrastructure" 2014-2020. 

Rare Gold Coin Was Discovered in Burgas District

A rare gold coin from the time of the Byzantine Emperor Phocas was discovered during excavations at Rusokastro Fortress, which is located on a hill near Zhelyazovo village, in Burgas district in southeastern Bulgaria, quoted by the Bulgarian National Television. 

The find proves that the fortress was active in the 6th century, the archaeological team commented.

This is the first and only coin ever found since the time of Emperor Phocas's rule. The discovery proves conclusively that the Rusokastro Fortress was actively used during the first period of the consolidation of the rock hill - in the 6th century and the beginning of the 7th century when it was abandoned.

Milen Nikolov, Director of the History Musemum in Bourgas and head of the excavations explained that the gold Early Byzantine coins are two types - tremissis and solid, and the latest find was a solid coin.It weighs 4grams and a half and is the biggest denomination in the Byzantine coinage."

The extensive studies of the Rusokastro Fortress aim at its restoration and turn it into a site of cultural and historical tourism.

The fortress stretches over an area of 52 decares, making it the largest medieval fortress in South Bulgaria, similar in size to Tsarevets, Trapezitsa, Cherven and Kaliakra.

The walls are more than 5 meters high. Excavations of the site are funded by the Ministry of Culture and the National Museum of History.


Earthquake in Turkey Causes ''Small Tsunami''

At least two people were killed on the Greek island of Kos on Friday when a magnitude 6.7 earthquake shook the popular summer resort holiday destinations of the Dodecanese Islands in Greece and the Aegean coast of Turkey, reported Aljazeera.

The island of Kos was nearest to the epicentre and appeared to be the worst-hit. Giorgos Halkidios, Kos regional government official, said the number of injured was more than 100.

"Two or three of them are in serious condition and are in surgery," he said.

He said the injured included people who were underneath a building that collapsed. Ferry services were suspended due to damage at Kos's main port, where a 14th-century fortress also was damaged. A minaret from an old mosque also was damaged.

Minor damage - cracks in buildings, smashed windows and trashed shops - appeared widespread, according to city officials.

"The rest of the island has no problem. It's only the main town that has a problem," Kos Mayor Giorgos Kyritsis told state-run Greek media. "The buildings affected were mostly old, and were built before the earthquake building codes were introduced."

The epicentre of the quake was approximately 10.3 kilometres south of the major Turkish resort of Bodrum, a magnet for holidaymakers in the summer, and 16.2 kilometres east of the island of Kos in Greece, the US Geological Survey said.

It had a depth of 10 kilometres, USGS said.

A small tsunami has been reported on the Turkish coast following a strong earthquake, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre says, quoted by BBC.


Novo Selo Training Polygon Hosted the Biggest Multinational Exercise Saber Guardian 2017

The Novo Selo Training polygon near Sliven, Southern Bulgaria, hosted a Distinguished Visitors’ Day at the biggest multinational exercise in the Black Sea region Saber Guardian 2017, according to BNR and NovaTV.

Tactical units from Bulgaria, USA, Greece and Georgia demonstrated joint action of the multinational battalion combat group in defense.

The exercise was held from 11 to 20 July under the leadership of the US European Command.

Saber Guardian 2017 was co-hosted by Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

It was joined by about 25,000 military from 22 allied and partnering countries.

The Saber Guardian teachings are multinational and are held annually from 2013 in the Black Sea region as part of the Joint US Army's Joint Training Program, the Defense Ministry said.

In 2017, the ‘’Saber Guardian’’ will be the most extensive exercise compared to what has been done so far. The aim is to increase the interoperability of the participating countries and demonstrate resolve and readiness to act in support of security and stability in the Black Sea region.

The on-going training on the territory of our country will include: Black Swan-2017 Specialist Task Exercise, Swift Response Air-Dissertation - 2017; Tactical teachings with Eagle Sentinel - 2017, the training of Peace Sentinel - 2017, and tactical training of air defense formations and Shabla - 2017 aviation formations.

The actions were watched by President Rumen Radev and Military Minister Krassimir Karakachanov.

Germany Vows to Defend Firms Doing Business in Turkey

 It is extremely difficult for German companies to make investments in Turkey under the current political climate in the country, German Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries said on Thursday.

"If respectable German companies are suddenly put on 'black lists' and branded as supporters of terrorism then this amounts to a climate that makes new business and investments in Turkey extremely difficult," Zypries said.

She added: "The German government and I would of course defend German companies from totally unjustifiable and incomprehensible accusations. This also applies above all to the employees of German companies."

Germany's BGA trade association said exports to Turkey would fall significantly should the government implement measures against Turkey over its arrest of a German human rights activist and a German-Turkish journalist.

Earlier today, Germany warns its citizens against travel to Turkey.


Number of Violations Were Found Along the Northern Black Sea Cost

Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova has carried out an inspection of the beaches along the Northern Black Sea Coast today, the Tourism Ministry press office announced, quoted by Standard News.

During her visit in the area of Rusalka resort, a number of violations were found.

One of the beaches, located in Beach Bay, is in a private property and there is no access to it except by sea.

On the other five beaches in Rusalka, which are unguarded, in violation of law, tourists have to pay fees for using the infrastructure of the resort.

By law tourists must have an open access to the beach on foot.

Beach gear is placed on Rusalka-Central beach without permission. On Rusalka-Kayak beach conoes are rented out also without permission.

‘’We will notify all institutions about the violations and we will monitor whether the required actions will be taken’’, Angelkova said.

Routine checks along the Black sea cost will continue, the Tourism Ministry press office further announced.

Bulgarian Interior Ministry Detained a Criminal Group for People Trafficking

A criminal group involved in people trafficking for sexual exploitation has been neutralised as part of an international operation on request from Belgium, the Bulgarian Interior Ministry reported, cited by bTV.

The group consisted of Bulgarian citizens and was also involved in money laundering.

The operation in our country was realized on 18 July on the territory of Silistra.

Documents, including notary deeds, for bank accounts and bank transfers, amounting over EUR 164,000 and nearly BGN 600, mobile phones, laptops, cannabis and other items were detained.

The leader of the group was a 76-year old woman who ran a brothel in Brussels.

She is detained along with another women (49).

A Piece of Insulation Material from an Apartment Building Fell on a Child in Shumen

The incident happened last night when two boys were passing by the apartment building which is being renovated by the government program for energy efficiency. Piece of insulation with the size of 10x10cm flew from scaffolding next to the building and hit one of the children. The boy is in the Shumen hospital with fractured skull and went through an operation and currently there is no risk for his life, said the chief of emergency care MD Nedko Todorov, cited by BNR.

The project officer from the firm renovating the building Peter Iliev said that serious precautions will be taken so that there no more accidents, which according to him incidents like that cannot always be predicted. 

2nd Round of Brexit Talks Fails to Produce Breakthrough on Key Disputes

The second round of the Brexit talks have failed to produce a breakthrough on key disputes with the UK, the EU’s chief negotiator has said, according to The Independent.co.uk.

Michel Barnier said the British Government was still failing to provide sufficient “convergence” on either the UK’s exit bill or the future rights of citizens.

Mr Barnier said the EU would not give way on its insistence that the rights of citizens should be guaranteed by the European Court of Justice – an apparent red line for the UK.

Warning there was a “fundamental divergence”, he told a Brussels press conference: “Citizens must be able to identify the legal certainty that they need for their day-to-day lives.”

The talks would not move onto future trade – Britain’s priority – until the UK had provided the “clarification needed” on both citizens and the so-called “divorce bill”, he made clear.

Mr Barnier also said the UK must clarify, in the next session, how it intends to maintain the Common Travel Area with the Republic of Ireland after leaving the EU.

Laying bare his frustration that the UK was not accepting its “accounts must be settled,” he added: “As soon as the UK is ready to clarify the nature of its commitments, we will be prepared to discuss this with the British negotiators.”

And, making clear the EU would not give way in the negotiations until the UK accepted its financial obligations, he said: “I know one has to compromise in negotiations but we are not there yet.

“That's the financial settlement, let's be very clear. We want clarity on that because we need to be able work more until we come to areas of compromise.”

Alongside him, David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, sent out a conciliatory message on the exit bill, insisting both the UK and EU “recognise the importance of sorting out responsibilities we have to each other”.

And he denied there was any dispute in the Cabinet over whether crashing out of the EU with no deal in 2019 would be a disaster for Britain.

Tomorrow is the Official Start of the Second Phase of Line 3 of the Sofia Subway

The event will take place on 21 July at 13:00 at the crossroads of 'Ovcha Kupel' Blvd and 'President Lincoln' Blvd. The construction is part of a project for extension of the metro in the capital, Line 3, Stage II, section: "??. Jitnica - bc Ovcha Kupel - Ring Road ".

The project is included in the operational plan "Transport and Infrastructure" 2014-2020. Reports Novini. 

Amazon Launched its Very Own Social Media Platform

US e-commerce company Amazon has launched a social network called Spark that allows consumers to sell and buy products on its platform. This is Amazon's first move in the social networking world, Reuters reports.

Spark, which is currently only available to Prime service subscribers, encourages users to share photos and videos with popular social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. The new feature was released for public use on Tuesday and is active on mobile devices with Apple's mobile iOS operating system.

Spark users can tag publishing products, and anyone who can view their news list can instantly find them and make purchases through the platform. In addition, users can respond to emoticons that are equivalent to Facebook likes.

"We have created Spark to allow consumers to discover - and shop - stories and ideas from a community that likes what they are," said a spokesman for Amazon.

"When users first visit Spark, they choose at least five of their interests they would like to follow, and we create a list of news with the appropriate content created by others," the company said.

Amazon has also invested media, including paying opinion leaders and bloggers to publish in Spark. Their publications are marked with sponsored hats.

Many social network users have identified it as the intersection between Instagram and Pinterest, with added e-commerce.

Government Rejects BGN 5, 000 Cap on Cash Payments

The MPs rejected a BGN-5,000 cap on cash payments from January 1, 2018, proposed by ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB), bTV reported.

Initially, GERB offered an immediate reduction of cash payments of up to BGN 5,000, and gradually to lowering this ceiling to BGN 1,000 in the beginning of 2019.

However, later Menda Stoyanova  announced that the party had set the ceiling to be BGN 5,000 since the beginning of next year, but the other parties in parliament did not agree to that.

Thus the cap on cash payments remains at BGN 10,000.

Nude Man Lied Down in the Middle of a Boulevard in the Sofia City Center

The unidentified man walked off from the sidewalk of boulevard 'Vasil Levski' and lied down on the street near the crossroad with boulevard 'Dondukov' just before a green light that would allow the stopped vehicles to go on their way according to witness from the Facebook group 'Noticed in Sofia' 

For now the motives for this action by the man are unknown. There was a similar case earlier this week on boulevard 'Bulgaria'.  

Lilyana Pavlova Interrogated About NDK

Investigators have questioned Lilyana Pavlova, Minister of Bulgaria’s EU Council Presidency, as a witness, the Bulgarian National Television reported, quoted by inews.bg.

She was questioned in connection with the charges against Miroslav Borshoch, former manager of the National Palace of Culture (NDK).

Until recently, Minister Pavlova was the principal of NDK.

Her interrogation follows the questioning of Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev in connection with the same charges.

"I gave testimonials, for my motives and as well as my arguments. They are the same which I said during the interrogation by the Committee of Inquiry, there is nothing new and nothing different,"  Pavlova said.

China Blocked the Access to WhatsApp

Messaging application WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook was partly blocked in China as an act of censorship from the government, writes Bloomgerg.

Number of users of the application in China said there were constant shutdowns that started from Monday evening local Bejing time. Until Tuesday people used other social media like Twitter for sharing pictures and clips which are the favorite media formats in the Asian country.

WhatsApp is not responsible for the blocking according to a source from the company and officially they decline any comment on the subject. 

Germany Warns Its Citizens Against Travel to Turkey

Germany is sharpening its policy toward Turkey in response to jailings of journalists and human rights activists. The Foreign Ministry is now warning German citizens that they face risks if they go to Turkey, reported DW.

Germany's foreign minister interrupted his vacation on the North Sea to return to Berlin to deliver the most strongly worded statement yet against Turkey's imprisonment of German journalists and human rights activists.

"We want Turkey to be a part of the West, or at least remain in its current position, but it takes two to tango," Sigmar Gabriel at a press conference in Berlin. "I cannot make out any willingness on the part of the current Turkish government to follow this path with us. For that reason Germany is forced to reorient its Turkey policy. The first consequences will be new travel advisories for German citizens in Turkey."

Gabriel said that Germans traveling to Turkey were incurring "risks," and the ministry website recommended Germans should exercise "heightened caution" when visiting Turkey since "consular access" to Germans detained in Turkey had been "restricted in violation of the obligations of international law."

Gabriel said that the measures were being taken after consulting with both conservative chancellor Angela Merkel and Social Democratic chairman and chancellor candidate Martin Schulz. Although they stopped short of a travel warning against Turkey, they do represent a new level of chill in relations between the two countries.

The re-calibration of Germany's Turkey policy came after a court in Istanbul ordered six human rights activists, including Peter Steudtner from Berlin, to investigative custody on Tuesday. Turkey accuses them of supporting terrorism. Gabriel specifically mentioned Steudtner.

"These accusations are obviously unfounded and have simply been dragged out irrationally," the foreign minister said, adding that Steudtner had taken no position on current Turkish politics and was quite possibly present in the country for the first time.

Culture Minister: 'The Future of the National Palace of Culture is Stable'

‘’The delay in the repair of the National Palace of Culture (NDK) is not fatal – the future of the Palace is stable’’, said the Culture Minister Boil Banov acoording to BTV.

‘’Although the deadline for completion of the repair works by September 20 could not be met’’, the minister said, ‘’everything will be ready before the end of the year’’.

The National Palace of Culture is being repaired to host events during Bulgaria’s EU Council Presidency in the first half of 2018.

Banov also added that he is conducting his own check of the inventory and the financial situation of NDK, including the contracts examined by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Regarding the scandal for inappropriate spending of money, disbursed for the repairs for the presidency, Banov said that undoubtedly part of that money was used for other purposes.

Regarding the monument "1300 years Bulgaria", Banov commented that he would rather keep the monuments instead of being d?stroyed, but only it’s where possible. According to him the monument in front of the National Palace of Culture cannot be preserved, and there’s a  problem with the construction of the monument from the beginning. The same goes for the National Palace of Culture, the Minister of Culture specified.

British Art Trade is the Second Biggest in the World

The UK has the second biggest market for art according to new research by the British Art Market Federation (BAMF) which aims at measuring British art trade and its influence on a more global scale. Reports Investor. 

According to the report 21% of all transactions involving art deals take place in the UK, writes The Art Newspaper. First place is for the US with 40% market share and third is China with 20%. More than forty thousand people are directly involved in this industry and 94 thousand are in similar industries like restoration, logistics and information technologies.

The total contribution of art dealing to the British economy in 2016 is estimated at GBP 1.46 billion. According to the chairman of BAMF Anthony Brown these statistics mean that the art market is something that the government should take care of, especially due to the upcoming Brexit. 

Housing Prices in Bulgaria are Rising with one of the Fastest Rates in the EU

Household prices in Bulgaria registered one of the biggest increases in the first quarter in the European Union on an annual basis - 8.8%. This shows latest Eurostat data released on Wednesday. Reports Investor. 

Thus our country ranks fifth in the ranking, with the Czech Republic having a 12.7% increase. Lithuania followed by Lithuania (10.2%), Latvia (10.1%) and Ireland (8.9%).

The statistics show that in the last few years there has been a steady rise in house prices in Bulgaria after it was only 0.7% in the first quarter of 2014. Though prices fell slightly in the fourth quarter of last year, they went up again in the first three months of 2017. Overall, house prices in the European Union grew by 4.5% in the first quarter. The increase in the Euro zone is slightly lower - 4.0%.

Facebook Group with Restricted Access Warns of Tax Inspections

A Closed Facebook Group created by sea coast merchants warns its participants about tax checks. This was announced by the press center of the National Revenue Agency (NRA).

In the social network there are also published photographs of NRA inspectors made during inspections so that the owners can find out who are the employees of the revenue agency. Reports Novini. 

The group was created by people who were fined by the NRA, whose stores and restaurants were sealed for tax violations. Up to now, NRA inspectors have carried out more than 2,500 inspections in Black Sea resorts and outlets, which found nearly 170 violations related to non-payment of cash receipts, a difference in cash availability, etc.

The Revenue Agency also carried out joint inspections with the Ministry of Interior, with over 740 sites being visited during the control actions of the patrols. Checks will continue until the end of the tourist season, with the main focus being the reporting of turnover and issuing of cash receipts. There is also monitoring for the movement of risky goods, including alcohol and tobacco products.

For the first time this year, non issuing of cash receipts is penalized not only with a fine, but also with a sealing of the object, so far the measure has been applied to 1200 traders. "The information in the Facebook group will not help the traders compare the money available in the cash register .The most secure way to prevent a penalty is to count the turnover at each sale," commented Vassil Panov, NRA.

Sofia will have a Second Archaeological Complex

Sofia will have a second archaeological park, where visitors can see a prehistoric settlement from the first European civilization. In the place of the excavations is revealed a large residential complex with extremely complex architecture, DARIK writes

The prehistoric settlement, discovered in 1985 by the archaeologists, is situated in the territory of the Slatina district. It has a size of 145 square meters and the complex has an unusual construction for its time. According to archaeologist Vasil Nikolov, the settlement is one of the first made by the Mongoloid race in Europe.

"They suddenly experienced some innovative shock and started building in a whole new way, given the new environmental conditions, having ideas that are unbelievable for their time," he explained.

The team suggests that the still unspoilt part of the complex will reveal an unprecedented construction for the Balkans with an area of 300 square meters, consisting of 6 or 7 separate rooms. According to Vasil Nikolov, the unique thing is that at the time the complex was built, people were able to cover such a large area while simultaneously expanding the living rooms. In his words, this is a sign of a new kind of socialization.

Mayor Yordanka Fandakova said that the financing of the excavations from the municipality will continue as long as it is needed. In the budget of Sofia for Culture for the next year BGN 3 million is foreseen for the financing of archaeological excavations and sites.

Two New 'Harry Potter' Books

Two new books in the Harry Potter series will be published in October on the 20th anniversary of the first volume for the boy magician. Their release will coincide with the launch of the charity exhibition, which will be held at the British Library between October and February, DARIK writes.

The first newly published book will be titled "Harry Potter: History of Magic - The Book of the Exhibition" and will be written by JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing House, and British Library Curators. Through it, Harry Potter fans will be able to immerse themselves once again in the magic of the Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft.

The second book will be titled "Harry Potter - A Journey Through The History of Magic", and will closely explore mystical beings, objects and notions like alchemy, unicorns, ancient sorcerers' rituals. The manuscript will include previously unseen sketches and handwritten notes from Rowling, illustrations from Jim Kay and artifacts that have been seized from the archives of the British Library.

Earlier this year, the publishing house also released four new editions of the fantasy series, each of which focuses individually on homes in Hogwarts - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Russia is Investigating Fidget Spinners after Reports Claim they ‘Zombify’ Youth

In a recent report, Russia-24, a state-owned news channel, suggests that fidget spinners are being used by Russian opposition parties in order to recruit young people. As reported by The New York Times, the reporters in Russia-24’s initial story say, “It is a mystery why it has become so popular in Russia right now. Who is promoting this to the masses so actively?”

The video segment says the toys were being distributed at a rally for opposition leader Alexei Navalny and in online ads that direct viewers to YouTube channels that promote opposition politicians. The reporters said that while the toy’s popularity was declining in the West, fidget spinners are more popular than ever in Russia. “As you can see here there is only writing in English, on the other side there is not a word in Russian,” says one of the show’s anchors during the report, presenting a new spinner in its packaging to the camera.

According to Newsweek, a second report on Russia-24 also aired on July 12th, directly saying fidget spinners were an “object for zombifying” and a form of “hypnosis.” The program featured a report from psychologist Svetlana Filatova, claiming that the spinners could help dexterity in children but otherwise “dulls” people’s minds. Reported by TheVerge. 

The Eco-Fund will Provide BGN 1.3 Million for the Purchase of Electrical Vehicles

The planned resource is a total of BGN 1.3 million. "This is one of the activities that the MoEW and the Eco-Fund are launching to improve the living environment in the settlements.

'You know we're doing a procedure for fine particles, we're also committed to climate change. In both directions, electro mobiles have contributed - helping to reduce dust pollution and greenhouse gases. Another effect is the reduction of noise pollution in big cities, "Minister Dimov said at a press conference today.

The call is again directed at municipal and state institutions, but the list of eligible types of electromobiles has been significantly expanded. This is the focus of the vehicles that municipalities can use for communal, social, control and transport activities - cleaning, park maintenance, social patronage, inspections, as well as providing in-town public transport in small settlements. So far, municipalities have purchased electric vehicles worth BGN 630 thousand - among them MOEW, MLSP, and municipalities.

"Electric vehicles registered in Bulgaria are currently about 800, with 50% growth in 2016," added Neno Dimov. A total of 32 points for charging electric cars are available throughout the country - in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Sandanski and Blagoevgrad.


Earthquake 4.1 on Richter Scale Shook Greece

An earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale was registered at 10.15 on Thursday in the territory of Greece, reports the official website of the European Mediterranean Seismic Center.

The epicenter of the quake is 161 km west of the capital Athens and 27 km northeast of Patra, one kilometer deep beneath the earth's crust. There is no evidence of material damage or injuries, reports BGNES.

Former Police Officer Shoots English Tourists in Sunny Beach

A former police officer used his gun against two English tourists in the Black sea resort Sunny Beach. One of them is wounded.

Before that, the man hit the tourists who were on their bicycles, which is the main reason of following the incident between the former policeman to use his weapon, reported bTV. 

Malaysia Bans the Popular Song "Despacito"

The Malaysian authorities banned the broadcasting of the hit Latin song "Despacito" on public radio stations because of its sexual subtext. This happened after muslim critics in the country called the song "non-Islamic", according to BGNES.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Saleh Said Kerouak told AFP that his agency has received numerous complaints about song's lyrics. "Despacito" will not be broadcast by government radio stations, because we have received public complaints, it is not suitable for listening, "he said.

The minister added that he hoped private TV and radio stations would follow the example. The Asian country has strict censorship laws and has previously banned songs and films considered sexual, aggressive, or dealing with sensitive issues.

"Despacito" by the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi is an absolute hit and was declared the most listened song of all time. It began to spread rapidly after it was released in January, and found even a wider audience in April. The Puerto Rican dethrones Justin Bieber's song "Sorry" in 2015, which was a total of 4.38 billion views, Universal said.

"Despacito", which means "slow" in Spanish, number one for 10 weeks in the US singles ranking, making it the first Spanish song to reach that position after Macarena in 1996. Reports SEGA. 

Federica Mogherini to Meet Top Officials in Greece

The EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission,Federica Moghereini, will hold a series of meetings in Athens today, reported BGNES. 

According to CNN, Federica Moghereini's visit will begin with the Greek Parliament, where she will deliver a speech on "Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU" before the general meeting of the Special Permanent Committee on European Affairs and the Permanent Committee on Defense and Foreign affairs.

She will then meet with Prokopis Pavlopoulos, President of Greece, as well as with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

During his one-day visit to the Greek capital, Mogerini, he will also meet with Defense Minister Panos Kamenos and Foreign Minister Nikos Cotsias.

The European Commission’s representative in Greece, Panos Karvounis, said that Mogherini’s visit carried “particular symbolism,” and highlight that the EU is standing by Greece in matters of foreign policy and global security.

Disney Sued Over Visual Effects

Disney is in some legal hot water over the use of some special effects technology for Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, and the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast.

This is not the first time that Disney has been sued for using or taking something that does not belong to them. As recently as 2015 Disney settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money in a case that claimed that the Frozen trailer infringed on a short film. Now a visual effects company is claiming that Disney used stolen effects on some of their latest movies, according to the MovieWeb.

The Wrap reports Visual effects company Rearden is claiming that its MOVA Contour Reality Capture technology was stolen and that Disney contracted the criminals to get ahold of the technology and use it without permission. It is also being reported that Disney had contracted Rearden to use their technology for previous movies. As a result, Rearden is demanding an injunction prohibiting Disney from distributing Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Beauty and the Beast.

The latest lawsuit, which was filed on Monday July 17th, comes a year after Reardon won an injunction against two Chinese companies that had purchased MOVA and transferred it illegally to various Chinese firms. After that win, the visual effects were effectively frozen, meaning that Hollywood was temporarily not able to use Reardon's tech.

A judge ruled that the use of the technology would only be able to be used again after the injunction had been lifted. It was known at the time that movies that were currently in production might not be able to use the MOVA technology, therefore dragging them into court for copyright infringement later on down the road.

Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is currently the highest grossing movie of 2017 so far, earning over $1.2 billion at the worldwide box office. There's no doubt that a lot of the movie's success is due to the spectacular special effects, most notably the use of motion capture.

The lawsuit is seeking damages for copyright, patent, and trademark infringement. And as stated earlier, the suit is aiming to prohibit Disney from distributing Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Beauty and the Beast. Disney has yet to make an official statement to respond to the claims.

4km Queue Of Carco Vehicles on the Bulgarian-Romanian Border

On the Bulgarian-Romanian border, there are 4 km of cargo vehicles waiting to leave the country at Dunav Most-Vidin checkpoint, while at Dunav Most-Ruse the queue at entrance to the country stretches 3 km.

The information was provided by Chief Directorate Border Police.

On the border with Greece, there is intense traffic of light vehicles at Makaza checkpoint and of cargo vehicles at Kulata.

On the border with Turkey, a 1km queue has formed at exit from the country at Kapitan Andreevo.

On the border with Serbia, traffic is intense at Kalotina checkpoint, while on the border with Macedonia there is normal traffic at all checkpoints.

The Pentagon Criticized Turkey for Publishing Secret Military Information

The Pentagon voiced its concerns over Turkey after the state news agency of the country which is an ally to NATO published the locations of 10 US military posts in northern Syria. Reports BGNES.

The Agency recalls that on Monday, the Anatolian Agency published a study describing the whereabouts of US military facilities and, in some cases, even the number of special forces operating there. Thus, for example, the agency issued one of the posts in Ain Isa, 50 km from Rakka, where are 200 American and 75 French military. The media also highlights that the bases - two airports and eight military forts - are being used to support the Kurdish Democratic Party (PYD) and its armed wing - the Kurdish People's Defense Forces (YPG).

In this regard, Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rackein-Galloway said today that "the dissemination of sensitive military information" exposes coalition forces to unnecessary risk and has the potential to sabotage operations against the Islamic State.

"We have presented these concerns to the Government of Turkey," said Raqain-Galloway. Based on security reasons, the Pentagon refused to confirm the accuracy of the information and locations of military bases, but announced that it was investigating who were the people behind the article. Reported by SEGA. 

KTB Case Went to the Court

''The Corporate Commercial Bank'' case went to the court. Tzvetan Vassilev and 17 other bankers and financiers will stand on the dock, reported bTV.

Early this morning, 12,000 pages of indictment had been moved from the offices of the Prosecutor's Office to the Special Criminal Court.

Vasilev was the majority owner of Corporate Commercial Bank (Corpbank or KTB), which collapsed in the summer of 2014 following a bank run and was later declared insolvent. 

Over 400 witnesses in the case have 90 expert reports. Witnesses include former and current politicians, trade unionists, journalists. One of the main witnesses is Nikolay Barekov

So far, in Europe there has never been any charge of an organized criminal group of bankers.

John McCain has been Diagnosed with Brain Cancer, says Spokesman

US Republican Senator John McCain has a malignant tumor in the brain, reported by the office and his family, quoted by Reuters and Associated Press.

The diagnosis has been made during a blood clot removal surgery in his left eye, made this week at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, CNN reported. According to the Television network, it took some time after the surgery to make a histological analysis of the find, which turned out to be a primary malignant brain tumor, glioblastoma, a very aggressive type that is difficult to cure.

McCain is a former military pilot, a veteran of the Vietnam War, whose plane was shot down over North Vietnam during a 1967 Hanoi bombing, and he spent seven years in Vietnamese captivity. After his dismissal from the US Air Force in 1981, he spent two terms in the House of Representatives, and since 1986 he has been a senator. McCain twice ran for President of the Republican Party and was a rival to Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

'John McCain is an American hero & one of the bravest fighters I've ever known. Cancer doesn't know what it's up against. Give it hell, John.' - wrote the previous president on Twitter as a message of support. 

Terrorist Acts Around the World Continue to Decrease

The total number of terrorist acts around the world last year declined as well as the number of victims, with the trend continuing for a second consecutive year. Reports TASS.

This is stated in the annual report of the US State Department on the Terrorist Threat in the World. As stated in the Foreign Office text, "the total number of terrorist acts in 2016 compared to 2015 decreased by 9% and the total number of deaths caused by them was dropped by 13%.

"This is mainly due to the reduced number of attacks and reduced cases of killed people in Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan and Yemen. The report also states that 26% of the victims of terrorist acts are actually their organizers. In 2015, this figure was 24%. Throughout 2016, 11,072 terrorist acts were committed, state officials said. According to data, they killed more than 25,600 people, and another 33,800 people were injured. At the same time, a total of 15,500 people were kidnapped or taken hostage by terrorists last year.

The report also states that, although terrorist acts were committed in 104 countries last year, they are still concentrated in certain regions. A total of 55% of all terrorist attacks were committed in five countries - Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. At the same time, 75% of those killed in similar attacks are citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria and Pakistan. Reported by BGNES.

Policemen are Also Protesting in Varna

Police protests continue as promised by unions. After the beginning of the week the officials made a demonstration in Sofia. Today the same happens in Varna. The demands are again for higher wages and better working conditions, bTV reported.

Protests began actively 2 days ago in the capital. They are happening despite the talks and promises on the part of representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs 2 weeks ago and the demands for higher salary were announced on 5 July by the police at a big rally in Sofia.

Today's second protest will not be the last. After Varna, demonstrations are planned for Dobrich and Gotse Delchev next week and then continue in Bourgas, Blagoevgrad, Pernik and other cities. iNews.bg

NIMH: Mostly Sunny With Temperatures Up to 34°

The weather will be mostly sunny today. Clouds will develop in the afternoon mainly in the eastern and mountainous regions, with almost no rains.

There will be light to moderate eastern wind. Maximum temperatures will range between 29° and 34°, announced from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH), cited by FOCUS News Agency.

The atmospheric pressure remains higher than the average for July but will slightly decrease during the day.

Two People are in Custody for an Attack of a Man and his Pregnant Girlfriend on Trakia Highway

Two brothers aged 57 and 59 year old are arrested for assaulting a 31-year-old man and his pregnant 20-year-old girlfriend, police said on Wednesday. A report of the incident was filed at 9.00 am. Reports Mediapool. 

According to the initial information, there was a conflict between the Volkswagen and Opel in the area of the Karlov overpass on Trakia highway. The Volkswagen driver forced the other car to stop, then with his brother hit the man and woman traveling with the Opel. The young woman was taken to a hospital for thorough examinations. According to doctors, there is no danger for her and her baby. Medical help is also given to the injured man.

Subsequently, the two attackers are detained, the younger being in custody, and the older one being admitted to a hospital with a broken jaw. The police, however, did not specify how he had received the trauma.

18 International Trains Checked in Hungary, 2 of Them Heading for Romania due to Bomb Alert

The Hungarian police has started checks on international trains, following a bomb threat by phone, MTI informs, quoted by antena3.ro. and the Independent Balkan News Agency. According to a police release, a man phoned and said a bomb has been placed aboard the international trains crossing Hungary.

Two of the international trains are heading for Romania, from Budapest to Brasov and Bucharest, registering delays of up to one hour and a half.

The Hungarian railway company MAV has decided, upon the police request, to stop all the 18 trains on route and to ask passengers to descend in order to search the wagons.

MAV informs, in a press release that after the searches the trains have resumed the trip. The railway company also informs that delays are to be expected for international trains and for internal routes.

St. Elijah’s Day Marked Today

Bulgaria marks on July 20 Ilinden - the Day of St. Elijah or Iliya and the Name Day of Iliya, Iliyan and Iliyana.

Elijah or Iliya was a prophet in Israel in the 9th century BC. According to the Books of Kings, Elijah raised the dead, brought fire down from the sky, and ascended into heaven in a chariot.

Elijah is also a figure in various folkloric traditions. In Bulgaria, he is known as "Iliya the Thunderer" and in folklore is held responsible for summer storms, hail, rain, thunder and dew.

Icons usually picture him riding in a gold-plated chariot, with four white horses in harness.

There is also the wide-spread superstition in Bulgaria that the Black Sea takes people on Ilinden and swimmers should stay away from the waters to avoid the danger of drowning.

July 20 is also the 107th anniversary of the legendary Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising that flared in order to unify territories populated with Bulgarians, but still not part of the independent Bulgarian state. In Bulgaria the revolt is commemorated on August 2, according to the Gregorian Calendar.

The Uprising was an organized revolt against the Ottoman Empire prepared and carried out by the Bulgarian Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Committee.

The uprising took place in the Bitola vilayet (province) and the northeastern part of Adrianople vilayet - parts of the regions of Macedonia and Thrace. The rebellion in the Bitola vilayet was proclaimed on 2 August (Gregorian Calendar, which corresponds to 20 July of the Julian Calendar) 1903, Ilinden or St. Elias' Day, the celebration of the ascension of the Prophet Elijah to Heaven. The Adrianople vilayet joined the uprising on 19 August 1903, the Transfiguration or Preobrazhenie in Bulgarian.

Although the rebellion in both regions was initially successful, the intervention of Turkish standing army led to the dissolution of the rebel detachments.

By the time the rebellion had started, many of its most promising leaders, including Goce Delchev, had already been killed, and the effort was tamed within eleven days. The survivors managed to maintain a semi-successful guerilla campaign against the Turkish authorities for the next few years. But the more important effect of the uprising was that it persuaded the European powers to attempt to convince the Ottoman sultan that he must take a more conciliatory tone toward his Christian subjects in Europe.

Source: pravoslavieto.com and bTV. 

Ludogorets did not Disappoint and Goes to the Next Round

Ludogorets defeated Zalgiris with a 4-1 in a match rematch from the second preliminary round of the Champions League. The Bulgarian champion compensated for the 1: 2 loss in the first match in Lithuania. With a total score of 5: 3, the "eagles" qualified for the third round of the race, where they will meet the champion of Israel - Apoel Beer-Sheva. Reports Sportal. 

Nyuiadzi gave the visitors a lead in the 15th minute, but the Razgrad players came to an impressive turn. At 41th minute Nathanel equalized. In the 55th minute Wanderson scored for 2: 1, and a minute later Keseru raised to 3: 1. In 74th Keseru scored for 4: 1.

The new goalkeeper Jorge Broun made an official debut for the "eagles".

Ludogorets was like a another team compared to the first match and especially in the second half completely defeated its opponent. Georgi Dermendjiev's players did not leave any chance to their opponent and victory could have been much more impressive.

Students from Russe Won 3 Gold Medals at Maths Olympiad in Singapore

The competition took place from July 14 to July 17 this year. The three grade-6 students Yordan Petkov, Konstantin Georgiev and Stanislav Grigorov have been invited to participate in it thanks to their excellent results and medals they had previously won. The students joined the Olympiad with the financial support of the “Mathematics of the Future” Fund to the school, reported the Bulgarian National Television.

Konstantin Georgiev won two gold medals and the Grand Cup in the competition. Yordan Petkov also won a gold medal, and Stanislav Grigorov won a bronze. They were prepared by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Iliana Raeva of Rousse University.

The head of the team in Singapore was Mitko Kunchev, the director of Mathematics High School. He has donated the funds he received on the eve of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and the Slavonic Scripture, May 24th, to support the participation of the students in the prestigious competition.

The school explains that more than 22,000 students from 19 countries participated in the preliminary round of the Olympiad. This is the first participation of students from Rousse High School of Mathematics in one of the most difficult and prestigious maths competitions.

Road Junction 'Plodovitovo' is Now Open

The movement on the two newly built additional links on the road junction "Plodovitovo" on Trakia motorway will be launched today, reported bTV.

With the construction there will be a connection with  ''Trakia'' highway and ''Maritsa highway'' from Burgas, Svilengrad and Sofia and the municipalities of Parvomay, Chirpan and Daskalovi Brothers.

The facility should make it considerably easier for drivers who now can make their road trip shorter with 40 kilometers.

Magnitude 5.3 Quake Hits Southern Japan, no Tsunami Warning

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.2 hit the southern Japanese island of Kyushu on Tuesday, but no tsunami warning was issued and there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage, according to Reuters. 

The quake was centered just offshore from the city of Kagoshima, NHK public television said.

There were no irregularities at the nearby Sendai nuclear plant, where two reactors are in operation, Kyushu Electric Power Co said.

Japan is one of the world's most seismically active areas, accounting for about a fifth of the world's earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater.

On March 11, 2011, the northeast coast was struck by a magnitude 9 earthquake, the strongest quake in Japan on record, and a massive tsunami. Those events triggered the world's worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl a quarter of a century earlier.

Bulgarian Foreign Minister: 'The Treaty Between Bulgaria and Macedonia Opens a New Page'

''The Neighborhood Treaty between Bulgaria and Macedonia is an important page in the relations between the two countries, but after signing it, much remains to be done.'' This is what Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva told bTV.

She stressed that the government is based on the 1999 declaration, which is a good basis for signing this treaty.

Zaharieva also commented that the contract has been working for years. "We do not intend to negotiate any more, this is the contract which the Bulgarian government will sign, I hope to be supported by the Parliament. The language clause has been clear since 1999. Since then, the clause has not changed. We sign the treaty with Macedonia in the official languages, "Zaharieva said.

In connection with the 77 Bulgarian citizens to whom Turkey has banned access to its territory, Zaharieva said that Bulgaria has requested information about them.

"Our authorities have requested information from the Turkish authorities. Our offices do not have data for this case. We want to have official information on which terrorist organizations, according to the Turkish state, are linked  these 77 citizens. I hope they will respond soon, "added Zaharieva.

Montenegro is Making Steady Progress on the Path Towards European Union

Montenegro is making steady progress on the path towards European Union, and Brussels, European officials and administration support its efforts, said president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani during his meeting with prime minister Duško Markovic, reported European Western Balkans.

Tajani said that EU is ready to integrate Montenegro as soon as possible, depending on Montenegro’s swiftness in fulfilling the necessary criteria.

He said he would continue to personally engage in support to Montenegro.

Prime minister Markovic said that the progress between their meetings has been noted.

“Montenegro has 28 open and three temporarily closed chapters, and is strongly dedicated to open the remaining chapters. The government aims to implement European values and standards that will contribute to changes in Montenegrin society”, Markovic said.

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